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  1. Went inshore fishing saturday around anclote with no luck, went to threerooker and left about 3 pm only to find alot of dead bait fish coming in with the tide. Obviously not a good sign but it gets worse. Went offshore today only to find the same scenario, alot of dead bait fish about a mile past Anclote, about 5 miles out we started seeing the bigger fish. Seen 2 huge 40+ inch reds dead and floating along with some very nice grouper and lots of grunts. The four spots we hit we didnt even get a bite! Not even on the squid, very disheartening, so we headed in from there. We didnt lose any live baits in our well so the water is still clean it seems. That was about 19 miles out. Back at the ramp a few people coming in said they had the same problem, some spearfisherman said they are done for now, they didnt even see any fish. The redtide may not be here but the fish know things are not right and seem to have left the area. I will be staying inshore for now, hopefully it doesnt effect things there.
  2. mparker

    Little girl big trout!

    Went out of Gulf Harbors for 2 hours saturday just before sunset, saw some really nice reds and snook along the mangroves, but they were not biting. The water is so clear its hard to be sneeky enough to get em to bite. I only had artis, no live bait. Did manage a few lady fish and this fat 23" gator my daughter helped me reel in and photograph before we released her.
  3. mparker

    The Karma slam!

    Thanks, first time posting pics
  4. mparker

    The Karma slam!

    Agreed! I dont like it when my buddies would try to dehook a fish by slapping on the water, he was just trying to eat to Damn! Karma, real or just in your head, it keeps you on your toes either way. I took great pride in taking the time to release the snook and red healthy and well revived, even after taking the photos by myself.
  5. mparker

    The Karma slam!

    I went fishing out of GH Saturday, mainly wanted to get some live bait, been throwing artis lately but been seeing huge schools of pinfish along the mangroves. Go to a spot just south of the neighborhood but its high tide and no bait fish, they are up in mangroves hiding out! I head farther south to an outside point I like to fish but still no luck. See two kids walking the shore line, one of them is holding his thigh and as they get closer they informed me one had been stung by a stingray. I pick them up along with another friend and give them a ride to there drop off point, they called on of there dads to pick em up. They had an easy mile long walk in knee deep water if I had'nt picked them up. So I'm losing daylight fast but decide to head back to my original spot, hoping my luck will change. Sure enough I get there and pinfish are everywhere! One throw of the net and more bait than I could use in two days of fishing! Moved to a close by spot and imediately start catching some nice trout, 19" 1/2 and a nearly 23". Then comes the snook just a hair under 24" and Im hoping and praying for the red next. I catch 4 more trout and 2 mangrove snapper, a jack, 4 catfish, bonnet head and lose a couple snook along the way. So good at spitting that damn hook they are! Finally the rod goes off and I'm thinking its a huge snook from the way its fighting, get it to the boat and BAM! 29" redfish. I was so happy I was yelling to myself on the boat in the middle of the dark! I had non stop action for a solid 2 hours after I helped those kids out and its been a while since I had a day like that. Karma or just timing, either way I will take it. Sorry the pics suck, my camera phone has no flash and a flashlight was not enough for any good pics of the red. I will be upgrading a.s.a.p. Tired of seeing all the great pics on the website and not being able to share.
  6. mparker

    Honeyhole Fishing

    I like your spot, live in gulf harbors and must say it looks familiar. Took my dad out sunday and headed to the north side of gulf harbors after we didnt have much luck on the south side of the neighborhood. We worked the canals over there and caught some sheepies and mangroves but found a massive school of reds in cross bayou, of course we spooked them and couldnt get em to eat. You can put a kayak in at green key beach over there and be in cross bayou in no time, they were all big fish!
  7. mparker


    Thanks everybody, will get pics up soon, I am new to the posting game but will figure it out. My father and I got some photos in last months woods n water mag. They were from our fathers day trip we both got snook, trout and flounder but couldnt get the red though. sure its easy to figure out how to get them uploaded just havent done it yet
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    Hello everyone my name is Mike and I live in the gulf harbors neighborhood in NPR. Been reading the forum for a few months now and really am liking the site, very helpful and knowledgable people here it seems. I fish mostly inshore from SJS to Chassahowitzka, I have a 17ft skiff that I find my way around in and fish artis mostly but love a good livewell full of bait too. Been fishing all my life in florida and love it! Catch alot of my fish very close to my neighborhood and have learned the area pretty well and know the Chazz area pretty good too, grew up fishing there mostly. Eager to learn more from the site and hopefully share info aswell, So again hello amd fish on!