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  1. evilleangler

    Polarized Sunglasses

  2. evilleangler

    First Tarpon!

    "welcome to the cluuuub"... lol Just got my first a couple months ago. Congrats!
  3. evilleangler


    3X are nothing like Zman. When you put a 3X on a hook it stays where you put it.
  4. evilleangler

    fort de soto

    Ledges.. p p and p's.
  5. Looking for a good working condition used insulated fish bag in the 20"x 60" range, if anyone has one sitting around and wants to sell it let me know. Thanks.
  6. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

    Thanks.. It was fun, we both like the excitement of not knowing what's next, or how big?! We hooked some big fish that popped off, keeps you coming back for sure.
  7. evilleangler

    Tackle tested...again

    Nice Cobe! I think that's my fav fish now!
  8. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

    Dang.. Deal! Is this a boat GS or individual!?!? Thinking the tarpon and cobia would be the hardest to fill.
  9. evilleangler

    Still found some

  10. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

    lol yup, it's all your fault I'm so sore I can hardy move..(dogfish fight hard) The tarpon are there, we had some within 40ft of the boat. I made a halfhearted cast to them then said to myself "what are you doing!?" Didn't want anything to do with them!I'll take you out there and you can catch'em, I'll run the boat.
  11. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

    He said he was going to bring a can of corn next time... less "messy"..
  12. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

  13. evilleangler

    Amazon multi-species trips 2014/2015

    That catfish is awesome!!
  14. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...

  15. evilleangler

    Skyway jiggin...