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  1. snookaholic

    Ars Everywhere!

    I went out to one of my deep water spots yesterday. Last year these spots were filled with huge mangrove snapper, now the Red snapper have taken them over. There are just too many red snapper out there because of the mismanagement of the resource. Having clients throw back dozens of edible fish is pretty embarrassing. We caught red snapper in 70, 90, and 110 feet of water. If this keeps up I'm going to have to only fish the bay or the middle grounds for mangos and the proposed 1 day season this year is only going to make things worse.
  2. When the fish runs right hold your rod right. This seems counterintuitive but it gets the fish to run in the opposite direction. Works for tarpon too. And pray to god to help you, always works for me.
  3. snookaholic

    Nekid Ball Jigz Fooled Fish #54

    keep at it. I'm bringing them to my hogfish seminar on march 15th at tropicana field 12pm.
  4. Love ya Gary. We are 2 men cut from the same cloth.
  5. It comes from a computer software called panda. It is generally new guides doing this. The program is expensive but if you use it you will see how there are wealthy new guides with mommies money to lowball charters and take 80% of the seo and adwords market. A couple guys that I know you don't like are doing it. You can call me if you want Steve 727-742-1626
  6. Delete 1 year behind. I'll get the new data soon.
  7. Ive been beating around the bush with the Gulf Council, NOAA , SERO, the NMFS and he gave me the phone number of just one guy I need to talk to to get all the info that I need. He was very helpful.
  8. Gary Poyssick December 5, 2011 ยท What's on my mind is Roy Crabtree. If you don't know him, he is one of the smartest people in the world, and feels that his idiotic and clearly political handling of America's fisheries has gone unnoticed but for his dark friends at the United Nations. Guess What, Roy Crabtree??? You day approaches. Is this the kind of name calling and mindless threats you are advising me against? Just had a very nice conversation with MR, Crabtree and he was of great help to me where others just ignored me.
  9. http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=49593 now you know. And lets not even get started with my mothers family. Check your pm Gary
  10. I am not attacking the feds or magnuson. Neither will I be dancing around an old man on crutches in some retarded fighting stance. Read TBT over the next couple weeks. Watch the news. We are approaching this from a different angle that will get all americans involved. And yes the red headed sob that was writing fake tickets at weedon island is "gone" as it put to me. Not transferred , but gone. I won't get anything done at the capital , that was never my point. And if you don't now the MacFarlane family you're obviously apart from the community , not a part of this community. We don't need your help or even want it. When someones own "friends" accuse them of being someone who did way too many drugs in the 60's that is not the kind of support or lunacy that we need representing our interests. I just donated $400,000 of free PR to a organization that was almost bankrupt. This will give us constant media coverage from this group for the next 3 years. Our copy is in edit right now. Give it a couple weeks, a couple of days. But in the end the People of Florida and the Gulf Coast will turn on the Feds and that has always been my agenda.
  11. I've always made it a point to keep myself well concealed. To keep my families connection to local media, the judicial system , and state legislators, and federal legislators to myself. I have been in meetings the last 2 days with guys that get things done. They will not get done at my visit to the Capital most likely, but in months to follow. The pen is mightier than the sword , and when every federally permitted captain in my group disagrees with amendment 40 their voices will be heard. Today my group appointed 30 committee members each to be assigned a task to eliminate Amendment 40 and each work through different methods. We are working with 3 other groups in unison. Most of these men you have met before. We also agreed in unison not to be involved in any fishing forums unanimously at a vote of 62 to 0. There was also a speech given during a MainStage event where the FRA was given 10 minutes to explain to everybody the ploy of the Gulf Council. 3 people are going to jail, and that's a fact. Maybe our attempts will fail, but we already have a plan a,b, and c. And today we awarded my "dumb" FWC buddy Ken Thompson (who I've always called KT) A lifetime achievement award. And he insured me the idiot fwc guy that I had been complaining about was fired. You don't really need capmels passwords when all the save the snook guys give out their names, addresses and birthdays on Facebook. And if you every want me to give a message to Crabtree he's on my personal facebbook page along with a lot of feds and other government entities. Thank you Gary, i realize you were only trying to help me but a MacFarlanes got all the help he needs. I bid you farewell but I urge the 100 or so people I brought to this sight to remain members. Capt Barry Signing out.
  12. And Gary, you have a lot of I hate Gary fan club members on your site. I am not one of them. But I know who each and every one of them are.
  13. I've realized who the I hate Gary club was for years. I've been friends with marine patrol officers and now FWC officers for years. They are all now gone. As I watched a guy with a NOAA hat on insult a 16 years old kid at West Marine yesterday it doesn't take much to figure out his character. I have always played both sides of the fence and didn't even involve myself with social media until around 3 years ago. I've had FWC volunteers threaten me for letting my client keep a snook. I've had my uncles fleet of 12 boats decimated to 1 and watch him drink himself to death because he had to lay of 30 employees because of NOAA policy. It was my great uncle that made it unlawful to commercially fish for snook in Tampa Bay long ago. You won't ever see me at a town hall or gulf council meeting because i send someone there for me. What you just witnessed was me breaking bread with my adversaries and you didn't even know it was happening. Soon I will have much more important duties to fulfill , and if you haven't noticed not that many people in power care to much about fishing when there are so many other things going on in the world.Just look towards the North and you will see how many rights fisherman still have. When I'm at 40 different fundraising events for the community give or take every single year I know who the givers and the takers are. I have never seen another captain at one of these events unless it gave them a pr opportunity to take pictures of themselves with a mentally handicapped person or prove how patriotic they are by taking a wounded veteran fishing. And just like always I will slip back into the night as my family has done in this town for 184 years and continue to help my community instead of those who have some narrow minded world view such as the only politics that are important are the ones that directly affect me. I.E. Fishing. When I do go to the Capital I am bringing with me one of the foremost experts on this subject. He is editing my report as I type this boring dribble. I made $126,000 dollars fishing last year and I gave all of it but $2000 back to the community. So clearly I am ignorant and have an evil agenda.
  14. snookaholic

    Need Tof Captains

    No he is the captain I am trying to replace for that very reason
  15. snookaholic

    Garry Possyick Dave Reuimont

    can you pm me their numbers?