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  1. nice catch! I love fall and winter snookin'. The fish get ravenous and will eat almost anything that swims. David www.linesidelogic.com
  2. I haven't posted in a while but I've been having some luck at pass-a-grille beach in St Petersburg. This is the report from my latest trip. Location: Pass-A-Grille Beach (St. Pete) Time: 5:45am – 6:30am Target: Snook Catch: Redfish(1), Ladyfish Tide: Outgoing Lures: Red and White Clouser Minnow (fly) Action: No snook this trip but there were plenty swimming around. This trip I used a clouser minnow (fly with lead eyes to get it down in the water column) to increase my chances of hooking up with a snook by getting below the ladyfish that were hanging out higher in the water column. I am new to fly fishing but I think beach fishing is a great way to get acquainted with saltwater fly fishing. I know there are fish around and I don’t have to make a 100 ft cast and land the fly perfectly on the fish’s nose. I would cast up tide and let the fly come drift back to where the fish were hanging out. As the fly drifted with the tide I kept the line tight and gave a short sharp strip every so often to make the fly hop. After some hook ups with ladyfish I was able to hook up with a smaller redfish ( first on a fly ).This is the second redfish I’ve landed at this spot. Its good to know that reds are around and they seem to be a little less snooty about taking an artificial lure. On a previous trip I caught a redfish on a D.O.A 3” shad tail in glow with a white ¼ oz jig head. The action at st pete beach has been pretty good especially pre-dawn around the tide changes. If you are looking for some snook before they head off the beach i recommend checking out this area. If you want to see posts from my previous outings please check out my blog at www.linesidelogic.com
  3. Any suggestions on a small 12v battery to run a portable live well? It's going to run a circulating pump and i want it to be light enough that it's easy to transport and put the whole package on a kayak. Thanks.
  4. I'd be using it for inshore fishing: snook, trout, reds. I'd be throwing soft plastics a lures. Looking for a 3000 size reel at the biggest. My initial gut feel and the comments i've read seem to reinforce that the difference between a Ci4+ and Sustain may not support the incramental $$.
  5. Yes the mouth of DB has been holding a lot of trout lately. You can rent a canoe or kayak from Upper Tampa Bay park. However from what i hear the mouth of the river has been pretty crowded lately.
  6. I'm looking at picking up a new spinning reel. The sustains look sweet but it's a big price jump from the stradic FJ and even the CI4+. I'm sure its an awesome reel, just want to know if anyone has any experience with it and if its worth the extra money. Thanks.
  7. The CCC is hot or cold for me and lately it's been pretty cold. I've gotten skunked the last 2 times. However i've caught snook and trout there in the past and i've seen some good sized sheepshead around the rocks. The spots i hit when i go are the rocks around the bridge span on the east side of the bridge. That's where i've had luck with snook. Just look for the eddies in the water when the tide is moving. A shad tail with a 1/8oz head has done the trick for me in the past.Where i've caught trout in the past is along the rocks where the boat channel is. So if you're heading west coming from the tampa side. The first right turnoff you can make is what i usually take. Then make a right and park wherever. From there i'll walk east just working the area with a shad tail with a jig head. The trout I've caught there have all been on the smaller side but that was around Nov-Dec. I hope this helps and let me know how it goes.
  8. +1, once your legs go numb it actually feels fine.
  9. Great report. Last time i was out there the water was starting to clear up. In my experince when the water is clear and i find snook crusising the deep water right up against the mangroves they're very reluctant to eat anything. It happened to me one day and about drove me mad. That said, there's nothing better than a beautiful day on the water. I hope to get out there this weekend. Cheers.
  10. where do you park and where do you fish from when you're in that area? I've driven by there but couldn't find a good place to stand to cast.
  11. Sorry having trouble uploading the video. Anyone know how to put up a .MOV file?
  12. A little bit late of a report but I hit the CCC after getting out of work early on the 24th. The tide was just starting to come in and i was fishing the rocks right next to the bridge on the north side. Caught this guy on the second cast, she must have been cruising right next to the rocks because i was about to lift my lure out of the water when she came up and inhaled it. Put her back in the water and she couldn't get away fast enough. Christmas day my wife had to work so I had the morning to do some fishing with minimal crowds. I went to picnic island for the first time and fished from the boat ramp pier. I netted some whitebait and was throwing them to snook that you could spot cruising out of the shipping channel that runs right by there. I got lucky and hooked up with one. I walked her up to the beach to land it and left my phone back on the pier. I think it was about 20inches. Shortly after that the bite came to an abrupt stop. I'll let the video explain why. (sorry for the shaky photography and comments)
  13. I want to make a trip out to pass-a-grille beach to fish for some pompano. Anyone know if they're around the beaches right now and what is the best tide to fish beaches? Thanks.
  14. I rented i kayak at UTB Park and headed down to the mouth of double branch. I got on the water about 9:30 and fished the mangroves on the way to the mouth of the creek hoping for a snook but no luck. Once i reached the mouth the trout were biting. I landed about 7 and missed the hook up on about 5 more. One was keeper size. I was using a DOA CAL jerk bait in ark glow rigged weedless. The wind picked up and i headed back up river caught a decent sized red on the way back using a DOA shad tail in stark naked with a 1/4 oz jig head. All in, my best day in the area. On another note some guys were out there kayak fishing landing trout along side me when all of the sudden one of them hooked up with something big. He thought it was a big snook, turned out to be a 40in Cobia, he fought it for about 40min. I was jealous.Side note, big thanks to everyone on this forum. I've lived in the Tampa area for about a year now and I've caught more fish in the last 12 months than ever before. The information on here is priceless.
  15. I'm thinking about hitting upper tampa bay park tomorrow to do some fishing around double branch. Has anyone been up in that area recently? What have you been catching? I'd love to catch some snook as i haven't had much luck with them lately. Anyone have any tips for that area? Thanks
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