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  1. saltybob

    Reels, Rod, Lures, Etc.

    These are now sold.
  2. Due to illness I'm selling my fishing equipment. I have Shimano reels, Fenwick rods, Mirrolure and other lures, etc. for sale cheap. My phone is 727-862-3342.
  3. What kind of soft plastic bait would you use for trout fishing in about two to four feet of water, casting and retrieving? And, would you use the same bait and color just before sunrise and also later on during the daylight hours? Thanks very much for any recommendations. I've been using top water lures and would like to try some soft plastic.
  4. saltybob

    Youtube Playlists

    Great song!
  5. I see a lot of soft plastic jigs with fish-shaped bodies and wiggly tails like the ones in the photo. They're made by DOA C.A.L., Zman, Bass Assassin, Monster 3x, Mirrodine and others. I think some folks call them "paddletails, & others call them "shad tails" or "swim baits." I don't know what name to call them, but they look like the ones in the attached photo. I fish mainly for trout with Mirrodines and Lil Johns. I haven't used these paddletails or shad tails, but I'd like to give them a try and could use some help. I wonder what brands people like, what colors, and how to retrieve them, especially when targeting trout. Thanks very much with any help or recommendations.
  6. saltybob

    Spinning Rod St. Croix Eyecon - $65

    The rod has been sold.
  7. Spinning rod St Croix Eyecon 6' 8" medium power, fast action, 6 - 12 lb. line, 3/16 - 5/8 oz. lure weight Model #ECS68MFX. I have two. I bought this one in September and used it three or four times. This rod is $130 at Amazon, Bass Pro and other retailers. It is not discounted.
  8. saltybob

    Spinning Rod For Shrimp

    I would appreciate suggestions and advice for a new 7 foot spinning rod to use with a 2500 or 3000 size reel for casting live shrimp. I need to make fairly long casts reach the trout when I'm fishing from shore. I'll be using 10 or 15 pound test Power Pro line with a fluorocarbon leader. I think the rod I have is too stiff to get those shrimp out there where I want them.
  9. saltybob

    Old Town Pack Canoe

  10. Carolina Skiff Center Console JVX 16 foot, 2011, $12,900
  11. Carolina Skiff Center Console JVX 16 foot, 2011, $14,900
  12. saltybob

    Old Town Pack Canoe

    Thanks very much, Barry!
  13. saltybob

    Old Town Pack Canoe

    Old Town Pack Canoe: Length 12