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  1. Got an Okuma Helios Hx-40 and I'm looking for a new rod to put it on. I use it mainly for kayak fishing and land-based. It's currently on a 7' daiwa laguna. any suggestions for a new rod? I've been told Star rods are good. Any others out there?
  2. hey folks, i'm going to be heading out to try and get one of those early beach kings later this week and was hoping to see if anyone knows of any good launching areas in the st pete beach area and north up to indian shores i have to trailer out my yak, so i did some driving around and found only a few spots to park but got to roll the yak out on the cart to the sands. not many places to park a car with trailer beach side save for the boat launch near park blvd, or up near bay pines, but I'd rather not do the latter, as yakking out of john's pass is dangerous with all the tourists and yahoo boat traffic. i'd really like to target a little north of reddington up into indian rocks. that hard bottom really attracts the kings. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
  3. So I made a decision, and went with the old town. Why? Well I'll be fishing mostly for beach kings, but also hitting channels, flats, etc, and with the amount of shallows I like to also fish, felt I didn't want to risk ruining the pedals if I didn't remove them in time, let alone the weight of the yak. I fish for kings and big Spanish mackerel of reddington, Indian rocks, outside Johns pass area, but also travel to skyway, Desoto, and AMI. Plenty of kings, Spanish, even Cuda, shark, and tarpon in those areas! Anyways, looking forward to putting the predator into the water next week for a run. Still gotta gear it up though. Thanks all for your input
  4. been a while since writing on here. looking for some help/advice. i'm looking to hit the gulf this spring to catch me a king or 2 (or 30!!!). I have a scupper pro classic 14' yak, modified it for fishing, and it works GREAT! however I recently lost a hull hatch cover (during transport) and they dont make those covers anymore, and are impossible to find. let's just say this has forced me into looking to invest into a new kayak. i fish the back waters, passes, and flats with my lady and her little yak, but i really want to tackle a king again in the open water. I used my classic last spring and it was an insane fight in my yak, but it's time to upgrade. without the hatch cover, i'll be sunk for sure, pun intended! So.....here's the dilemma. I've done okay with a paddle kayak, and was thinking of going with an old town predator. i may have to add a few things to it, but straight off the market it's not too shabby. a buddy of mine invested in a hobie outback peddle kayak, and he swears by it and claims it's better. The big issue, $$$$$. i can easily afford an old town predator, but i'm not sure of investing so much into the outback. Anyone on here fish the gulf waters, preferably near shore during king runs, with either yak? what are your experiences? Any and all info will be helpful.
  5. This is probably a noob question, and i'll probably answer it myself, but i got to ask. i'm using a 7'6" rod with a helios 4000, spooled with 10 lb braid. i used to be able to cast it to the horizon, but now my casting distance is getting shorter and shorter. is my line getting bad? Do i need to just cut a few yards off, or respool the whole thing. i rinse the reel after every trip, figured that would be enough. i just started using braid this year, as i've been a huge fan of mono forever. anyways, what do you think? I'm just guessing that i'll need to take about 50 yds of line or so off it and it will cast like i put new line on it again. thanks in advance and tight lines
  6. I'm looking at getting the helios hx-40 spinning reel for my next kayak fishing reel. I've been told such good things about it and I'm just on the fence on getting it or maybe getting a Penn battle 2 or fierce. Opinions please and thank you. Tight lines!
  7. soupyjc2

    St. Pete Kingfish

    I'm going out for them on Wed. Stop you recommend just trolling with blue runners and going only about 3 miles out huh?
  8. Got a buddy coming into town this weekend to do a little shark fishing from the beach. What I need is any knowledge of bait fish in the area such as Jacks, Blues, macks, ladyfish, etc. Etc. I hit a few ladyfish off 4th 2 weeks ago but none since. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Our range is from Clearwater pier down to skyway, into ft De Soto, and up to UTB. thanks all and tight lines!
  9. Right now my gf and I are going to start kayak fishing and would really like to know what are some good rod and reel combos for yak fishing. Already set with a spheros 4000 on a 7'6" laguna. Been looking at fierce 3000 or 4000 On star rods (7' I think) any recommendations on rods, reels, even line. Thanks all and tight lines
  10. soupyjc2

    Where Are The Flounder At?

    Well we ended up going to Ft De Soto, and tried to do a little wade fishing on the eastern side, but not a bite. Way too much sea grass. So we headed over to the bay pier to see what was biting. All I caught was a few small pinfish and a decent sized ladyfish (got off before i could pull up to pier). My girl however, caught herself a nice 2 1/2 ft bonnethead shark and a 12" flounder. She also hooked up on something else that happened to break her off, She said it was a strong, slow, but steady pull and freaked her out because she wasn't expecting it, sure was funny. I think it was a cobia or a good sized bull red (seen plenty out there). Overall, the missus was happy, so it was a good time. We're planning on going back but next time I'm bringing the sand rake to get some sand fleas to get some sheepshead as well as hopefully some more flounder. Also going to try Reddington pier area, hit that from shoreline.
  11. soupyjc2

    Where Are The Flounder At?

    Phil - We usually use live shrmip, as i find it to be the bait of choice for late fall/winter/early spring months. I also use soft plastics. DOAs, small paddle tails, anything that resembles lively bait. Last season i had the best luck with pink DOA shrimp, but for some reason we haven't had any luck. Cody - Guess we'll try those areas mentioned. Last time we caught a keeper was off Reddington pier near where the coral meets the sand, but i havent tried the grass flats in a while. Thanks for the info.
  12. I'm in the Tampa Bay area and have yet to land me a decent size winter flounder. I've seen plenty of reports that say they're here in the bay area now. Taking the lady out tomorrow for fishing from land, and we're aiming for some flatties. Thing is, we've yet to land one over 6 inches these past 2 months. Can anyone help with some good ideas of where to go to catch some? Please note, we're shore based, and we've already hit up the jetty at John's Pass after being told they're always full of flounder, but nothing was keeper size. Thanks all!
  13. soupyjc2

    Good News

    Nice flounder! Where were you fishing out of?
  14. So I've been using balloons to send bait out from shore to get my bait out there to grab shark, however I've been getting hit by some (aggressive) Tarpon instead lately. My only guess is that since I have the balloon at the top of my leader rig 6 ft or so from my bait. being that the bait is suspended the tarpon are hitting it instead of my targeted shark. Just chatted with a fella who said i need to fish off the bottom for the shark, and i should use a technique to "pull the line so the balloon comes off and the bait sinks to the bottom" Any suggestions/tips on how to do this "slip rigging" for the balloon set up? Thanks all and best of luck out there!
  15. soupyjc2

    Surf shark fishing west central Florida spots?

    Did you camp overnight at shell, take a day trip, or just yak/boat put there on your own?