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  1. fishin addict

    A Word Of Thanks...

    Gary, Thanks for all that you and your team have done, we appreciate it.
  2. fishin addict

    Night Time Fishing

    How did you do? I have been on a few good snook in the anclote river over the past 2 weeks.
  3. fishin addict

    Where To Wade From In Tampa Area?

    Good point Cody, and I agree. What are some of the things that you look for when scouting on Google earth, and what are some of the things that you look for on the water that make a spot fishy? Thanks for your input.
  4. fishin addict

    Fishing With The Indians

    Here's a Newnan found in a cenote in Pinellas county. Found by Son Anderson.
  5. fishin addict

    Fishing With The Indians

    Definitely a Newnan,looks like second stage to me. You can tell by the square tang and a few other charcteristics the points typology. That point is from the middle archaic time period putting the age of the point at rougly 8,000-9,000 years old. Congrats, that is a keeper. Its cool finding arrowheads like that knowing you are the first person in thousands of years to hold it.
  6. fishin addict

    Show off your flys and tips (official thread)

    Ron that looks sick! Well done.
  7. fishin addict

    Beer Survey

    Cigar City Jai Alai IPA. :thumbsup:
  8. fishin addict

    fishing is bad????

  9. fishin addict

    Braid to Fluro Knots

    No kidding! It looks SUPER clean though! I'm going to give it a shot when I get home.
  10. fishin addict

    OZ sight fishing 5/22/14

    Great read! :thumbsup: I'm sitting here on my lunch break at work wishing I was on the water! Good thing it's a three day weekend!
  11. fishin addict

    Braid to Fluro Knots

    Ha I cannot tie the Uni to Uni tyo save my life but the modified Albright is no problem.I'll have to check out the sebile knot as well. Some of the knots are ridiculous.
  12. fishin addict

    Chalk One Up For The FWC

    Glad to hear they got someone. Hopefully they will setup shop on a few more of the NMZ and nail a few more irresponsible people. I hate seeing people destroy the grass flats.
  13. fishin addict

    Where's everyone fishin at this weekend?

    Blank,That sounds like par for the course lately. I had a boater pass by me at no less than 20 yards the other week. Kicker was he had rods on the boat. This was the closest that I have been to taking a swim unintentionally. I'm heading out early all three days and plan on getting off the water before noon. Best of luck out there.
  14. fishin addict

    Braid to Fluro Knots

    Guys,What are the knots that you are using to join your braid to the leader? I have always used the triple surgeons knot, but recently figured out the improved Albright knot. I'm kind of skeptical about the braid slipping through the loop on this one... Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.Hope everyone has a great weekend!-Jesse
  15. fishin addict

    Good areas in the bay for snook and redfish

    Congrats on the new kayak, and well done on the redfish! I would suggest checking out the map section. There are a ton of places to go. Where do you want to fish, that would help us to narrow down some spots for you.