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  1. Thank you Mr. Poyssick for the info. I am always eager to read and obtain any more info I can about the awesome fishery that the area provides.
  2. Cool name Timmy! We share many similarities...The avatar pic seemed to fit the profile name so I went with it. Yes indeedy it is the Guy Harvey redfish "fish camo" shirt Im wearing. Not only does it look cool, it literally keeps you cool and its quik dry! Well worth the $30.Thanks for stopping by an commenting. If ya ever wanna get a line wet gimme a shout.
  3. Here are a few I caught this past week out at the Fort.
  4. Anybody wanna meet up to fish tomorrow? I don't care where, just lookin for company and a new friend.My backup plan, if no takers, is going to Ft Desoto to fish my usual redfish, snook an trout honey holes. I would prefer to meet as close to 7am as possible. My # is 727-543-0858 call or text til midnight if interested. Thanks! Tim
  5. I'm off next 3. Gonna hit the fort on one of em myself.
  6. You shoulda hit me up. I went out the last 3 days. Caught my limit of trout and a slot red yesterday at the fort. Snagged a mullet on a mirrolure mr17 while throwing it into a school of them today. Then, not intentionally, brought a 6 1/2' bull shark in to me when I tied it to the side of my yak! Good times!
  7. Whats up everybody? :greet: Hope ya'll have had a safe an awesome Labor day weekend and got some good fishing in! Unfortunately, my weekend dont start til Tuesday.I am lookin for anyone that would like to meet up to do some yak fishin.Most likely I will be heading out to the fort. I plan to hit the water for all of the incoming tide and then some on both days. If anyone is interested in joining up you can respond to this thread, shoot me a PM or can call/text me at 727.543.0858. :hooked:
  8. Welcome Julio! Reds are everywhere at FD. I currently fish there about 3-4 days out of the week. I find them on grassy flats, up under along mangroves out of the sun during mid-day heat, and around salt marshes. I have the best luck in the morning on an incoming tide. Also, a good way to get bait is cast net for it. Plenty of places to do that as youll soon find out. I also sabiki for it sometimes. Tipping the sabikis with a piece of shrimp can really get em on there. Cut pinfish and ladies are awesome bait for reds and snook, but can/will draw bonnetheads in. I see those pretty much on a daily basis out there as well.Have fun,g'luck an tight lines!
  9. Im down for both days cause Im off also. :smiley-danc
  10. I went back out again this morning under the last light of the blue moon. I launched from FD at 6:54am and headed back out to my favorite spot. I went out on the last lil bit of ougoing tide an it was pretty skinny in a few spots I hadnt planned on it being. Action was slow to start to say the least. I tried 2-3 spots before the bite turned on for me. At around 9:47 I paddled over to a point that had small passes on each side of it. I cast out a live shrimp on the cajun thunder an got ready. I could see tails comin out of the water an fishy swirls from 8-4 o'clock all around me. This was definiatly my spot! Within the first 2 minutes one hit the shrimp with a furious vengance. I began the fight an just as I was getting ready to grab him with the fish grips an get him in the yak, he breaks off. I wasnt a very happy camper an said some curse words that prolly coulda been heard for a ways cause he looked to be 24or25". Biggest one I caught that I didnt land of the day. :angry-cry: The action came on so quick with the first fish I didnt have time to anchor off,so I took care of that now. I retie a new circle hook on,throw on one of those ginormous shrimps from the Bait Bucket in Tierra Verde an cast back out again. A few minutes later I have another hungry red sampling the from the dinner cart. I begin the fight but let him wear himself out a lil more than I did the last one so when I get him to the yak hes not as feisty an wont break me off again. When I land him an measure him he comes in at 22 1/2". Its now around 10:23. One fish on the stringer and line is back out again. No more than a few minutes go by and Ive got another on! This ones fighting pretty hard. I adjust my drag accordingly but once again, hes off. This is getting frustrating. I get the line in an realize that my knot had come undone an its why I lost my second fish of the day! Enough of this. I pull out some #30 mono for a leader an a new hook(main line is #14 mono) an rerig the setup. That was the last time any of that stupid crap happened again! Next fish on but it was a nasty ol catfish. I got the long needle nose pliers out an let him off over the yak.Its now 10:38 and the action is still kickin around me. Im now seeing trout jumping like crazy among catching the reds an catfish. Still throwin shrimp at em an they still eatin em! Next redfish on and I get him to the yak an he measures up right at 21". I release him to fight again. At this point Im startin to get low on my supply of shrimp. I cast again only to get the last catfish Im willing to reel in. Its also the last of my shrimp and the bite had pretty much died for that spot anyway. It was somewhere around 11:32 by this time. I pulled in the anchor an bait bucket and began the long paddle back to my truck. I was happy with the way my morning went. :@))
  11. Dang guys! I guess Ive never really thought about the size of bait compared to the fish trying to eat it. I have seen lil baby snook go for my lure that was 1/3-1/2 their body length. Aggressive sob's they are! Ill have to remember that about the ladies when snook season opens but also may have to buy heavier gear if Im fighting/catching fish that size!As for your coworker buddy, Id have been disappointed too if it wasnt a snook,but really surprised at the trout!
  12. Thanks Mike! Its a Perception Sport Pescadore 13.0 that I got on sale at Gander Mountain outside of Orlando. I have paddled a few kayaks but never owned one of myself til this one. Its pretty fast and tracks very good in my opinion. So good, in fact, it can be a battleship to get it turn sometimes it seems. I was considering a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 or 140 but got this for a few hundred less than those go for and from what Ive been told its basically the same hull as the WS models. I wish it would have come with a few more places for rigging on the bow and a paddle bungee strap on the left side(has one on the right and places to install them on the left but none) and the dry hatches would have come with hinges and those neat clips you slide to open it but I still like it a lot.After kayak shopping for nearly 2 months this one was the closest model that had all the features I was looking for at the price I could afford.
  13. Same thing as today....Goin out again in the morning, most likely back to FD. Gonna shoot for a 6:30-7am launch time. Planning on arriving for the end of the outgoing and stayin all of the incoming tide. Anybody that has the morning/day off and wants to meet up, reply to this thread or send me a PM.Tight Lines!! :fishing:
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