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  1. I have an Ultimate propel 14.5' kayak for sale.I bought this kayak new in February 2014.This kayak comes with an anchor trolley,a propel drive system,a rudder system,fishing rod holder,and a first class seat.I have other accessories I can sell separately.Its a barely used kayak, as you can see in the pictures it is garage kept.You are welcome to text or call.7273794810.($1600 FIRM)http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/boa/4633089852.html
  2. I have 2 Ultimate propel 14.5' kayaks for sale.I bought them new in February 2014.Each kayak has an anchor trolley,A propel drive system,a rudder system,and a first class seat.I have other accessories I will sell separately.I have used these kayaks 3 times.And as you can see in the pictures they are garage kept.Also you may wonder why I am selling 2 awesome fishing machines known as the (ULTIMATE)?I would like a 12' instead of the 14.5' kayak.If for some reason I cant sell these lime green machines.I will just have to continue to bare the burden of catching fish weekly from them.Life is rough!The price per kayak is $1600.You are welcome to text or call (727) 379-4810.
  3. happyhooker

    Kayak ready for fishing!

    I am selling a blue 12' mainstream kingfish kayak,that is ready to fish.Included in the sale is a seat,paddle,swivel fishing rod holder,4 scupper plugs,nylon cleat,anchor trolley,and folding anchor.The price is $350(cash only).7273794810 call or text.
  4. I am selling a Green Castaway 116 kayak.It is ready to fish.Included is a paddle,anchor trolley,swivel rod holder,and a folding anchor.Its in great shape.And there is plenty of room and storage.Firm $350(cash only)
  5. I am selling 2 blue 12' mainstream kingfish kayaks,that are ready to fish.Included in the sale is seats,paddles,swivel fishing rod holders,2 flush mount rod holders,8 scupper plugs,nylon cleats,anchor trolleys,and folding anchors.Firm $350 per kayak (cash only).
  6. happyhooker

    New to TOF

    Hello and thank you for the greetings.Where is the sjs area you referred to?
  7. happyhooker

    New to TOF

    That would be great to do some kayaking.I have been very successful kayak fishing around Brasher park in Port Richey.When you mentioned Plathe Road bridge did you mean on Rowan Road or Little Road side?New Port Richey has a park called James E Grey preserve where you can launch kayaks on the Cottee River.Im in for fishing these areas you mentioned especially the Plathe Road area.Cause its very close to where I live.
  8. happyhooker

    New to TOF

    Hello everyone.Im glad you let me join your online community of fisherman.I have been fishing around Anclote and the Cotee rivers for about 18 years.I have successfully caught most all species of fish in this area, except a big fat Snook.I enjoy fishing the flats on my kayak.And also enjoy fishing around Anclote on my boat.I look forward to meeting some people with the same interests.Fish on!