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  1. juliot

    2017 Canyon Bay 18F

    Selling my 2017 Canyon Bay 18F powered by 60hp Suzuki with 73 hours. For more pictures or information, call or text me at 352-263-6960. The boat is also listed on Craigslist.
  2. juliot

    Fishing Paddle Board

    Just don't use it enough. I have a nice flats boat.
  3. juliot

    Fishing Paddle Board

    Selling my 12' Bote paddle board. It has the leaning post with rod holders and tackle web. Private message me for pictures. Asking 1400
  4. juliot

    Awesome Day Fishing

    Been on a hiatus for a few months but glad to be back on the sight. Recently moved to Tampa Bay and finally had a chance to go fishing and had an amazing experience. I was cruising along 275 south of the Howard Franklin. The water was about 3 feet deep with a sandy bottom with small patches of grass. The water was pretty clear compared to most of the water in the bay. I'm used to the crystal clear waters of Chasahowitzka and Hernando Beach. I saw a school of jacks, and couldn't resist the urge to hook onto one. While fighting the fish, I saw a nice red swim by. And then another. And another. I was surrounded by redfish. It was awesome seeing them out on the sandy flat. And they were hungry too. I spent the next two hours sight fishing for reds, picking them off one by one. The hardest part was getting into casting range without spooking them. It was a great day on the water, and I'm looking forward to learning my new stomping ground.
  5. juliot

    Awesome Day Fishing

    Most were lower slot. I hooked one that felt nice and heavy but I wasn't able to land him.
  6. juliot

    Sick Rods

    Anybody use rods by Markssickrods? I saw him at the show, and liked one if his rods and wound up ordering one.
  7. juliot

    21' Hewes Redfisher

    Nice combo.
  8. juliot

    21' Hewes Redfisher

    My boats for sale...http://tampa.craigslist.org/hdo/boa/4609912924.html
  9. juliot

    21' Hewes Redfisher

    Yep! A Canyon Bay 2400. It's a long story. But basically a got a new job, and am relocating to tampa area. A 2400 will suit me better, and I got an opportunity to buy one that I can't refuse.
  10. juliot

    21' Hewes Redfisher

    Thanks. It's been a great boat.
  11. juliot

    Abused Children Event

    I had a blast, and I think the kids had one too!! You can count me in for next year.
  12. juliot

    Tiger Shark

    Anybody ever see a tailing Tiger shark? It was about 5 feet long in about 18" of water. This spot is loaded with sharks (and reds ;-)), and I usually come across a few bull sharks. It's hard to see it in the crappy pictures, but you can really see it in the picture of his tail.
  13. juliot

    Tiger Shark

    It was up in Homosassa
  14. juliot

    Volunteer Abused Children's Event

    I PMd you.
  15. juliot

    where is the white bait near tarpon springs?

    Having better luck with getting bait at first light.
  16. juliot

    Cast Net questions

    The bait buster is a great net. If your learning how to throw, Id get an 8 footer. 3/8 mesh is a pretty versatile size and should work pretty good for you. Especially if your throwing on the flats. There's several different ways of throwing it. Get on YouTube and find one your comfortable with and just practice.
  17. juliot

    White Bait

    Anybody else having to work extra hard for white bait this year? All my go to spots in Anclote, the humps, north end sand bar, Fred Howard Park, power plant, stilt houses, are coming up dry. I chum and chum, and get a dozen or so. And the ones at the humps are so skittish. They run to the chum, and disappear into the grass following the pinfish. I'm using the typical chum, and had pretty good success in years past. Just wondering if anybody else was having trouble too.
  18. juliot

    White Bait

    Thanks for all the input guys. I feel better that it's not just me.
  19. juliot

    White Bait

    I'm glad its not just me. The humps are on the south side of the island by the Ranger dock. Or by the 7x marker.
  20. juliot

    Boat stains

    Bar Keeper's Friend. Mix with water to make a paste, and let it sit on the stain overnight. It works like magic.
  21. juliot

    white bait help

    Thanks guys. But I guess I should have clarified any time of year. I can't even find them in June!!!
  22. juliot

    white bait help

    Anybody have any go to spots for scaled sardines in Hernando or northern Pasco counties? I got a spot where I can sometimes find threadfins, but that's about it. I tried so many spots that should hold bait (nice grass flats on the edges of deep canals) to no avail.
  23. Anybody have any input on the hummingbird line if Chartplotters? I currently have a garmin 740s which I like, but just got an Ipilot and Im thinking about switching to a hummingbird so that I can link them. Anybody using them? Thinking about something in the 900 series. I mostly do inshore, but do run my boat about 25 miles north or south.