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  1. stukid

    Born To Fish...and Hunt

    Gotta get back to the Middle Grounds again!
  2. stukid

    Att: Stukid, You Might Like This Book Also.

    Andy, to the best of my knowledge, the only time I hooked up with any TOFer's was a Hubbard's trip. But I would love to go drown some bait with you guys. Are you in MD now, or back in FL?
  3. stukid

    Things To Do During Dry Dock

    Inshore on the Kayak, but this dog gone wind is howling from the NNE...
  4. stukid

    Att: Stukid, You Might Like This Book Also.

    Thanks Andy, will check the Library. Someday, I may get up to the Eastern Shore...
  5. stukid

    It's Crappie Time In Md. 10-26-16

    Flocks of Geese flying south. I just finished reading a novel called Chesapeake by James Mishner. A great read on the bounty of the Chesapeake and Choptank area.
  6. I work real close to this spot, so I'm gonna give it a shot during lunch break!
  7. Like Dorothy says in the "Wizard of Oz" "There's no place like home!" I have been an on again off again member of TOF for quite a while, and came back today to discover the podcast series. I am very impressed, and thoroughly enjoyed listen and plan on downloading more episodes. Do they come out once a week? So I'm back home again! Keep up the topics!!!
  8. stukid

    Newbie - Palma Sola Bay

    Snowbird- one of the things I enjoy most on my yak is paddling and discovering. Use GE to help you visualize where a spot may be, then explore the area. Everything changes daily, with tides, moon cycle, water clarity, temps etc. I read a blog recently that was discussing the importance of scouting an area, spending 2/3 of your time exploring and noting, 1/3 actually fishing. The more I think about that, the more I think he's right. (To be fair, the blog was about pre fishing for a tournament) but the concept applies to the average guy like you and I.
  9. stukid

    Up Tide Vs Down Tide

    Think of the tide as a river. The reason you always cast up river (tide) is bait tendencies are to swim with current, so cast up river (tide) and let the bait naturally swim toward the target foraging fish. If you're on a flat, if you can, position yourself on the down tide side and cast toward the current.
  10. stukid

    Strangest Catch Ever!

    I saw some nice reds schooling, but they weren't hungry...
  11. Last Sunday, I was kayaking on the inshore side of Ft Desoto, near Listen Key. The mullet were jumping all around, the water was very clear, and the weather was warm and calm. As I was paddling to my favorite spot, I noticed an odd object floating about 100 yards or so ahead of me. As I paddled closer, it looked to me like an oddball crab trap buoy, but I thought it couldn't be. As I approached it, I saw a red object in a torn plastic garbage bag. I scooped it up, and it was way heavier than I expected. Inside the torn garbage bag was a women's purse!!! Obviously, she had wrapped the purse in a bag to keep it dry on their boat. I laughed because that's what my wife would do, but in reality this was no laughing matter. There were numerous bottles of meds (now destroyed), diabetes stick pins, and her wallet. All her credit cards, drivers license etc were in there too. No cash- yes, I did look for money, there was only a Canadian $5 bill. The ID said she lived in Tampa, so on the way home I called Tampa PD, and they directed me to the nearest police station. When the desk clerk checked her name, I was told her home had been reported as robbed the previous week! They said a detective would call me soon, and sure enough about an hour later I get a call from HCSO detectives. All they wanted to know was where I found the purse. The closest I could really say is near Listen Key in the Ft Desoto area. So I hope Rosa gets her purse and CC back. More importantly, I hope she get her meds refilled!
  12. stukid

    Fishing With Passion

    The Hubbards overnight trips are an amazing experience. A bucket list trip well worth the cost. I went last summer when ARS were in season. My only concern was the boat was jam packed, and tangled lines were on almost every drop. The food was great, the mates busted their butts off, and lots of fish were caught. John, I think I met you at Bass Pro in Brandon when Dylan did a seminar there. In your opinion, when is the best time to go when the boat is least crowded? By the way, that was a great blog report. Look forward to more.
  13. stukid

    Inshore Bridge Suprise!

    Definatly better than what I caught, but with my luck recently, I doubt I could catch a cold!
  14. stukid

    Fishing Coordinates Off Shore Ft Myers Fl

    Ron, I have never fished the Tortugas or Keys. If I could spend some time in the Keys, I would love to backcountry for Tarpon on a fly. It's on my bucket list. I have a good friend who goes there frequently, and comes back with great stories, and an occasional fish! But his recommendation to me goes to the question you originally asked about where to fish. He says, "Stuart, when you go to the Keys, hire a guide. You'll not only catch fish, but you'll learn more in one day than you can imagine." As I think about it, perhaps that that's some really good advice. I've never used a guide before (stubborn pride?? Cost??) Something to think about though. Good luck and tight lines!
  15. stukid

    Winter Reds

    That's what I'm talkin' about! A fishing adventure worthy of memories.