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  1. reelaxing


    Sorry, it was the correct link? Not sure what's going there? I pulled it up and it took me to some fly fishing site? Anyway, I removed it and it wasn't letting me add the link back or any pictures? Again, if anyone has interest, please pm or email me. Or just do a search on Craig's List. Thanks!
  2. reelaxing


    SOLD, please remove. Rick
  3. reelaxing

    As Far As North Pinellas ?

    I've been on the water from the Dunedin Cswy to Anclote Key. I haven't seen any signs of it.
  4. reelaxing

    Green Key Surprise

    I like running up to Green Key when the tide is just starting to come in. There's a spot there that I like that seems to always produce nice keeper trout. Starting about this time of year, as incidental catches, I'll pull up quite a few grouper, sea bass, & grunts. Saturday, I even pulled in a Lane Snapper. :-) Thanks for sharing a pic of your catch.
  5. reelaxing


  6. Looking for one in good working order. Thanks, Rick
  7. reelaxing

    Kayak Paddle Recommendations

    IMO, you will not go wrong with a full carbon paddle from Werner. I use their Camano model...it's light, strong and delivers a powerful stroke. Another good carbon paddle at a lower price is the Aquabound Stingray. They also have a hybrid Stingray that the shaft is all carbon, but the blades are plastic to cut down on cost. I have all three paddles, but the Werner is always the one in my hands.
  8. reelaxing

    Utb Saturday?

    I had thoughts about hitting DB Saturday. But, I'm not sure yet if I want to get out on the boat or paddle? Let us know where you decide.
  9. reelaxing

    Swimbait Snook

    A Beauty!
  10. reelaxing

    Rods Reels, Line And Knots...(Sort Of A Poll)

    Pretty much the same answers as above On the flats: 3000 reel, 7"6" med, fast, 10lb braid, just depending either 15-20lb fluro leader. In the river & around mangroves I'm using a 4000 reel, 7ft med, 20lb braid, 20-30lb leader. To tie line to leader I use the uni to uni and the loop knot(canoeman) to lure.
  11. reelaxing

    Anclote Power Plant Thu 12/11 Am

    Nice. I've never eaten one before.
  12. reelaxing

    Shallow Water Snookin'

    Nice day!!
  13. reelaxing

    Permit And Pompano

    You DA, MANNN! Nice! I've never caught one.
  14. reelaxing

    Kayak Fishing Fever

    Memorable! Nice!
  15. reelaxing

    Tarpon Fishing

    Nice. It's always fun catching those baby poons. You have me itching to get the yak wet, now! Good job.