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    Suggestion on a face mask.

    I'm interested in getting a face buff....any suggestions?
  2. I'm trying to fix many issues with a buddies reel. I got it 95% fixed but, the ball spring guide was broke which I got a replacement but, I can't figure out how the "ball spring guide" which fits inside the "ball spring" seats in the rotor? I have already broke one replacement ball spring guide and am ordering another. Any help? Thanks.
  3. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    The Snook bite has died in the pond -
  4. All caught using a Slayer SST scented with Pro-Cure Trophy Bass
  5. lonewolf0420

    Anyone Use Gopro Hero2?

    I've using a low level GP knock off and have wanted to get into the GP lineup. I found some very affordable GP Hero 2HD 's Any thoughts or Feedback?
  6. lonewolf0420

    Anyone Use Gopro Hero2?

    Are you happy with evening footage? Whats the battery life like for you?
  7. lonewolf0420

    Anyone Use Gopro Hero2?

    Most of the time it would be used in late afternoon into dusk - Say 5-8pm. The iphone app would be good, but I was more or less looking for somthing with good battery life that I could just turn on and leave going while I fish - Light enough to maybe clip to the front of a hat. I found some HD Hero2's for like $80
  8. lonewolf0420

    Naples Fishing

    Landings Park Boat Ramp 1101 9th Street South Naples, Florida 34102
  9. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Nice bucktail - I recently started tying my own as well - Its a lot cheaper to paint and make your own. I haven't tried in freshwater yet
  10. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    I was thinking maybe a bucktail.
  11. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Thanks for the tip - I have one of those as well
  12. lonewolf0420

    Paddletail Or Shad Tail Jigs

    ZMan Paddlerz user here, as well. Pinfish color has been good to me. Also Slayer inc Sinister Swim Tails - nice fat tail with a good wiggle
  13. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Oh I have an ol brown and silver 1/2oz rattle trp - I should break that out
  14. lonewolf0420

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Thanks peeps. I have seen Tarpon surface in the pond, as well, but I have yet to hook one. I've tride various paddle tails and a couple of Mirrodine's.
  15. lonewolf0420

    Powder Painting Jigs

    Anyone here powder paint your jig heads? I recently started and am researching tips & tricks. Thanks
  16. lonewolf0420

    Powder Painting Jigs

    Sorry got the Strep throat, but thank you.
  17. lonewolf0420

    Where to fish near Bonita springs. inland or ocean

    Use Google Earth - trace the waterways
  18. lonewolf0420

    Sand Fleas

    Anyone have luck with frozen sand fleas
  19. lonewolf0420

    Beach Snook

    You blow my mind with your catches on DOA shrimp. I can't catch anything on a DOA shrimp along beaches, let alone a snook. I did get a surf snook Saturday, with a Z-MAN paddle Tail.
  20. lonewolf0420

    T & A Jigs

    Well made stuff. I recently picked up some "poison Tail" jigheads and a couple of "Grouper Getter" buck tails, from the Corner Store, while I was staying in West Palm
  21. lonewolf0420

    Fishing stereotypes

    That hilarious. I have a friend who used to be Mr. No Touche
  22. lonewolf0420

    Fish oil/gel on lures

  23. lonewolf0420

    Underrated Lures and baits

    Apparently nobody can work it, like you do.
  24. lonewolf0420


    A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system.WikiDidn't notice any improved fishing.
  25. lonewolf0420

    Question about fishing light

    I was given a Quarrow 180LED Green submersible fishing, for my birthday ( yay me )It's needs to be connected to a 12v battery and has a 15amp fuse. Mind you, I know nothing about electricity other than plugging something in to make it work. Can these be connected to a 12v that is anywhere from 5-15amp to work, or does it have to be no-more-no-less than 15amps?Thank you for baring with me.