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  1. 2002 Cobia 174 CC with Yamaha 90HP in excellent condition. Motor recently serviced. Trailer (included) rebuilt in the last year. Comes with 8ft Power Pole Pro Series II, Minn Kota Riptide, 3 bank on-board battery charger, bimini top, boat cover, and stainless steel prop. New upholstery. Turn key ready to fish. Reason for selling is we bought a bigger boat. $9500 obo. Contact 813-440-1670 Craigs List link http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/boa/5905456304.html
  2. laurafy1989

    My First Hogfish

    Hired Captain Chad Manning to show us how to catch hogfish. Went about 15 miles out of St Petersburg. Dropped some live shrimp down in 60 feet of water on a knocker rig, 1/0 hook. Got 5 hogs and some lane snappers. My biggest hog here.
  3. Took a different friend out each day. Caught bait on the weedon island flats. I was able to put them on some snook
  4. laurafy1989

    Trip To The Keys Earlier This Month

    The video of my boyfriend landing the sailfish https://video-mia1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xta1/v/t42.1790-2/11285024_10153458668054379_1223452009_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjExMzksInJsYSI6NTEyfQ%3D%3D&rl=1139&vabr=633&oh=4f7ae83af305f26242b64e0c979d32c0&oe=55932696 mahi.mp4
  5. Late in posting this. My boyfriend and I went to the Keys the first week of June. This is also the first time I've ever been to the Keys. We stayed at La Jolla Resort in Islamorada and we probably wouldnt stay there again. The room was small and the a/c was not powerful enough to cool the room. We did like the kitchen and the fish cleaning table there. We went out on the Bud N Marys head boat on our first full day, which was a rainy day and there was only 10 of us on the boat. So it was like a private charter but for $70/person (they added extra for each person since there was so few of us). We limited out on snapper, mostly yellowtail. One guy got a big mutton. Our inshore captain canceled on us the next day so we decided to go back out on the Bud N Marys boat. Limited out on snapper again. We went out offshore the third day with Capt Ron Varona, Green Eyed Girl charters, for some mahi. Capt Ron worked hard to put us on fish. As we were trolling for mahi, we saw a sailfish jump. So we chased it down to where we last saw it and then it was behind the boat. Pitched a live ballyhoo and watched it eat it. Fish on! My boyfriend reeled in his first sailfish, about an 11 minute fight (got it on GoPro). After, we kept trolling the weed lines for mahi and got a triple hook up in about 900ft of water.I reeled my own in first before my boyfriend , so I was able to take the third rod and reel my 2nd mahi in. My first and second mahi ever. We trolled some more, got hooked into some schoolies, which we let go. Trolled some more and we had our final fish of the trip and the biggest mahi. I reeled the cow in and my arms were burning. We rented a boat for our 4th day. Did a little yellowtail fishing but mostly just wanted to snorkel sombrero reef. We managed to get 4 yellowtail tot he boat. My boyfriend caught the biggest one, 24" and the other 3 were around 18"-19". These were much bigger than the yellowtail we caught on the head boat. My man is very lucky, because I take pride in cleaning the fish, so I cleaned all 44 snappers we caught on our trip. Had such an awesome time and our freezer is full of fish. one of our days limit of snapper from bud n marys, i already fileted a couple tho before this pic My big mahi
  6. laurafy1989

    Bigger Snapper Are In

    Oh my! What a beautiful snapper! they fight so hard for their size
  7. laurafy1989

    Unbelievable Snapper Bite!

  8. laurafy1989

    Slayed The Redfish

    Went out on Friday, got a late start because my boyfriend and I worked Thursday night. With no sleep after working 7p-7a, I went straight to fishing and brought a friend along. Bait was a struggle around hula bay, only able to get my live well half full. Had to run to Coffee Pot to blacken my little livewell. There were so many boats out so the bite was slow for us since I only have 1 livewell. The guides with multiple livewells were able to chum and seemed to be catching fish. So once the guides were gone we were able to chum and the bite was on. In total for the day we got 12 Reds to the boat and 6 snook. The reds ranged from 31" 28" 25" 2 22" 20" and then some smaller ones we didnt care to measure. The snook were all under slot, the biggest being 25". It was the first time my boyfriend and I had a double hook up on reds. That was fun and unfortunately I lost a screw for my go pro mount and wasnt able to get it on film. I was able to film the 31" 28" and 25" we reeled in. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152935881717912&l=2759966107097159028 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152934464422912&l=4598618760675520528
  9. laurafy1989

    My First Keeper Snook And Pb

    caught bait at the hula bay flats.
  10. Last week in Upper Tampa Bay, I was able to catch my PB snook and it was my first keeper snook. We were using live greenies. We were trolling up to this dock and trolled passed this snook. I thought we might have spooked it. We anchored then threw some chum out there and within a minute or 2, I was hooked. The snook started to head towards the dock and I kind of walked towards the back of the boat to get it away from the dock (I call this the Blair Wiggins move, if you watch Addictive Fishing then you know). I was able to get her to the boat and I did my happy dance. She was 29" Went out a few days ago to Weedon Island and my boyfriend was able to catch this almost 27" Red
  11. laurafy1989

    Venice, La Charters

    I am trying to book an inshore and offshore/oil rigs charter out of Venice, LA for early June. Anyone have any suggestions with some good captains/companies? Thank you.
  12. laurafy1989

    Trailer Lights

    Thank you everyone. Yes I was doing some research online as well and I think I'm going to check out some LED lights at harbor freight
  13. laurafy1989

    First Fish Of The Year

    The mechanic had a few boats ahead of me and he is a friend of a friend so I didnt want to rush and of course I'm getting a good deal. But the power steering was bad.
  14. laurafy1989

    Trailer Lights

    I bought the pipe-lights for my trailer thinking I would not have to constantly replace the bulbs but the lights keep going out on my pipe-lights and its not a wiring issue. Anyone have suggestions for good trailer lights, I dont have to constantly replace the bulb every month. I also know that I travel on the Veterans Expwy which has construction going on and my trailer constantly bounces around on that road so the little filament in the bulb probably breaks all the time while bouncing around. I still think there should be some good trailer lights that dont go out on me everytime I pull the trailer.
  15. laurafy1989

    Caught My First Slam!

    Awesome! I'm still waiting to catch my first inshore slam. Last few times I came close, I was just missing a trout =( maybe this year. I fish Weedon a lot but never on a weekend.