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  1. My son and I had a great time in Cedar Key. The rental was perfect and the fishing charter was better than expected. Jimbo from Saltwater Assassin Fishing Charters put us on fish all day with specks to 22". Jimbo was great with my son too. I'd upload pictures, but I can't find the link to pull them directly from my computer and do not use online repositories for my personal files. Sorry, it used to be easy to use this site, but not so much anymore......
  2. ltf

    Info On Cedar Key

    I'll try to put up a report after we get back. If you are still looking for places to stay, you might try VRBO. I looked at some of the condos too, but ended up finding a little house to rent for the week. Some of the listings have private or shared docks, kayaks, canoes, bikes and even a golf cart that comes as part of the package.
  3. ltf

    Info On Cedar Key

    When are you going to be there? I am spending a few days on the island with my son the end of March for his spring break. We'll be staying in a rental a stone's throw from the central area. We've got a charter scheduled and might rent a small skiff or kayaks. We'll definitely be fishing a lot, so I wouldn't mind getting some more intel on what to expect myself. I did find a lot of videos online and sit seems like the trout, red drum and black drum are abundant. Looking at the area on Google, it looks like it would be perfect for inshore fishing in the spring; lots of inlets, islands, and grass flats with channels, cuts and potholes for fish to hang out in.
  4. Steve, Thanks for the reference. I've made reservations with deposits; otherwise, I'd be all over this place. It looks like exactly what I was originally looking for. I'll save the webpage for next time.
  5. Cool. I wouldn't mind reading about a meet up with a bear. I had several encounters with wildlife growing up in the hills of North Idaho. There was a particular one back my senior year of high school that was at the top of the list. A buddy and I spent a week camping in a public campground the top of a mountain in the Gospel Hump Wilderness area in central Idaho. He was there to straighten his head out a bit, and I was there to just enjoy a week in the woods. We did everything that you did back then when you camped, we fished, shot guns, walked the hills and just hung out. We saw a lot of wildlife, deer in the camp begging for food, a moose and its calf on the lake next to us, and finally a bear in our camp. The bear came one particular morning just prior to us completing our week. I woke that morning to something scratching the outside of the tent right above my head and to my buddy running around all worked up. He grabbed a gun, and ripped the tent open, literally, he destroyed the zipper. Once both of us were up, we ran out to see a black bear in the camp. We chased the bear off easily enough, but decided that was it and headed down the mountain. Man those were the days. A couple of kids with freedom and no responsibility having an adventure.
  6. Hey Andy, Thanks again for the reference. I ended up making plans for Cedar Key. It's a bit more secluded and we've never been. I found a little place to rent on a canal just outside of town. We'll be there for the better part of a week with a charter scheduled for the first morning. We'll probably spend the other days on a rental boat and/or fishing from the shore, bridges and piers looking for some bruiser red and black drum.
  7. ltf

    I'm Seriously Curious

    I came here a few years back shortly after moving to Tampa, but have not participated much in the last year for a lot of reasons. Mostly, I've dealt with a bad back and recovery from surgery. That means that I've hardly fished, so haven't had much to brag about. Also, I've drifted away due to a lot of the reasons already listed. Not mentioned specifically yet, but it seems that the site and the forum has been pretty focused on monetizing. It's understandable that the site is a business, but the ads (whether marked as such, or cleverly written into a great article) are a bit much for me. It's not just the site though. Far from it in fact. It seems that the large majority of the posts are about hawking something, a new lure, a blog site, a new company that someone is working with, or whatever product that someone's buddy or cousin makes. I don't mind plugging products and services. In fact, I've found some good information on products the I use when I do fish, but there should be limits, and product plugs shouldn't come in the first post. Introduce yourself, make some friends, and contribute first. That said, I still come back for information. There is a lot of good content, and still a lot of people here that I respect here, even if I haven't met many of them in person. I think that with some of the constructive comments and recommendations that the site will do well and look forward to watching it develop. Henri
  8. ltf

    Sailfish Smackdown 2016

    Congratulations Pam!!! deepenough, You didn't mention that 4th place wasn't so bad. A free Bahamas stay is a pretty good consolation...
  9. Scratch Panama City. It's farther than I want to drive. I'm still interested in Jacksonville though.
  10. Great! I wouldn't mind picking up some of those flounder you used to post. I wonder if anybody has any recommendations in the Northwest or Northeast coastal areas. I've seen good reports for the Panama City and Jacksonville areas.
  11. Thanks Andy. The Villas look like a really good option. I did take the entire family to the beach there by the pier a couple of summers ago, but I always wanted to go back to hunt more sharks teeth and to try fishing. How's fishing down there in late March? What about the crowds and atmosphere? Henri
  12. Hey all, I am looking for recommendations for where to spend spring break with my 10-year-old son. Our most memorable moments have always been on the water, so I'm thinking of renting a cabin where we can just hang out, fish and talk. Does anybody have any recommendations? Ideally, it would be basic but clean and have easy access to the water for shore or some very relaxed pier fishing(read, no busy public areas). Our favorite fish are flounder, speckled trout and red drum. I almost forgot. I am just North of Tampa, but don't mind traveling by car as much as 3 hours or so. Actually, I've been in the bay area for a few years, and it would be good to see other parts of Florida. Thanks in advance, Henri
  13. It's good to see a report Pam, even better fishing with you. That upper slot red was a beauty.
  14. Andy, Are they hunting the geese now? When I was up there, they were under a moratorium and there were countless numbers of them. I worked in a steel building and every time a flock flew over, they littered the roof with droppings. It was loud as anything.
  15. ltf

    Surf Or Snook

    Yes, captain. Identify, focus work towards accomplishing your goal. I'll take that advice once I've recovered from my spinal fusion.... Thanks for the lesson.....