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  1. Took my boy out last week when christmas vacation started to try to get him on his first bull.. Here he is with a real one.. Well with the holidays almost past us I knew today was probably my last shot at getting him out on some good fish before the lagoon turns into googan headquarters on new years eve/day .. I'd say mission accomplished!
  2. Left the yak behind this morning.. My buddy Ashton and I hit the river this morning for a quick little trip .. found a nice school of bulls, got in position and were rewarded with a double hookup .. He got his on topwater.. It was awesome watching these beasts come up out of the water trying to destroy it.. I got mine on a 4" MrWiffelure in Pearl White.. We each got a fish, released them promplty, happy and healthy, then left em alone and went and looked for some snook (which we never found lol ) ^ I guess the camera lens got smudged when we were passing off the camera.. bummer on the blurry pic!!! ^Also got a little slottie on the MrWiffelure skipping deadwood for snook at first light.. Couple days ago I also got out in the yak .. Had a steady day, getting a drum slam and also nearly got the elusive species slam.. put 8 tarpon in the air but none stuck and lost a decent little snook at yakside, he shook off while I was getting the camera ready.. ^ The school of drum I found were crushing finger mullet.. There was no question in my mind I was poling up on a school of reds.. shocked to find out they were all drum! Also got all these on the MrWiffelure in Pearl White.. Great lure, provokes a vicious reaction strike when they see the tail kicking.. it's eat first and ask questions later.. www.MrWiffelure.com is the place to go to check em out..
  3. the water was really murked out, the pictures didn't really do it justice.. it's so murky out there I was less than 10 feet away from that red when I saw him and he had no clue I was there .. under clear water circumstances it would have been a spooked fish for sure.. not much clean water around anywhere right now .. high and dirty!
  4. Do you mean the one with the G spot? It could very well be .. there aren't a whole lot of people who fish this particular little bit of the banana river but you never know.. our reds generally stay within 6 or 8 miles of where they hatched, with a few exceptions.. see if you can find the post, I'd really like to compare spot patterns!
  5. Been really busy and haven't been on the water much at all lately.. decided to blow it out this weekend and fish like hell .. Played under the big moon and did pretty good, also caught a destroyed cast net when I was cast netting mullet and netted about a 30" Black Drum.. he wasn't too happy about it lol.. If he was a bit smaller he may have ended up in my cooler Hit the flats with a buddy of mine this morning.. Weather conditions were great, water conditions and numbers of fish however left much to be desired.. We poled around in the murk for 3 hours without seeing a single fish.. I finally ran into one, almost literally but with the extreme murkiness it didn't see me .. I flipped my Pearl White MrWiffelure 3 feet in front of and 3 feet beyond the fish and proceeded to rip it back to me and he absolutely crushed 5 feet from the boat, within spitting distance.. One of the greatest eats I have ever witnessed.. And as you can tell by the pics, he was really trying to eat it.. That was the one and only red I saw all morning but hey, I'll take it.. All in all I had a blast this weekend!
  6. Me and my buddy Neil hit it early this morning to try and beat the early forecasted rains and wind (which never happened lol) .. The bite was pretty solid, I made a dink slam in 10 casts and was one snook short of a double slam.. After we harassed the dinks, we decided to go try to scare up some bulls ... We put 4 on deck between us.. Neil's fish were 26" and 30" and I wound up with a 34" and a 44" .. We each got two and left em biting, off the water by 1:00pm.. Still couldnt manage my snook for a double slam dammit! But I think at that point I was just being greedy haha I wont bore you with the pics of the dink slam lol..
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marc.krsek/videos/908825502522632/?l=4963136377957231397 Here is a little video of the 50" fish after it whooped me lol.. I thought he would never see the deck.. stubborn fish.. had a head like a pitbull!
  8. surfman this is on the Space Coast over on the east coast .. in all honesty these are mid sized fish for our area lol.. reds up to 60" roam our flats.. and yes dead bait on dropoffs.. I usually dont toss bait but at night its definitely the preferred method.. Barry, they pull like you wouldn't believe.. I use heavy gear in the summer because a long fight in hot water is bad on the fish but that 50" still took 20 minutes to land with a heavy azz Jarvis Walker meat stick of a rod with a 5000 sargus loaded with 30lb braid and a 50lb leader.. every time you get them close to the yak, they take off again and again.. the one I caught on the second night we didnt measure but was about 46" ish, and it fought me harder than the 50" fish.. took SEVEN runs.. usually you get 3-4 big runs out of em but this one was just stubborn.. and it was BARELY hooked, the 7/0 circle barely caught him in the corner of the mouth in the rubbery skin.. when I landed it the hook fell right out lol..
  9. Went out a couple nights this full moon on the hunt for bulls on the flats.. Overall, it was pretty slow both nights.. I did however manage to land my personal best red at 50.25" with a relaxed tail on the first night.. also scored a 42" not long after, along with a few that pulled the hook .. of course I was by myself so the pictures suck .. would have loved a hero shot with that fish but I'll live.. This fish was in 2 feet of water when I hooked him.. Hell of a big tail.. The little guy.. The second night only yielded two bites.. Lots of trout busting but the mullet were so insanely thick that them finding the topwater I was throwing was impossible.. the mullet were literally jumping into our kayaks as we paddled through them .. which was actually a neat sight with the strong biolumenescense in the area.. The reds too, awesome to watch them light up the water like comets when they take a big run..
  10. Been doing work the last few trips to the backwaters here on the Right Coast.. The poons and snook are around and usually cooperative on most days.. Even found some chunky reds back there the other day.. Been throwing the 4" MrWiffelure in just about any color (they dont seem to care) .. That tail drives em crazy and this lure is now a deadly tool in my arsenal for inducing massive reaction strikes.. ^^ Hit it a couple days ago lookin for the snooks.. They were nowhere to be found but these reds were happy to oblige on the same shorelines.. I've only caught underslot reds back here so it was quite a surprise to put a 29" and 26" on deck in two back to back casts. The second red was so aggressive I watched him come off the shoreline and swipe at my lure repeatedly, missing it.. he finally hit his mark about 3 feet from the kayak and was one of the coolest eats I have seen in a while... Also saw a black drum who had to be pushing 40lbs, looks like he is stuck back there.. ^^ Also some decent trout in the mix.. Forgot my hat this day so unfortunately I was sporting the ISIS look... ^^ The Tarpon bite has been sick lately.. I've been finding some better ones in the 20-40lb range and hooking them on the reg on the MrWiffelure, but just cannot manage to keep them hooked.. I'm used to the 5-10lb ditch poons which aren't too hard to keep on the hook, but these things are violent beasts who shake a jig and sling it back at you like it's just normal everyday biz.. I went like 0 for 30 on hooked poons on artificial so I finally swallowed my pride and went out there with hand picked shrimp on a 3/0 circle hook under a cheapie cork float.. This has been the ticket, haven't lost one yet since I started this method.. Hate to throw bait at fish who destroy plastic but it is what it is.. ^^ Been getting snooks here and there too but the bite was much better while the water was up.. It's on the rise now but for a few weeks was major low, and spots I was catching snook in during late may/early june had no water whatsoever on the shorelines, so the snookin has been a bit slow.. I expect it to pick back up as the water continues to rise.. ^^ Not backwater related, but also got a nice 44" Bull Red on an overnight trip last week... Lost one that felt bigger.. Probably would have stuck around and fished more but all the glowing eyes around me told me it might be best to paddle on home lol.. Been having a blast out there lately!
  11. Phil they're running about 5-15lbs with an occasional 25-30lber that will come out of left field and scare the hell out of ya lol ... there are some big snook up here where I am fishing just not many.. lost one this morning that was close to 20lbs... hooked it in about 8 ft of water where it was too deep to stake out so I had zero leverage on the fish... he pulled me right into the trees and busted 50lb leader like it was nothin! I do want to get down south though... stuart/ft pierce/jupiter.... get on some of them 50" badboys
  12. Now I know this might be every day business to you guys on the west coast, but on the space coast this would be considered a damn decent day of snookin haha .. theyre tougher to catch and a lot less plentiful over here ... you guys got snook over there like we got big reds over here.. In January I told myself I would lay off the reds a bit this year and focus more on snook and tarpon.. The heavy winds recently have been making that choice pretty easy as it has been forcing me to drop back into more sheltered backwaters .. Can't complain as the fishing has been great each trip... been getting good numbers of snook and reds flipping the mangroves with tarpon mixed in within the deeper areas.. Went out yesterday and got a grand slam (I think.. do you need a black drum for a grand slam? can't remember ).. 7 snook, 3 reds, a dink trout , and well over a dozen jumped tarpon, 4 of which I touched the leader on but they shook off at boatside as I was digging out the camera .. Been getting the snook and reds on the 4" MrWiffelure Shad in the white/fire tail and straight pink colors.. This is a killer lure and the snook hit it like it owes em money... Since I have started throwing it, it has definitely helped me put more snook on deck.. The fish have been holding on windblown shorelines and they are sitting in about a foot of water.. Been getting tons of juvi tarpon lately on the white 2" micro MrWiffelure rigged on a crappie jighead.. Also been rigging it texas style for the tarpon that are in heavy cover.. works great and they come out of their skin to hammer this thing.. Having a blast chasing the snook and I think it's turning into a new addiction.. It's really a blast on light tackle!
  13. that's a hell of a poon bro! tight work!!
  14. So Saturday was just a tad bit windy.. 25mph out the south windy.. Fished a local tournament here we put on for our facebook fishing reports page and we had a decent turnout of 54 registered anglers.. I decided to hit my old faithful spot which is a 6 mile paddle one way.. getting up there wasn't too bad but as soon as I made it, someone REALLY turned on the fan and it was nothing but whitewater.. I hadn't been out there in about a month so some standing and poling was in order to find out where the fish were holding.. Poling the kayak in those conditions was pretty awful.. Surfing whitecaps was a more accurate description.. Drum were all over the place from 10-50lbs .. Finally saw a school of drum with a blue tail in the middle of it.. flipped a chunk to it and put a decent 41" fish on deck.... Wound up sight casting two more reds (33.5 and 34") before the wind got even worse and shut me down.. Soaked a chunk and threw a Banks Lures Flats Creeper at the same time and picked off a 29" red and a 23" trout out of the washing machine.. While I was landing the trout, I heard that sweet music of a reel screaming and put a 42" on the tape.. shortly after I pulled the hook on another one that may have been even bigger.. guess I just caught the skin of his lip with the hook.. he stood on his head out there and showed me his broom sized tail, and about a minute later pulled the hook.. I proceeded to paddle 6 miles back south in a 20mph south wind which was about the most brutal thing I have ever done in the name of fishing.. Terrible picture but thankfully I wound up upgrading the fish.. We were allowed to check in two reds for the tournament and the combined inches of your two biggest was your score.. my 83" was enough for second place and my dink trout was also enough to secure biggest trout.. First place came in at a staggering 89.5 inches with a 46" and a 43.5" red! Hell of a set of fish there! Had a blast other than the wind and made a couple bucks too...
  15. when you make your roll, just make it about the size of a fiddler when it's done.. dime size give or take.. I just hate spending 25 bucks on fiddlers every time I go sheepin.. given we usually come back with twice that in meat... been messing with all kinds of different baits.. barnicles straight on the hook also kill em... and snails.. the meat is extremely tough and youll catch 5 sheeps on a small chunk usually.. i gots this sheepin thang down to a science mang ..
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