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  1. congrats! well done!!! Its so good to see other lady anglers succeeding.
  2. Phil brought me to this site a couple of years ago. I loved it and still like TOF, but yes, Facebook has changed the world. Sharing exact locations...a ... NO. But I am one of those who asked about lures. It was a way to learn. I didn't feel that was creating an issue. As a matter of fact, I post a number of photos with the lure still in the fishes mouth. Really don't see the harm in that. And Fish Brain, a really fast way to see what people are catching. You can set the Location to Private, so NO ONE knows were you caught the fish. You can chat with people all over the world. I just started to use the app Alex and I enjoy reading the stories and seeing the fish.
  3. Dave, where did you find them? can you get them in the Tampa area?
  4. thanks everyone. for some reason I cant make the "like" button work.
  5. thanks Phil and Andy. I had a good time fishing with awesome people. Sometimes just getting out there is what its all about. I'm going to pick up more of those KWiggler paddle tails. I just bumped it off the bottom, like a shrimp, but it had a little more action and really attracted the reds, I like trying different arties.
  6. great report. they all seem to be hiding lately.
  7. OakbeachInn, try the locally owned shops. Two of my favorites are Tampa Fishing Outfitters and the two sister stores, Tarpon Fishing Outfitters and St. Petersburg Fishing Outfitters. I fish with Diawa Reels, (no I'm not sponsored). 4 inshore Spinning, 2 off shore spinning and my two new casting reels for bass. All purchased at Tampa Fishing Outfitters. And as an added PLUS, the staff knows the products they sell and can show you the differences between products. Also love Bill Jacksons, but they have a little less inventory.
  8. I won those balloons from this site last year and took them to Pompano. They did well. Gary, are you going to have a kayak division and/or limit how far a boat can run?
  9. Jbdba01, excellent description and photos. thanks for the advise. I thought you just had to buy a new spoon, so I stopped using them.
  10. Nice report and photos. Snook are getting closer to slot. Keep them healthy
  11. that is awesome...thanks for the post
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