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  1. paulakimpel

    To Pinch The Tail Or Not?

    Last night I pinched the tail to get the proper measurement -- and her husband smacked me upside the head. That's what I get for listening to YOU guys! Paul
  2. paulakimpel

    Tof Shirts

    They're VERY comfy and stay dry. Paul
  3. paulakimpel

    My Buddies And I Made The News

    Sorry to mention this guys, but my virus protection just blocked the page from bradenton.com as having a virus. Infection JS:Agent-DIE [Trj] Just be careful; Paul Editor
  4. paulakimpel

    Mean And Inhuman Act

    OK guys; We are all angered by the senseless slaughter of Pelicans, and the other idiots that are shooting dolphins. But could we please keep our comments on this Forum in line with the rules. It's OK to express your anger, but please cool it with words such as," Cut their sacks," etc. The Online Fisherman has a good base of female readers also, who may not appreciate that language. Save it for the bar. Thank You for your Respect; Paul Editor-In-Chief TOF Let's help catch those clowns.
  5. paulakimpel

    Can't Copy & Paste Or Quote

    I use three different devices and they all work fine. Maybe try again, and just take it slowly, step by step. Thanks; Paul
  6. paulakimpel

    Monster 3X Lures Now At Bill Jacksons

    Thanks for the update on Monster 3X Lures. They are badass, and last forever. Keep an eye out for a Feature Article that will soon be published all about Monster 3X Lures! It will be on our main page, in the Slider. That's as soon as I can finish writing it! It will be very informative, and they are some great folks at Monster. Paul
  7. paulakimpel

    Photo Of The Year - Not Week!

    Wish I knew Mike - just came across it. Beautiful specimen though. The fish. Paul
  8. I work here so I cannot enter Photos of the Week, but I just thought this was such a cool photo that I had to post it somewhere. Just the whole composition, from the female, holding power over such a wild animal, and the raw beauty of the Sailfish - a perfect specimen -- all personifying the Florida experience that makes everyone jealous and makes us the "Fishing Capital of the World." Would make a nice oil painting. Perhaps I'll do that, when I get a day or two off. ... ENJOY BEAUTY! Paul Editor TOF
  9. paulakimpel

    Where Are The Flounder At?

    Hi John; I see you went fishing today -- but it seems like you go now and then for Flounder. This "Ask a Captain" may help a bit, plus there is a link at the bottom of it that will take you to our Portal on Flounder which has some great tips from the pros at how, when and where to catch Flounder around here. Send us a photo (before you eat it!). LOL Here is the Ask a Cap - link to Portal is at end of article. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/ask-a-captian-view-all/8228-what-are-the-best-months-to-catch-flounder Also, if you have a specific area / question that you want answered, please ask Captain David Rieumont through our "Ask a Captain" form on the homepage. Captain Dave will certainly put you on some flounder. He's better than Publix. Paul Editor The Online Fisherman
  10. paulakimpel

    182 Pompano In Article

    Jack; Point taken. The article was about Pompano being available in our area, and I simply used Billy's catch as an example of how many are still here. Thanks; Paul
  11. paulakimpel

    Show off your flys and tips (official thread)

    Nice work. Check out this article. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/reel-news/fly-fishing/fly-fishing/remembering-a-professional-fly-tyer Paul
  12. paulakimpel

    182 Pompano In Article

    To all concerned; Well, without making a big deal out of this, the man makes his living catching fish. Captain Miller has a commercial RS Products license, which is why he can keep 182 Pompano. I don't understand why people have a problem with that. We have trawlers from other countries right off our coast that use nets 3 miles long, that catch and kill all kinds of animals as "bycatch." A local fisherman making a living is totally legal and understandable. Thanks; Paul Editor
  13. paulakimpel

    182 Pompano In Article

    To all concerned; In the article about "Pompano Busting Out," yes, Captain Miller has a commercial RS Products license, which is why he can keep 182 Pompano.. Thanks; Paul, Editor, TOF
  14. paulakimpel

    Anclote Power Plant Fri 11/21 6Pm

    Pompano are being caught -- see the new article today on our Home page in the Slider at top. Paul
  15. To MIke Bryant and all concerned; The text below (in red) is copied-and-pasted from my original post regarding this question, $#4. Only one answer per contestant. Place your answer in this Forum string. To win, you must have gotten the correct answer to Captain David's Final Question #3 last week. Good Luck! Paul Editor SO Mike: Regarding Tony Prevatt: His first answer (in green) was this (note the time and date): Posted 10 November 2014 - 06:42 PM by Tony Prevatt "I was also say lights. Either a portable underwater or fixed transom lights on your boat." His second part of the answer (below in green) was not posted until the next day, Nov. 11. That violates the rules of the contest, stated above, that "Only One answer per contestant." Posted 11 November 2014 - 07:20 AM - By Tony Prevatt "Fish the outside shadows of your manufactured structure for the gamefish." Okay, so that takes care of the question about Tony. Paul Now, regarding Henri White. Your statement Mike, says: "Actually, Henri got it correct on both counts as well by using the phrase 'creates ambush lines for predators.'" Well, let's take a second look. Henri did answer his question with a SINGLE answer, as required. (By the way, the reason for that rule is that someone can read another Member's answer and copy it the second time through). So here is Henri's answer (in blue). Posted 11 November 2014 - 04:48 AM -- By Henri White Q: How can a night-angler create structure and use it to catch gamefish? Henri White: "Bring your own, a boat with light that you can mount under it. As the article states, you use “a product like FishNLight. It is a boat light that can provide a wide-sweep of light. It creates a 360 degrees x 270 degrees light pattern. When using it off the bow or stern of your boat, it will light up a wide area that creates your own shadow line and manufactured structure if you can't find any dock lights. It creates ambush lines for predators.” Here is the full question, as a reminder: Part I - How can you create structure at night? Part II -- How can you use the manufactured (created) structure to catch gamefish? OK - So, Henri took the partial answer from the article and pasted it. That would have been fine, if he aswered the second part of the question, which was: "How can you use the manufactured (created) structure to catch gamefish?" According to Captain David Rieumont, and myself, Henri's answer does not answer the second part of the question. There is nothing in his answer telling another reader or us, "How an angler can use that manufcatured structure to catch gamefish." It says nothing about that. It requires more of an answer than simply what we wrote in the article. After all, it is a Grand Prize, not a pack of hooks. Sorry Henri and Tony. Excellent efforts, but there will soon be another chance for just the two of you plus David Wilder to win the Grand Prize. Only the three of you remain eligible. And thanks to Mike for his support of you guys. So fellas', hang tight and answer the next question, and shoot for the gold! Again; Thanks for your participation. Paul Kimpel Editor Captain David Rieumont, President