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  1. Awesome. That great 1st picture says it all
  2. Thanks for the report, and congratulations on the personal best! That looks like 2 great days to me.
  3. The Online Fisherman, where you can get GREAT information if you can stomach Gary Poyssick's continual sexist interjections.. I don't care who he is in the TOF empire. This is the 2nd time now in 6 months and it's not only sad, but detrimental to the entire buildup of this angler community. Previously, I only commented on the article (which is handled by Facebook comments). That apparently made no impact, so now we'll have a forum thread about it.TOF community members, wake up and speak up. Either you want this place to be a thriving and respectful community for ALL people or you don't.From "How to Catch Pompano" : http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/how-to-fish/catch-fight/catch-fight-fish-all/66-how-to-catch-pompano
  4. As a first time buyer ~4 months ago or so and with previously only ~12 hours in a kayak, my recommendation is to either take water tests on both of your finalists or flip a coin because both of your finalists are good. You can spend a lifetime analyzing the decision. The reality of it is, IMO, you're going to figure out how you like to use it and what you dislike about it only by using it. You've already done your homework if you're down to only 2 choices. Either ride them or flip the coin :)Standing is sketchy at first in any kayak, as one would expect. You get used to it. I will say though that my original intention was to stand for any fishing, and I find that I largely do not. There's nothing cumbersome about fishing while sitting in a kayak. My recommendation would be to get used to standing at the times you are not fishing, and fish sitting until you are very comfortable standing in whatever kayak you choose.
  5. I would say it depends on the size snook you are targeting. If you're looking for an "any size snook I can get" lure from DOA, any of the following will work just about as well as each other IMO:3" Shad tail4" Jerk bait5.5" Jerk bait3" shrimp4" shrimpRegular TerrorEyzAirheadPick one and learn how to present it well (practice in shallow water or a pool -- seriously).
  6. Oh.I forgot the other part of the trip. Selective memory I guess :(I had a piece of cut pinfish out on a spare setup while we were drifting the flat. When it was time to go, I reeled it in and there turned out to be a big catfish on it. He quickly went under the boat, I did not react fast enough and had a lot of force on the rod, and my rod snapped (8-17lb). We'll see how St. Croix's warranty/replacement process holds up...
  7. Thanks SuperJox.The black drum were my first ones. Supposedly the small ones taste "exactly" like red drum. We'll see.
  8. What a great snook. Nice job!Someday...
  9. The takeaway I can offer you: 12" (minimum slot) sheepshead will eat a 2/0 hook with zero hesitation. From what I've seen, the common recommendation to those who ask is "2, 1, and 1/0 at the top end." When I asked at 4th Street Tackle what they recommended for sheepshead, I was told 2/0. I asked if that wasn't too big and they said absolutely not. They're right. I'm not suggesting you stop using what you're using. Just saying...I caught the 2 baaarely legal black drum and 1 of the sheepshead. My friend got his personal best trout at 21" and the other 2 sheepshead.The sheepshead and black drum were primarily caught on fiddler crabs, but we were mixing it up with live shrimp so I won't say "all were caught on fiddlers".Everything but the trout was caught in approximately 1 hour. My first cast of the day got me my sheepshead within 20 seconds of the hook hitting the water.The trout was caught at the end of the day, with a live shrimp, on the far east edge of the grass flats off of Flora Wylie Park.Trip was 11AM - 3:30PMCost: $4 in hooks gone, ~$2 gas, $1 in sinkers gone, $1 in flourocarbon gone, $10 in bait
  10. Because I put a trout on a stringer then let it go free?
  11. That's a hell of a snook, Alex. Nice work.
  12. That hurts.Watching 1:24-1:30 over and over is instructional though! Thank you for posting this.
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