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  1. Well.....I'm no expert, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express, and feel compelled to comment. As you know, I have gained a *vast* amount of experience in the lobstering field recently and I can tell you that this is the most idiotic law I have ever heard of. Okay, like the Fish & Game would physically come to your house to make sure that you don't have more than 7 lobsters in your freezer? Maybe they're phishing for a lobster dinner invitation so you can be compliant?? Kind of funny how these things get written. Anyone see this from a different angle?
  2. fishinchick

    Bass On A Gold Spoon

    So, RG Schmidt, a local outdoor writer, came and spoke to our club last week and talked about the effectiveness of gold spoons. Anne, one of our new ladies promptly went out and bought one and then hooked into her first fish (a bass) the following weekend at Ft. Island Trail Park (Crystal River) Pretty proud of that woman!
  3. fishinchick

    Nature Coast Lady Anglers Version 2016

    Thanks, you two - - - We're not out to smash any records or anything. We're just having fun out there on the water and trying to get better each time. These girls just keep pluggin' away at it!
  4. We began back in 2013 with 7 local Crystal River residents and have grown to approximately 45 members now in 2016. From ladies who have never fished before to those who have their own Captain's License. Oh what fun we have.
  5. fishinchick

    Sailfish Smackdown 2016

    I can't WAIT to see pictures !!!!
  6. fishinchick

    Disposing Of Mono & Braided Line

    in the garbage it goes! - Thanks!
  7. How do you all dispose of your mono & braid line? I know most ramps have mono disposal tubes for recycling but how do you dispose of old braided line?
  8. fishinchick

    The Greatest Christmas Story Ever - In July

    You know I have a soft spot in my heart for kiddos so it should be no surprise that I teared up a little when I read this. Also posted to the NCLA Facebook Page
  9. fishinchick

    Real Ladies Of Fishing

    GREAT ! - looking forward to meeting you both
  10. fishinchick

    New Forum On Snook, Your Thoughts

    I'm going to ring in on this with both a comment and a question. I've not been fishing for as long as most of you have so I hope this doesn't sound ignorant but....I like to eat fish. I value the nutritional benefit. I like flounder, mullet, catfish, trout, redfish, macs, etc. I harvest only enough to make a fish dinner 2 - 3 times a month. I would like to try the taste of snook once. I know some people who say it's the best of all. I also know some who don't like it at all. I know the slots for flounder, trout, reds begin under the 20 inch mark. I spoke to a fishing guide several months ago and in general conversation he suggested that the slot for snook be of a similar measurement range. His argument was that the slot size, as it is now, includes the breeder stock and he disagreed with that. Said keeping the bag limit the same (with tag requirement) but changing the slot size would protect the larger breeder stock from harvest and the smaller snook would make an excellent dinner fillet size. That sounded logical to me so I'm curious what the counter argument would be.
  11. fishinchick

    Real Ladies Of Fishing

    He is going to be our auctioneer! I couldn't think of anyone better to do the bit and I'm SO glad he agreed to do it.
  12. fishinchick

    Anybody Following Tv Series "pacific Warriors"?

    Loved every episode so far. They have some really creative ways of outfitting a kayak using basic materials. But yeah, total respect for free-diver, Kimmie (I think that's her name?) She kicks ass!
  13. fishinchick

    Google Technology For Fishing

    Thanks Bass - I agree with you. I think it's worth looking into.
  14. fishinchick

    Google Technology For Fishing

    Hey Gary - I'm pretty familiar with the Google Earth technology myself but the majority of the girls in the club are not. They don't even have the program downloaded on their computers so they need a very basic intro to using the program to show them how beneficial it can be. I can certainly show them but they are more receptive to the information when I bring in someone more knowledgeable on the subject than I am myself. That's that only reason I brought it up.
  15. fishinchick

    Channel Markers And Google Earth

    I'm using Windows 7 on a laptop and I sent Google Earth a feedback message. It's probably an option that I just don't know about but Mark, your link is great, it's the closest I've seen to what I'm trying to accomplish. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank You. I saved that link to My Favorites! Much appreciated