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  1. A question for captains and long-time Florida fishermen : How soon after the storm will baitfish return to inshore flats? I'm expecting food shortages in my area for awhile after, and hope to put fish on the grill so we can eat. Gas and basic food will be hard to find so the flats will be my grocery store til things get back to normal.
  2. I have used Kast King and like it a lot. Casts smooth, no stiffness. Replaced all my power pro with it.
  3. It could be a walleye, they are in Tennessee in the deep lakes and big rivers that run cold. Walleye have a fan - shaped dorsal fin with a wedge shaped one behind it. If it has a continuous dorsal fin, it could be a bowfin. But the lower lip looks most like a walleye. Sauger are also in Tennessee.
  4. Precious! Although her response to the preparing and eating let's you know that part is not something she wants to do, she does enjoy fishing catch and release with you. When my son was 5 years old, he caught a 6" crappie and wanted to build a fire immediately. Keep the stories coming, Andy...
  5. That's great Andy! Did she ask you to cook it up for her?
  6. Pick grin gave some good advice. Since your request was focused on safety, and you are new to kayak fishing, I'll share my checklist. 1. Go with a buddy or let someone know where you are going and when you'll be back. 2. I use AccuWeather on my phone, and pay close attention to hourly. Precipitation over 45 pct, and/or wind speed over 14 exceed my safety threshhold. 3. On the gulf, a westerly component to the wind makes it easier to get back. Strong east winds make me use my "sea anchor". 4. Use an anchor so you don't drift into trouble. When winds get the better of you on a long paddle, the anchor allows you to rest. 20' of anchor rope and an anchor trolley. 5. Use a paddle tether. Just do it. 6. Bring along plenty of hydration. 7. Put you phone in a dry box or waterproof bag. I use two ziplok baggies and have my phone in a chest pocket. 8. Check your drain plug to make sure it is there and sealed snug. 9. When you are at anchor and tall clouds are present, position yourself so that you can see those tall clouds. Lightning can strike before rain falls and a pop up storm can catch you if you aren't paying attention. Good luck and be safe!
  7. Depends more on structure that you are fishing, depth, and time of day. Early morning, low light, I'd have a top water sending ripples, gurgling, popping, or walking the dog (different lures for each). On a typical Florida small lake, pond, or neighborhood body of water that runs 8-10 ft deep, a shad body swim bait on a 1/16 oz jighead works most of the time. In deeper water, or when it's hot and sunny, a 7"-9.5" worm with a bullet - nose weight dropped into deepest areas, counted down and twitched after resting can bring them up. In heavy slop, lily pads, or patchy floating weed mats, a hollow body frog or a ribbit can entice some sudden blowups. A curly tail grub on a jig can be worked anywhere in the water column, slow, hopping, or burned fast on the top. But mid-day, with average small lake and pond structure, the 3.5" paddletail shad on 1/16 oz jighead is my first cast go-to thrown near obvious structure. Dace or black back/pearl belly.
  8. Gee, Phil, I don't know what you are talking about. I kept exactly zero fish. That would be illegal and unsportsmanlike. Anclote power plant is no secret, and sharing that I went there on a cold day in January is not revealing a honey hole. Just sayin'. As I write this I have some fish from December in the smoker for my family 's dinner. I am blessed to live in a place that allows reasonable slots and limits so I can feed my family even after being skunked for 4 or 5 weeks. The last limit I was fortunate enough to get was about 1 year ago.
  9. Excellent report, encouraging photos.
  10. Hit Anclote at power plant from 7:00-9:00 am. Super low tide, so wading was not an issue, and sun with no wind made it comfortable. Lots of bait and mullet activity. Did not see a trout caught. Managed a dozen and a half mangrove snapper runts, all were 8-1/2" - 9-1/2".
  11. Gosh, if this weather pattern doesn't move the fish into winter haunts, nothing will.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Now I know how to save some money and have a way to load the vehicle pre-rigged on several rods. Will save worry about snagging the upholstery (that never happened, right?) It's always good to save all that rigging time when you get to the water.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. I kayak 3-5 times a week, fishing skinny to 5' deep. I share your sentiments about the trolling motor, but on windier days the thought tempts me to to take a 1.5-2 mile paddle to protected water with good structure. On the other hand, during an exploratory cruise or just on the way to a favorite point, I have encountered a school of reds that took off when I eased my anchor in. Or drifted out of casting range in stealth mode. I can see the micro powerpole as a huge asset to moving, casting, moving again with greater stealth and minimum fuss. Thanks again for your experience.
  14. Thanks for the detailed report on the micro pp. If you were considering - due to budget limitations - choice between trolling motor & micro pp, which would help you most?
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