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  1. No tony, need a flats in the 16-18' range
  2. Thank you aaron, this would make a great starter boat for anyone looking to get out on the water. I just had her on the water last weekend and made the run from e.g. simmons to the skyway and runs perfect. New price is $10.5k
  3. Hello, it's been a long time since I had a post but today I'm listing my boat to downsize into a flats boat. Ad will post to craigslist next week to allow members 1st choice. I'm the 2nd owner and since then she has always been stored indoors. She measures 19'6" long with 8' beam. The hull is foam filled and self bailing cockpit. Bilge pump does not have auto feature, but can the turn on by circuit breaker switch. 2004 Yamaha f115 4s has around 350 hrs. 3 live wells, one dedicated 800 GPH pump for center live well(lighted) and another pump that tees off to the port/fwd live wells. Bronze thru hull with high speed pick up. 70lb mk trolling motor w/quick disconnect powered by two group 27 dual purpose batt(1 yr old) dedicated for trolling use. Mk 2 bank on board charger for the trolling batt. Two other group 24 dual purpose batt are used for cranking/electronics. I perform all simple maintenace on this motor and replaced spark plugs, oil/filter, large external 10 micron yamaha fuel/water seperator, 10 micron fuel water seperator(the little one attached to the engine), transom anode, and lower unit fluid replaced 3 months ago with yamaha products. Bimini top, lowrance hds5 has nautic insight and compass is also lighted which is a neat feature. I have the windshield and grab rail that goes around the center console and trailers guide poles that will be installed but I keep them off so I can fit her in my garage. All required coast gaurd gear will be included in the sale. New wheels,tires, and trailer hubs. I put a bead of clear rtv around the bulb lens on the rear trailer lights and this has kept the contacts corrosion free. Sea trials are welcomed for serious buyers only. $11.5k or will consider trade for flats boat/skiff 16' to 18' for more pic/info I can be reached at 828-308-3696 by txt or pm on here
  4. i use a product called FSR, it gets the water stains off and rust stains off easy. Its like a jelly you apply on then I just wipe it off with a damp rag or spray it off. Just make sure not to get that stuff on your skin
  5. After they spooked I did use cut lady fish on two rods, waited 30 mins but nothing. Maybe that area isn't good for wintertime. Lots or mangroves along the channels they dredged out with sand flats
  6. Does anyone have any tips on catching bait when you see them below on your sonar? I have a 3/8" mesh 10' net that has 1.5lbs of lead per inch. Today I was anchored in 7' of water and would see bait balls on the sonar and throw my net behind the motor with no luck. I tried to the side as well with no luck. Where should I be throwing when I see bait balls?
  7. Tried eg Simmons agian, this time I thought explore some more back behind the campgrounds. Area looked really good. I saw 5 slot reds just sun bathing, I tossed out a root bear doa shrimp and thought he was gonna pick it up when I saw him turn around but he didn't. He just spooked off with the others. I didn't see anything else or catch anything back there. Tried the little flat area in front of the beach and got this little guy. Lots of lady fish on that flat hitting spook jr/buck tails
  8. How long do you guys fish a spot until you move to the next spot? I notice for me if the fish don't bite in the first 15 mins it's time to move. I hear people talk about chumming for redfish, how long do you have to wait for the redfish to show up? I've chummed white bait/lady fish and waited an hour with no results so I don't even do that anymore Maybe It was the wrong place and time. Any pointers on how long to wait for the redfish to show up?
  9. Awhile back I was docked at the ccc ramp waiting for sunrise and started tossing a spook jr towards the shoreline and landed a 22" snook. Eg Simmons ramp paid off as well. Last week on the way back to ghandy ramp I saw 5 big snooks(at least 33") by the shoreline close to where that fwc boat is docked, didn't even bother to toss a lure because of all the traffic. I get funny looks sometime when I start trolling the shorelines but it's been worth the 10 to 15 mins before heading out.
  10. Does anyone fish the shorelines around the ramps before they head out in the morning? Its worth a try before the traffic picks up
  11. after reading the article on the sewer snook, i was wondering what other unlikely spots have you guys found snook.
  12. I usually freeline greenbacks or add a sinker if the tide is moving too much. You can also cut them into strips horizontally and toss them out on a sinker. Shrimp/squid dont work for me for some reason. Try arties under the bridge along the rocks at sunrise. Good luck!
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