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  1. 80# Bulk Ice is in freezer and approaching zero degrees,, 10# pounds of fresh-caught Key West Pinks 26-30's bagged and tagged, a dozen baking potatoes looking for a bed of coals, still have to marinate the Rib-Eyes,(sorry, only 2 of those), and pick the fresh mint from the yard for Mojito's, YEP,, LIFE IS LOOKING GOOD!!!!
  2. Noon-ISH, Maybe a little before,, Use my phone as a backup to Phil's, coverage out there can be spotty. Kurt - 305-304-4066
  3. Instead of two, we will now be there three nights through Monday a.m. A few notes, Tides High ft. Low ft. High ft. Low ft. Moon Set Moon % Friday 4:48am 2.8 12:52pm -0.4 5:37pm 2.1 12:53am -0.1 9:41pm 7% Sat 5:41am 2.5 1:35pm -0.2 6:20pm 2.1 1:55am -0.1 10:44 15% Sun 6:37am 2.1 2:20pm -0.1 7:07pm 2.2 3:03am -0.1 11:44 24% Mon 7:41am 1.8 3:07pm -0.1 8:00pm 2.2 12:28 35%
  4. Yes, there will be several stoves available, as well as pots, pans etc... so as previously posted, if you don't have some stuff, don't feel you need to buy it, we've got the basics covered. Items you NEED to bring. Personal tent and sleeping stuff, chairs if desired for around the fire, (picnic table is on site). Food and Beverages and ICE, ICE BABY in own cooler(s). Flashlight(s), the bathrooms are several hundred feet away and several people actually had trouble finding the site at night. It is REALLY dark if there is no moon. I have a large lantern already for main site illumination when needed. I don't know what the weather will be but last year was VERY cold, so check a few days out and pack accordingly. I am bringing wood for two nights but if everyone else brings one bundle per person we should be set for the whole weekend. Again as Phil stated before, if you need it, bring it with you, the small store at Flamingo is very spartan and VERY expensive.
  5. Last year dinners were definitely a community affair. Lucky for two of the younger guys who came as they showed up for four days with a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, LOL. But yes we all cooked dinners together and did coffee in the A.M. As you can expect, lunch was on your own with whatever you carried on your yak. Hopefully Phil will do his blackened redfish again, it was delicious last year.
  6. I guess I have been elected to bring the shrimp,:(and cook it with my secret recipe),. Don't worry about the cost Phil, you have done, by far, enough. With that said, I remember last year, 12 confirmed and six showed up. Those little devils are a bit pricey and don't keep well so I don't want to bring too many and have them thaw uneaten. The weekend before we should firm up the reality check of who is coming and bringing what. I will be bringing that same cooler of ice, because as you know, I HATE warm adult beverages. Little hint to those of you with the ability to do so. Get your ice, bag or bulk, and re-freeze it in a chest freezer the night before the trip. Pre-chill your coolers with a sacrificed bag of ice the night before as well. The zero-degree ice lasts easily twice as long as the stuff you get from the store in a decent cooler. This is a four day trip, bring more ice than you think you need and you will still run short. It's like 5 bucks for a small bag at the marina store.
  7. When I saw them coming I thought it was a Lemon shark, tail and dorsal were over three feet apart, then the sun shined THROUGH the fins. Sun doesn't shine though shark skin!! Their backs were out of the water because their bellies were on the bottom.
  8. Just as in last year, Carrie and I are in Friday to Sunday. Just fished there a few weeks ago, Redfish were slow but jacks 3-5# on every cast until you got tired and moved on. No snook that trip,(strange); but saw tarpon 120# to OMG size just outside the marina bellycrawling in less than 2 ft. of water. Phil, they were on that flat edge between the marina entrance and your snook hole. Just a note to emphasize what Phil has already stated. BRING EVERYTHING ! I will cover the firewood for the first two nights. From experience it takes about 4 bundles,(I get them from Winn Dixie for 5 bucks), for a decent fire each night. For those that don't have a full compliment of "Camp Stuff", last year we ended up with duplicates of stoves, lanterns, pots, pans etc.. so if you don't have it you probably don't need to buy it. Looking Forward to it, Kurt
  9. Sorry,,, took your "No Pics" comment to mean None to the boat, my bad.
  10. Little suggestion, if you went zero for seven on tarpon it might be your hooks. Try the Mutu Octopus circle, Mustad Ultra-Point or Demon circle hooks,, they are not "True" circle hooks, but modified circle and work pretty well for me down here. I usually go two out of three using pinfish and crabs for bait, if using mullet,,,, well.... not so good. Those big baits cause a lot of misses on the first jump.
  11. I don't need any for free,, I just want to BUY SOME. I have been looking for it down here ever since Phil turned me on to it on our Flamingo trip. I am sure I could get it at Bass Pro Outfitters but that is 75 miles away. ( I am in Key West, Mile marker ZERO). Do you know if they have it at any dealers a little closer?
  12. Andrew,, "Camping", as you would generally think of it, is not, "Technically" legal in most of the Keys except in designated campgrounds of which there are several. I can help you with choosing one. If you remember my post from a few weeks ago regarding another planned trip, there is one in Key West that has unbelievable tarpon within less than a mile. With that said, I know of several spots in the lower keys where you could probably get away with it as long as you keep a low profile. As for me I will bring the big boat and come visit you, but overnight on those islands is NOT my idea of fun!
  13. BTW, That guarantee applies to hook-ups, NOT landings,,,. Tarpon are fickle and you may also fail to Bow To The King,, and I cannot guarantee you just don't lock up when a 100# plus fish jumps 5 feet higher than your head, scream like a little girl, and break him off..... Seriously, end of April thru June 1st, unless the weather goes bad, which is VERY rare, days of 100 fish per day sightings, dozens of serious shots, and 5-10 or more hooked are the NORM, not the exception. Lets plan a trip,,,, here is O.K,, but I am open to anywhere, anyplace, that has fins and friends.
  14. Next Question.... WHEN and WHERE is the next TOF trip? Chomping at the bit,, someone needs to start a new thread and lets start planning. Or I WILL,, Key West, first second, or third week of May. I GUARANTEE, I Repeat,, Guarantee, an 80# or larger tarpon to all serious comers on kayak or I will pay for your gas to get here. MAX paddle distance 2 miles. Bring it on everyone. Campground is only 3/4 of a mile from the attached picture.
  15. Some of those pics look familiar, Did Carrie take them and is that the same 'yak you had in Flamingo? Nice ride.....
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