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  1. Fantastic Pam!! You are truly an amazing fisherwoman and a credit to our sport. You know that our small group of kayak guys are extremely proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. Buy a pair of dive booties for about 40 $ at any dive shop. That will do the trick for you and are great if you need to get out of the yak and wade. Nice job on the Snook also!
  3. Great report Paul, thanks for sharing. Pam you ARE amazing and your enthusiasm is always appreciated. You guys will get em' next year!
  4. Great stuff as aways Dave. You are the river man! :worthy:
  5. Nice job Pam! Always impressive results. Great trout too. WOW.
  6. Thanks Barry. Yes, I am/have been on quite a few other forums for quite a long time but really like the format of this one and familiar faces as well! I especially like the fact that you can discuss keeping and eating fish without some jackwagon freaking out about it. I would have been on sooner but there was a problem with my registration that took a while to get worked out. The IT folks recently fixed it for me and here I am! Yahoo! :smiley-cool I promise you will like this recipe. It is a favorite at the RennieRae casa!
  7. Golden Baked SnookUse crushed cornflakes as a coating and bake at 375 on tinfoil... brush melted butter on it before cooking and be sure to grease the cookie sheet so fish does not stick..Fantastic!!Great job on the fish Brett. Looking forward to your full report. I'm headed out to my home river to see if I can find dinner today also...
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