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  1. hooked4life

    Crazier Than Most!

    You guys are crazy!!! great job on those fish though!
  2. hooked4life

    All I Want For Christmas Is A Gag On The Line!

    awesome, thanks for sharing!
  3. hooked4life

    Best Holiday Season Ever

    Great report, thanks for sharing!
  4. hooked4life

    Canal Fishing - Marco Island?

    Absolutely worth it. We stayed at an airbnb place on marco island over Labor day weekend and I killed the mangrove snapper from the dock. Also caught a nurse shark and variety of other grunts and such. I had my best luck with live shrimp but the dead stuff will work too. There are a couple of different marina's and bait shops that can hook you up. good luck!
  5. hooked4life

    My First Hogfish

  6. hooked4life

    Bouncing But Catching

    Glad to see these reports again. Thanks for sharing!
  7. hooked4life

    Bait Near Honeymoon Or Sjs

    Found some on the deeper edges of the flats. ironically, we caught most fish and biggest fish on artificial
  8. Going to be putting in tomorrow at Sutherland Bayou and was wondering if anyone has seen any whitebait in the general area after the front that came through over the weekend? Don't want to waste time looking if it's not around. Thanks in advance! Jamie
  9. hooked4life

    Florida Fish & Boar

    Wow, that was a nice group of hogs!
  10. hooked4life

    To Hunt Or Not To Hunt Bear In Florida

    That's a bummer
  11. hooked4life

    Soft Plastic Baits For Trout

    I like the DOA paddle tail or Zman paddlers. Color doesn't seem to matter with the trout, I think they just go on movement as I have caught them on a variety of colors. Another old school soft plastic would be the Love's Lure tandem rig. Trout love that thing and will tear it up.
  12. hooked4life

    Picking With Little Grinning

    Hope that storm keeps going west!
  13. hooked4life

    Deep Drop Florida Style

    Way to get it done boys! That Wahoo wanted nothing to do with that gaff!!!
  14. hooked4life

    Lady Power And Much More

    Great report. Love that rain coat John!!! And that meatball sub, wow that looked tasty!
  15. hooked4life

    Elephants Eat Peanuts!

    Any time I make a comment on the bait being really small, one of my fishing buddies always reminds me that elephants eat peanuts. It jo so happens that on Sunday we went to get bait before going out and well. let's just say the shrimp lived up to their name! They were averaging 2 1/2 to 3" with only about half a dozen being slightly larger. I figured it was better than nothing and hoped I would see some bait by the dock to go along with our "shrimps". No luck with whitebait or finger mullet so we headed out to some backwater canals near Bay Pines. We drowned shrimp at various spots for about an hour with no takers. I decided to head back towards the boat ramp and try some of the flats to the south where we have had success with trout in the past. Swapped out the free line rigs for some Cajun thunder popping corks and set out in search of some hungry fish. Right about the peak of the high tide we started seeing some small trout so I anchored up about 20 yards off the mangrove line and set up shop. After a couple more small trout I get what looked to be a small tug on what was only a 2 1/2" shrimp. Looked very similar to a pin fish or mangrove snapper bite but when I set the hook, I quickly found out it was something larger. Got his head turned away from the mangroves but every time I got him near the boat, he saw his doom and took off in the other direction. After a few more rounds of this, I pulled in what turned out to be a 26" redfish! Into the cooler he went and a few casts later, I had his 19" cousin in the boat as well. Since my buddy didn't get a red yet, I asked him if he wanted to keep this one in case we didn't get another; he said yes and it was a gamble that paid off as the bite slowed down as it got closer to noon and we called it a day. Did manage a couple of small mangos and a snooklet before calling it quits. Grand total for the day was 9 trout, 3 mangrove snapper, 2 reds, 1 snook, 1 ladyfish and one catfish. Only one pic but it's a nice one!
  16. hooked4life

    Fishing & The Abc's

    Those were some monseter fish John, thanks for sharing!
  17. hooked4life

    Serious Fishing For Serious Fishermen

    Nice goozers!!!
  18. hooked4life


    Great report John!
  19. hooked4life

    July Full Moon Hot Offshore Bite

    Definitely a mountain of fish! great job guys and gals!
  20. hooked4life

    Marco Island

    Going to be down on Marco Island for Labor Day weekend and was wondering if anyone could recommend some general areas to target. Not asking for secret spots or honey holes but would appreciate some general locations as I have never fished this area before. I will have access to a boat. Thanks in advance!
  21. hooked4life

    Three Strikes And You're Out!

    What a beast! Thanks for the report John.