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  1. Tim

    Fishing Shows

    You can never go wrong with Flats Class. CA Richardson is the man and I find him to be the most instructional of all the shows on TV.
  2. Tim

    Changing My Username

    Just wanted to follow up on this to see if the Admin could help out. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to see if any of the Admin could help me out. I want to change my username and don't know how to go about doing so. Thanks for your help!
  4. Looks purple to me too, but then again, I am color blind. ; )
  5. Welcome to TOF - great first post! Such an awesome story too, from the generosity of the guy that hooked you up with bait to you thanking Him above. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Chunky monkey of a Red Mike!!!
  7. Great report Ron and sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing sir.
  8. Welcome aboard Paul. I too live in that area, Oldsmar actually, but we're basically neighbors. You picked a great area for some wade fishing. Honeymoon Island is great and so is Upper Tampa Bay.
  9. Cool video! Dinks are still better than nothing at all. ; )
  10. I was stationed with some guys in the Canadian Army. Very different uniforms than what we are used to in the states. ; ) No worries on the tips. I hope they work for you. Keep us posted on the progress.
  11. Sweet report Snowbird Fisher. I have a similar yak like yours, both made by Jackson - I have the Big Tuna. She's a lot of vessel for a 'lil feller like myself ; ). I wound up buying the bed extender from Bill Jackson's, which makes loading and unloading her a little easier for me. All the advice that Mike (Pickgrin) gave you above is really useful. If I can add another suggestion that works for me, and that is, add a gold spoon to your arsenal. Personally, I love this type of lure when trying to find Reds. It is a great search-bait lure and you can literally cast and work this lure all day long without tiring yourself out. If you catch a Red or two in an area with a spoon, anchor up and use a chunk of Ladyfish that Mike recommends above. Again, good report and tight lines sir. P.S. - are you prior Navy? I was with the Navy Seabees for 5 years.......HOORAH!
  12. That right there sir, is what it is all about. Sweet report and awesome job on parenting done right!!!!
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