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  1. Really enjoyed this trip, weather wasn't the best but the camp fire, friends and conversations were the best I cant remember laughing so hard, thank you everyone for the great food, drinks and dessert, looking forward to another fun trip in the very near future. would be nice to have you guys come to key west and enjoy some of our fishing. Cooking and laughs.
  2. Just type in Everglades national park if you have problem call Kurts Cell 3053044066 or Carrie 3053045021
  3. Getting excited on this end as well, we're bringing Key West Shrimp and some fire wood, looking forward to meeting everyone. And catching some red fish so you can cook it Phil. Don't forget your blackening seasoning.. Lol
  4. islandgirl

    First Redfish Of 2015!

    Wow. Very nice catch,
  5. Yes Hot Chocolate sounds perfect,,,