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  1. rawdaws

    Pinellas county exotics

    Sounds like the south FL lakes I grew up hitting, minus the reds and overgrown areas and add in a few more exotics. Those Mayans make great Snook bait. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it, but when the snook are on the beach and bait is scarce, if you bring big Mayans out there they get hammered. The pier guys (Juno to be exact) do it and the things don't last more than a few seconds in the water before a big momma snook pounces on it!
  2. rawdaws

    For you fly junkies

    He was/is the main guy behind helping with Beavertail Skiffs. They basically asked him what do you wantlike/don't like/etc, and now we have the BT Elite. https://vimeo.com/user4972366/videosYou can check out the new vid that just came out 'Knockin On the Door' as well as Listen and a 10min vid outlining all the custom options on the BT elite and how it's different from other skiffs in its class.
  3. rawdaws

    Tarpon pics from this weekend

    Crabs and threads
  4. rawdaws

    Tough day but a good time

    Number 1 rule of fishing with a fellow member: Discuss who writes the report. lolI actually enjoyed reading both to be honest. Little different perspective of the same days events. It's like a second camera angle. Still havent fooled a shark yet on fly but I've had tons of follows. Haven't caught a black drum yet either so still need to check that one off the list. If you guys ever take a trip south be sure to let us know.
  5. rawdaws

    Do you tarpon fish from a Carolina skiff?

    It's a friend of mine. He kills it and that has to be one the fishiest Carolina skiffs alive!
  6. rawdaws

    Nothing to post now.

    I've been kayak fishing for about 10 years now, in the same kayak the entire time. At the time I got it, it was one of the nicest yaks out there... but it's way outdated compared to some of the kayaks out now. By outdated I mean you have to paddle with your arms, one person can easily lift it, and I only have one dry storage hatch and no livewell. I have a crate with five rod holders, rod leashes, tackle bags, etc., but when I go fishing now I bring one spinning rod and the fly rod, fly box, minimal tackle and hit the water. I bring enough tackle to cover the basis for what the fish might be feeding on for where I'm fishing. This is usually limited to one topwater, light and dark colored soft plastics, a few 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 ounce jig heads and pliers. I think its great to be able to bring all of your gear if that's what you have confidence in and you feel you need it, and if thats the case then you need a yak to accomadate it and have places to store it to keep it out of the way. For me, I just like to have the gear I have confidence in so I'm not picking through things to find the right lure/fly.
  7. rawdaws

    Probably won't ever see it again!!

    Sweet Rooster! I've only seen one big school of reds in TB. They were monsters too. Def a sight to see!!
  8. rawdaws

    Great cast net video...

    Another great videohttp://youtu.be/V3-sglPD1dc
  9. rawdaws

    Another weekend of tarpon fishing

    Amazing how talkative the girls were before they hooked up. After the fight they both went up to the front of the boat and fell asleep lol.
  10. rawdaws

    7/6/14 Dock snapper

    They smash fiddler crabs. I thinks it can be a better bait at times and not too many people ever use them. Easy to catch too...
  11. rawdaws

    What do you hunt on fly ?

    I've caught some decent ones in the keys, but I know they get pretty big...
  12. rawdaws

    Beer Survey

    Alcoholic...Coors is the go to cheap beer but my I really like Florida Ave's Ale.
  13. rawdaws

    ICAST 2014

    I wish I was going... Maybe one of these days Ill have that great idea and go as a vendor!
  14. rawdaws

    What do you hunt on fly ?

    I've caught a bunch of different species on fly, but just like when people target something out of the ordinary that offers opportunities at sightfishing. You see people go after those big houndfish and triggers in the bahamas which I think would be interesting. I've caught red, gag, and goliath grouper which are prob the most 'un-fly' species I've caught. I would like to get a cobia and tripletail this coming fall/winter. Gonna start hammering these beach snook first once they are done spawning in late summer.
  15. rawdaws

    Improving hookup ratio

    Just keep working the bait until you feel the bite. Hard to stop that initial reaction when you see it, but I won't set the hook until I feel the fish. I throw topwater thinking that every strike is a miss, so I keep twitching to get the next strike. Its a pessimistic way of fishing, but it will improve your hookup ratio (and you won't get as upset when they do miss :thumbsup: )