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  1. Im thinking about a kayak trip to Lake Tarpon in the next week. Ive never been there or done any fresh water fishing since Ive been in Fl. Any tips on artificials or fishing information of any kind on Lake Tarpon would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hobie has a big selection of fishing kayaks including the Pro Angler which I have and really enjoy.
  3. I usually fish out of my green Hobie Pro Angler. I'm usually in the Honeymoon Island area but also launch from Johns Pass and Ft. Desoto areas. Im heading to the Gandy, Weedon Island next.
  4. Thanks a lot. That's great information. I have the 14" pro angler and a 2 seater hobie Outfitter. Id much rather take out my PA but if it looks like the water is going to be especially skinny, Id rather have my Outfitter. My main spot has been Honeymoon Island area but Im looking for some new back country spots.. .
  5. Exactly where is that ramp. I tried to it on Google Earth but didn't see it.
  6. Oh, yeah. I just recently retired so Im doing all my fishing during the week. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. Actually I decided to drive down there and check it out since it was a negative going on. It looked pretty good at the launch and I really liked the launching area off the Gandy. Im looking forward to trying it out.
  8. I want to start fishing Weedon Isl. this winter and have a Hobie with mirage drive. Would I have any problem fishing that area in a negative tide or do I need to time my trip to the higher tides. That real skinny water can come up fast on you and do some damage to my fins if Im not careful. Thanks.
  9. Sounds like fun. Ill make sure I have my FF/GPS unit with me to keep from getting lost. LOL. I definitely want to check out Weedon very soon.
  10. Yeah, Id probably launch from the beach off the Courtney Campbell on the west side. Its about 10 minutes from my house too. That's going to be my next trip this week or next.
  11. The beach looks like an easier place to launch, but it looks like a few miles to get to the back country. Ill plan on making a good day of it. Thanks
  12. I have a 14' Hobie Pro Angler and was wanting to launch it at Weedon Island Preserve. I was just wondering about the kayak launch. I was told it wasn't a ramp but more like a dock and I didn't know how high off the water and how much trouble it would be to launch my PA. If someone can give me more info on this and anything else about Weedon Island, Id appreciate it.
  13. Hello everybody. I've lived in the Clearwater area for about 7 years now. Im originally from Roanoke, Va. which is a beautiful place too. I took up Kayak fishing a few years ago and love it although it looks like I still got a lot to learn. I've got 2 Hobie kayaks. (a double seater Outfitter and a 14' Pro Angler). Most of the time I go to the Honeymoon Island area but I really like Ft. Desoto and Johns Pass as well. Im looking forward to hearing and learning from all you anglers out there.
  14. I don't think that's it. Its in there pretty solid. But thanks.
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