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  1. flipv1983

    Fort Desoto 10/11

    We went out Sunday to FD and caught about 15 of those juvis, all between 8"-12", at our snapper spot. But not a an snapper..lol!!
  2. flipv1983

    Sat 9/20: Mosquito Lagoon

    Yes Phil..the Pardon area is where we caught the Trout and the 1 36" Red. Then I had a massive pop a couple casts later but the Red attacked the cork rather then the shrimp. I was trying to keep the shrimp just above the grass. Then I switched to my arti set up w a a Mullet LiveTarget Topwater but it produced nothing. I pulled the Stayput and drifted quite a ways but it seemed the bite turned off at that point. No one was catching anymore in that area. That's when I moved to the islands next to Haulover Canal. All the Reds we caught there were under 24"..we took home dinner from that spot. They were running hard chasing finger mullet but those shrimp were like crack to them. Gobble gobble..lol!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. flipv1983

    Re: TapaTalk and PM's

    Hey everyone. As many of us know TapaTalk has been a really nice addition to the community when on the go. One thing I've learned and would like to make note of is that it doesn't have the capability to let us know when we receive PM's from members. I personally don't always find time to check the forums online. It's very helpful, at least for me, if you see the persons using TapaTalk to let them know in the string that you've sent them a PM.Thank you Jerrbare for letting me know and I got back w you. Also Bcday11..I'm sorry it took so long to get back w you. Had I known I would've got back way sooner. As I said I don't check online regularly but I responded today and I look forward to hearing back from you bud.Tight lines everyone!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. flipv1983

    Sat 9/20: Mosquito Lagoon

    PM'd back Jerry.Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. flipv1983

    Sat 9/20: Mosquito Lagoon

    Thanks guys..it was beautiful over there at the Goon. I did have a lot of very good input. I will be making that trip again in the near future.That little guy (1 of 2) ate a damn shrimp half his size. I couldn't believe he inhaled that big old shrimp. Then again the last tournament I fished the tourneys largest Trout (31") had a freaking 10" Jack Crevalle in his belly. Gave me a whole different outlook on what these fish are capable of eating..
  6. *Afishionado..my buddy sent me a map that was pretty much identical to the spots you described. Good info from all of you. Didn't cover as much as I wanted but I left happy. Thank you guys!!*Got a late start today. Made it on the water at Mosquito Lagoon bout 10a. Shot straight out the canal to Pardon Island and within a half hr caught my 1st Red of the day..36"Then Renee caught herself a nice 18" Trout. Right after that things slowed down. Didn't catch anything for a couple hrs. We covered a lot of ground drifting due to the wind but since we got such a late start I decided to stayed close so we decided to head back towards the canal. We shot over to some moving water between the main land and a little island. Within 15 mins the Reds were on fire. Following schools of finger mullet. We put the shrimp in the line of fire and they were gettin smashed. Most of the Reds in this area were between 18"-24"We had a couple minnow Reds mixed in also..lol!!Didn't catch that 40"+ I was looking for but I would say the day was a success!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. flipv1983

    Q: Mosquito Lagoon

    Awesome guy!! I had my friend Captain Brian Sawyer highlight some spots for me on google earth so I'm gonna pull all the spots here and match them up. I'll be mapping my course of action. And keep everyone updated. The info given is very appreciated. Thank u guys!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. flipv1983

    Q: Mosquito Lagoon

    Ah crap..meant Sept..next weekend. I'll edit that quick.Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. flipv1983

    Q: Mosquito Lagoon

    Hey guys. I'll be in Daytona Next weekend Sept 18-20. I'll most likely be taking my boat and fishing the Goon that Sat. There's a lot if water to cover there. I need some tips on where to launch, where to find bait, and where to start searching for the epic 40"+ Reds. That's my goal. Thank you for any guidance!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. flipv1983

    Redfish at Weedon

    Sweet report Laura..nice slot Reds!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. flipv1983

    Tues: Robinson Preserve to Ana Maria

    Thanks everyone..it was an amazing day and def made up for the slower ones I've had this miserably hot summer..lol!! I've been a little busy w school work so I haven't had much chance to get back on here up til today. The AMI area is def a nice fishery. One of these days I'm gonna get on the water w Ron..lol. But if any if u wanna hook up and hunt some reds or snook sometime lmk. It's easiest to find me on FB. Just find my fishing page: TAMPA BAY FISHING EXCHANGETo add to the report my buddy Scott and his friend David went out yesterday..same area. They tried to find the schools we ran into last wk but it didn't happen. They still had a decent day. I can't give a report for them per-say but here's some pics from their day of fishing yesterday.Thanks again everyone. Tight lines!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Launched from Kingfish Boat Ramp at 645a w my buddy Kevin and his soon to be sponsor Steve and we loaded down on greenies.By 730a we were on our way to Robinson Preserve to the north of us. We were off to a slow start, w moderate chumming, only producing 2 small Trout and 2 just under slot Snook by 11a.We had drifted the flats for about an hr w/o producing a bite. Kevin wanted to hit a specific part of the preserve at the 1p tide change so we decided to load back up on some bait. We never made it. On the way we ran into a copper wake of at least 200 breeder Reds. How the heck the 3-4 other boats in the area didn't notice this is melons me. I guess it could've been mistaken for a ginormous wake of Mullet but as an angler that's no excuse not to explore. Their loss our gain!After hunting them up and down a half mile stretch on the outside of the flat, making at least 10 passed during slack tide for about 2-2.5hrs, we managed to pluck around 20+ before the sun glare off the developing chop no longer made them trackable. Awesome day!! Smallest 26.25"..Largest 36"Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. flipv1983

    Fishing Apps

    I use Navionics App for GPS and it also had all the toed stations. It's a free app but I've paid for some of the added features.FishBrain is another good one. People post what they're catching and it's easy to make convo w people on there. I've met and fished w a couple guys I've talked to on the app.And Google Earth is mandatory.Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. flipv1983

    I'm tearing up... For sale- Scout 175 Sportfish

    Damn it man..I almost cried for u! Sorry to hear you have to part from your baby. Sounds like that boat hold more sentimental memories then a price tag can ever cover. I want to wish u the best w your sale but more so I would rather pray for a way you wouldn't have to sell her. Maybe if u win the lotto..just don't forget to split the winnings w me..lol!!Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. flipv1983

    tarpon spillway near tampa rd

    Thanks Arti!! I don't remember the last time I fished a spillway. As a kid maybe. I'll have to give it a run.Phillip..Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk