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  1. I just got a $100 gift card to Armed Anglers I am willing to part with for $75. If anyone is interested please IM me.
  2. any one ever heard of or used Kast King braided line? results?
  3. yeah the cops said they would look into pawn shops and online stores like craigslist, offer up, ebay also. I have been looking as well and will continue to do so for a while.
  4. Also, If anyone is on other fishing websites, maybe help post it or forward to any and all fishing type websites to see what comes up? My number is 727 457 2059 if anyone has any information
  5. Calling all and any help with advice or information from my fellow fishermen, I have not posted any fishing reports in a while and am in a very distraught state posting one today. Sometime yesterday, while my wife was home and my garage door left open for apparently a few hours with the car in the garage, someone came in and stole over $4000 worth of rods, reels and spear guns. I am asking for any and all on this forum to keep their ear to the wall for any information, possible leads or advice on how to deal with the insurance claim I will be filing. Overall, 11 rods and reels were taken along with 5 spearguns. I will give an itemized list of the gear, so if anyone comes across or hears of any extremely “good deals” on some high quality gear, please get back with me. Stadic 5000 reel w 8ft Terramar Rod Quantum Smoke pts40 reel w custom made 7ft6” black w blue trim Sick Rod Stradic 3000 ci4+ reel w custom made 7’6” black w red trim Sick Rod Sustain 3000 reel w custom made 7’9” black w silver/white trim Sick Rod (all Sick Rods have inshore slayer lettering on them) Stradic 4000 reel w 7’6” Redbone rod Stradic 2500 reel w 7’ Daiwa Team X (rod is all silver) 3 Sahara reels, a 2500, 3000 and a 4000 paired w Calico Jack rods 1 Quantum Accurist Baitcaster w Falcon Rod 1 Daiwa Coastal Baitcaster w Falcon Rod 3 AB Biller Guns a 36, 42 and 48 Seahornet smaller gun, probably a 36 or 24 JLB (don’t have all the full specs on that one right now) Needless to say, it is very discouraging to think of all that was lost and yet, even more disturbing to think about what kind of desperate, brazen person would do such a thing. I have never filled out an insurance claim and am a bit worried about the process; especially since I don’t have receipts for much of the equipment. I do have boxes for many of the reels and online ordering receipts for a few things but not much for the guns. I do have friends that can verify the gear I had. We do have a possible lead that we gave to the cops during the walk through/beginning of the investigation. A man by the name of Travis Tipton scammed my wife out of $300 a few months ago claiming he would do some work around our house. In the process of pricing out things he said he would do, he noticed the fishing equipment and commented to my wife about how nice it was and how he fishes as well. We soon realized after researching him on Facebook that he was not a very good guy and has been in and out of prison for scamming people and burglary. Now, it isn’t much to go on, and with this situation, it could be anyone, but again just want people on this website to keep an eye and ear out if you come across anything that looks like what I have listed. Your friend in fishing, Bill Capobianco
  6. I'm actually looking to sell this one. I already have two top of the line yaks..... a Hobie outback and a Native Propel Slayer. Prefer the Slayer as you can pedal backwards and forwards.
  7. also, is super lightweight, like 40lbs and would also come with a seat and a life vest.
  8. Eddy line sit on top. Rod holders already installed. Practically brand new. Shortly after buying it I found out I was pregnant, so it would be a long while before I would be able to enjoy this again and I have better things to buy with the money ;-) I paid over $1500 for this kayak with the paddle and fishing set up. $900obo 727-809-5394
  9. Was just on Google Earth looking at Weeden Island since I've heard so much about how good of an area it is especially for kayyakers. I've never fished it before and was wondering where anyone would recommend as a starting point to; 1st launch from; then which areas typically hold fish. I live in Pasco County and fish primarily from a kayak. It looks like past the park or at the end of the park there is a yak launch site. Is that typically where most people would launch from? I am mostly a catch and release purist and fish mostly w artificial baits. Also understand, I am not asking for any specific spots( as I will find fish for sure, just hard to tell from Google Earth where those kayak trails lead and if they are worth going through to find fish or areas, distances from launch site to what appears to be a bunch of mangrove areas, is the best plan of attack to go south after launching and hug the mangrove line? I know many people get really upset when people divulge too much information so I understand people being tightlipped about locations and whatnot, but i have been on this forum for many years and have had many post about my experiences, would love someone to pm if they have 1st hand knowledge of the area as i don't want to drive an hour from Pasco without at least having some basic knowledge. Bill Cap
  10. Ok, so I had the strangest thing happen last weekend at one of my "go to" areas for winter time fishing. I asked a few of my teacher friends who were both fishing buddies of mine as well as science teachers. Neither of them could give me any reasonable answers. I figured since there were so many captains in the area and on this site, one may have had a similar experience. So, I get to my spot early am Saturday morning. The tide was dead low and starting to turn. I begin to wade to an area I can usually target snook and or trout in a small bay. As I am walking I see numerous outlines of fish in front of me in about a foot of water. Initially, I thought they were mullet but they weren't moving, just laying relatively still facing the incoming current. As I approach closer, I could make out the outlines and realized they were some pretty good size trout. I throw my mirrodine in right over a few of their noses and the fish are simply ignoring the bait. I thought they weren't hungry and that the bite would turn on as the water heated up. I continued to walk towards them and they didn't spook at all. I was able to walk within feet of these trout. I continued to walk the edge of the bay and noticed there were trout everywhere and all of them had the same lethargic reaction. I get to the area I normally throw during a dead low tide that usually holds fish because it has a slight trough and hook up on my second cast. The fish has good weight and I knew it was a bigger fish but it had no fight to it. It is barely pulling even with my drag set light and realize it is foul hooked in the tail. It ended up being a 24" trout. I thought it was weird because it gave relatively no fight and even when I let it go it very slowly swam away. I proceed to make cast after cast for the next half hour and get no bites even though I continue to see trout everywhere. So I decide to continue to walk the edge and out of curiosity, I decide I am going to try and pick one of the trout up by "hand." I slowly approach another trout in like a foot of water. I creep up to it, stand over and still the fish doesn't move. I reach my hand, slide it under the belly of the fish and lift it out of the water! At this point I am thinking, "what the hell is going on!" I was able to do that to like 4 other fish. As I was ready to leave, a kayaker came into the bay and asked how the fishing was. I hesitated for a moment and thought about how exactly to answer that question. I told him that I did foul hook a 24 inch trout but the fish weren't really biting. I did tell him about my experience, and for good measure, told him I saw a trout right in front of me, and proceeded to pick it up right in front of him. He was amazed and asked "what is that?" I told him it was a trout, and a 20 incher at that! He said he had never seen anything like it before. Everything about the situation felt wrong from the beginning and as I'm on my way out, I did see a good sized trout belly up on the shoreline along with some other dead minnows about an inch long. It was the strangest experience. The only thing I or my buddies could think was that there was a red tide outbreak in the area or possibly a post spawn reaction in the fish (not sure when trout actually spawn and if they go into shallow estuaries to do so). Any ideas or similar experiences? On a funny note, I told another one of my fishing buddies about my experience and he started calling me the trout whisperer! I simply replied, "hey, when you're as good a fisherman as I, you don't even really need a pole anymore!"
  11. question that is not really related although I did just invest in a Native Slayer propellor yak and love it much more than the Hobie, it is much faster with less effort; but I have never fished for kings from a yak and would love to try. Where do you typically target them around here? or moreso, where do you launch from? Is the Skyway more productive or near St Pete Beach?
  12. where? In that little pool behind the Thai restaurant?
  13. Went to Anclote island right before the cold front hit with a buddy and slayed the trout and macks. They seemed to still be in their spring/fall locations. Talked with another boat that didn't catch a thing fishing closer to shore in an area that is better in the normal winter pattern. Also, did really well with the reds at various passes and mouth openings to the backwaters right before the recent cold front hit. Even got to spear fish and saw tons of sheepies, reds, snook, snapper, and of course, mullet in the deeper cuts of the passes I was fishing. I think many fish are staging up in the mouth openings and not fully heading back into the backwaters just yet. This past cold front may start to push them further back now though. Just my thoughts.
  14. funny you should mention about replacing the hooks when they get old....... I lost a good redfish a few months ago when the hook broke! lol......... what hooks would you replace them with?
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