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  1. thefishingbuddha

    I'm Sorry Ms Jackson

    There's that smile.....
  2. thefishingbuddha

    I'm Sorry Ms Jackson

    EPIC video dude. Can you change your profile pic bro?!
  3. thefishingbuddha

    She Was Special

    2 40+ snook within 10 mins of each other= EPIC!
  4. thefishingbuddha

    She Was Special

    Should post the video
  5. thefishingbuddha

    She Was Special

    she measured almost 42
  6. thefishingbuddha

    She Was Special

    She made my night.
  7. thefishingbuddha

    They're Still Biting....

    Tim, I was using a paddle tail
  8. thefishingbuddha

    They're Still Biting....

    Thanks Beef for the photo. I had a bigger one spit the hook when she was dancing.
  9. thefishingbuddha

    Bites Been Good

    We're still fishing together every other week.
  10. thefishingbuddha

    Bites Been Good

    A few from last week.
  11. It was on my usual setup, 3000 sustain & 7 ft St. Croix. It took me a long time to get her in because I didn't want to loose her. I think at that time I was using 20lb pp
  12. 49" on a tube jig (East Coast) & 35" on paddle tail (West Coast)
  13. thefishingbuddha

    Wind Made My Day And The Water Ran Red - New Pb Red

    Great year so far! Keep up it buddy.
  14. thefishingbuddha

    Measuring Board

    Thanks guys