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  1. I am currently using an aluminum Hobie kayak paddle. Although it has served me well, I am looking to upgrade to something lighter. I'm interested in carbon fiber, but would not rule out any other options. I'm looking for a mix of cost effectiveness, functionality, and weight. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  2. How about some details? Where, when, etc. Great picture.
  3. Nice set up - especially on a short bed.
  4. I didn't see the article mentioned, but regardless, just because a screwed up law says that you can keep 182 of any fish, doesn't mean that you should. I have zero respect for anyone that would do this. This is not what fishing is about and not what I would hope that we are trying to promote on this site.
  5. Some people just suck! Sorry to hear about your misfortune Pam.
  6. Andy, My last post was directed to Pam's issue after the upgrade. Glad to hear that you are all squared away. Let's see some of those Flounder pics.
  7. Interesting look. However, I agree - a lighter color might be more productive.
  8. Thanks Andy - I have been missing your pictures.
  9. I have picked up two Flounder on spoons - one casting and one trolling. I catch most of my Flounder on a curly tail grub bouncing it across the bottom, But, I have found them to chase down moving bait. You just never know what will work from one day to the next.
  10. Posting a picture on the new site. First - Click on the tab "More Reply Options" on the bottom right of the text box. Next - click on the "Choose File" button below the text box. This will open a new window where you can select the image that you want to post. Select the image. Then click on the box "Attach This File" Then click on "Add Reply" Done!
  11. Andy, You should be able to do everything yourself. I'm not sure what method that you were using to import pictures on your windows 7 machine - I'm thinking that you were probably using the camera manufacturer's program. However, on either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 there is an easier way. When you plug your camera into your computer via the usb port, the computer will treat is as an additional drive. Open Windows "File Explorer" and click on the the "Removable Disk" icon - probably drive "E". If you double click, it will open the drive. There will be a folder called DCIM. Open that and you will see your pictures. They may show as the actual images, or as icons depending upon your "View" settings. From there you can simply select the images and either copy or cut and then paste them into a folder of your choice. I usually put them in the "Downloads" folder until I sort through them. If your having problems due to some other circumstance, I'm sure that either myself, or others here can get you through it. I missing seeing your pictures.
  12. I respectfully disagree. In any profession, there is that 1 % that bring a bad light to the overall good. Unfortunately, they tend to garner 99% of the media attention. I, for one, appreciate all that our police officers do (and put up with). Thank you for your service.
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