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  1. I can't figure it out either. Caught decent whitebait on the flats today and couldn't barely drum up anything in the mangroves. Spent Monday up a river and nothing there either. Gonna try one more time on Thursday before heading back to NC. Loving the warm weather but wish I knew where to find the fish.
  2. I did keep one. We may try to keep another if we have the chance. If I was living down here fishing all the time I prob wouldn't but I'm only here twice a year so I'm not killing too many. I also love the taste of snook. Any favorite recipes?
  3. Thanks. I am a little nervous about how tonight's chill will effect them but we will be there at sunrise so I guess I will find out!
  4. Harbor heights ramp. Pretty decent ramp. There is one about 6miles up river too but I wanted to be closer to 75.
  5. I will post a fuller report on Sunday because we have two more days of fishing to get to but I wanted to give a picture of what the fishing is like down there, if you haven't figured it out already.Needless to say, we had a great day and couldn't be happier! More to come in a couple days hopefully!Thanks to Dave for finding and reporting on such a great fishery! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hana. Thanks. I know. I did cut it up but they were gone like lightning. We tried for a while but nothing.
  7. Thanks. We were working that area on our way back in and saw a little bit of bait...not a ton though. Too little too late. We did cast net together once about a year or so ago when I was in town. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Joe's is a great area, especially as the water warms up. Also give Miguel Bay a shot. Caught a lot of fish around there as well.
  9. Thx. We were chumming. It was just the beginning of the incoming tide. Our net is 10 ft with 1.5 lbs/ft but it is 1/4 inch mesh. The water was so clear and I just didn't see any. We did not anchor uptide of the bridge but downtide, through the pilings. I guess that was the trick. And a different net would certainly help. I even threw a sabiki for a while though and got nothing on that either. By bridge, are you talking about around the pier, or the bridge part before the main span? Guys told me that my net would be fine before but I know it's not quite ideal. We were being a little impatient but also frustrated. Part of learning but had to give up at some point and fish. ThanksSent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Spent the day around Joe's island and bishops harbor. Spent way too long looking for bait at the skyway. I must not know what I'm doing because we couldn't find crap at the skyway. We were looking around the south pier. Who knows? We didn't catch a lot today. Few jacks, ladyfish, couple small trout, one keeper trout and a keeper silver trout (first ever!). We did see a few huge and I mean huge snook and redfish south of bishops harbor but they weren't not interested in us. I did catch a decent little snook in the shade inside bishops harbor on a yozuri sashimi jerk bait. First time using it and enjoyed it although it runs a little deep for me. Great colors though and action!Headed down to the peace river tomorrow before the front gets here and looking forward to hopefully some better fishing! Tough day today but it was beautiful.
  11. This is. Last minute question as we are headed out in an hour or so, but is it possible to put in at bishops harbor ramp with a 20ft flats boat on low tide. Just wondering if it's possible to navigate out or if we should just stick to cockroach. Trying to be closer to the skyway to go get bait and then fish around bishops and maybe up to cockroach. Someone suggested it before and I was just wondering if anyone has been there on low tide. Thanks!
  12. Thanks man. I'm torn between going to the south shore and going down to the peace river tomorrow. Thinking about south shore since I spent all day in the car yesterday and don't wanna drive too far. Anyway, will def post a report and bring all the lurkers out from behind their computers. If anyone is gonna be out this week, let me know as we will be out there every day before I head back to the redfish heaven in NC!
  13. I am currently on my way back to visit my parents and will spend my week in and around Tampa Bay chasing Snook, Reds and Gator Trout! This is an unexpected trip. I had some friends that are heading to Boca Raton and they had an extra seat in the van. I promptly made my schedule changes and luckily it's spring break. Any time I can get down to Central Florida from NC to fish is great. So, my question is, what have things been like lately? Reports seem to tend towards the inshore fishing coming alive and this makes me happy considering we are chasing snook and redfish. Has bait started up the bay yet? I usually fish the south shore. Hope to see some of you out there. It should be a beautiful week albeit pretty dang windy. I'm a little concerned about the front coming through but hope to fight through it and find fish since the big incoming tides look pretty great. Would love to hear what everyone's perspective is for what I could expect. Thanks! Will be sure to post a few reports.
  14. Nice work. That is a heck of a day! Lately it seems like everyone is fishing their own private "backcountry" spot loaded with snook recently. I will be down there in a week for only 4 days so if you are feeling generous and pointing me in the right direction then I would appreciate it. PM me. I know it's not PC to ask ft spots but at least a point towards the area that has been working for you would help. Thx.
  15. Could you say a little more? At least what body of water you were fishing or city you launched from? What techniques did you use? Arti? Live bait? What exactly did you catch? Also, what are mud monsters?Just trying to help.
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