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  1. suncoast

    Epic Wind - Epic Bite - Snookzilla Strikes

    Holy crap Ron...that is a monster. Great report
  2. suncoast

    Snot Grass

    Launched at E G Simmons on Saturday and it was a solid mass of snot out to about half a mile
  3. suncoast

    Gopro Hero 4 Silver For Sale

    No problem. Glad you moved it
  4. suncoast

    Time For Topwater

    Great report Dave. I'm hoping for a light wind this weekend to get some boat time in
  5. suncoast

    Just Another Redfish Video By Me

    Great vid Andrew. Only YouTube channel I subscribe to
  6. suncoast

    Need Your Help 8 More Subscribers!

    2 to go. Great stuff by the way
  7. suncoast

    Yankeetown Personal Beast Snook!

    Wow Ron...that is a true beast. Congrats
  8. That sounds like a one in a thousand day Alex. I have got to get over there this winter
  9. suncoast

    Ssa One Lure Tournament

    That's a heck of of day for a slow day. Congrats on the sweep
  10. suncoast

    Rods Reels, Line And Knots...(Sort Of A Poll)

    Thanks for getting things started guys. I just realized I did not mention knots in my opening post. I started with a modified Albright and then a Uni to Uni. Both worked great but were not the easiest to tie on the water. I finally settled on the Triple Surgeons as well. Never had a failure and I can tie it in the boat in less than a minute. i use the Canoe Man Loop as well for lures but I have also started using it on bait hooks by pulling it tight with no loops. Again, no failures so far
  11. suncoast

    Swimbait Snook

    That's a beast
  12. I have really only been seriously saltwater / flats fishing for about a year and a half and a lot of equipment choices have been somewhat trial and error. Most of the first year was strictly kayak. I recently bought a boat so my options have expanded a bit. I started out using 4000 and even 5000 size reels and quickly realized they were heavier than needed. I have settled on the 3000’s as a comfortable size. I kept rods to 7 foot or less due to convenience in the kayak. I originally used 10 pound braid with a 20 pound flouro leader and eventually moved up to 15 on the braid after a number of break offs. I taught myself a number of knots and finally settled on a couple that I find easy to tie in a breezy kayak when I need to. I searched the site a number of times and found opinions and comments on some of these points but not all. It occurred to me that a single comprehensive thread that listed the choices of those members with longer experience on these points, in one thread, might be a useful referral source going forward. Especially for those looking to set up for the first time Here are the parameters: Flats and light near shore fishing on light to medium tackle in either a kayak or boat. Here are the points: Preferred braid weight to leader weight Preferred reel size Preferred rod length and strength Preferred leader to line knot Preferred lure to leader knot I didn’t mean to make it overly complicated but I kept thinking of useful points while typing.. If you are interested in chiming in, answer the ones you want