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    Lmao!!!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks! I just took a quick glance at it and realize that this is what I need!!! I just bookmarked it.
  3. I think Saturday July 19th would be better only because it's a Saturday and then after we could all go to Frenchy's or Ozona Blue and dip in the pool and reward ourselves. I want to say about a month ago we went the the first island north of the Dunedin Causeway to just try something new and I was SHOCKED at what I saw. There was an air mattress and several blankets along with a hole dug in the ground full of soda cans and random trash that looked as if it was a camp site. I wish I had someone to call that had a boat that could just pull up and I could load it full of trash just to get that island clean! Timmy, why don't you reach out to our local captains and see if they could help, I know they are probably on charters....but maybe they can do half days and help with the loads....I'll talk to our fishing club and post it on our website.
  4. Twist your arm?? LMAO that's an understatement! I will be catching more hopefully. I'm not satisfied with the 31" that I got a couple weekends ago...it's go big or go home right???Phil, I definitely wanna go fishing this weekend but maybe picnic a little so your girlfriend and I can get some color for the season
  5. I always love hearing people taking out their kids, my mom used to take me to the pier but we never caught much. Good for you and your son to spend the first day of summer soaking up the sun and kayak catching fish. You always learn something when you go out fishing, like re-positioning the cooler...that stinks that he jumped out but there are going to be many more opportunities to bring some home.Thanks for your report! Happy Summer!
  6. I was always told throw outside of the mullet school .. that's where the reds and trout are :-) see I'm learning ...
  7. It's a cool video and the tailing reds is nice, wish I would get to see them in person one day. I can't do the music though. I enjoy the nature and simplicity of fishing and being out there...maybe if there was music to go with that theme...
  8. That's a lot of hoops but doable ... keep us posted & good luck :cheer:
  9. Like Timmy said I like throwin spoons but it was so pretty I wanted to enjoy the day and bein out in the sun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I don't have patience for artis but I tried a new top water that he got me and I just can't get the motions that are needed..... I like jigheads and gulp ... that way the stupid pin fish can't steal my bait and I can actually catch something ... maybe a Monster 3X will do the trick (hint hint) :)My arm started hurting from walking the dog and I ended up giving up and just enjoying the calm FLAT water and watching nature ... I sometimes wish that I could be a bird and just fly over and scoop down to catch some keepers...Sooner than later we will have to meet up...and I don't like tea so you two need to come up with another metaphor
  11. Let us know what they say when you go. I have a friend that has a canoe that his dad gave him like 15 years ago and he was given a motor for it and only keeps it in the skinny waters now but I would love for him to be able to come to an island with us and fish but its just to risky being out in the open. When we got our kayak from Bill Jackson's and then purchased a motor for it, I maybe went to the DMV 3 or 4 times because they were always saying I didn't have the right information.I ended up having to call the manufacturer and getting a "birth certificate" for the kayak with the serial numbers included on the certificate. Then going to Bill Jackson's having them write a letter on their letterhead saying they sold us that specific kayak with the serial numbers included with the receipt to show we paid the taxes on it and then ending up getting the title for it and basically every category was considered Other Vessel ....
  12. Yah we got it at Walmart!! We have grilled in it several times but haven't used the smoker yet.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Phil, How did you know which one we had!!!! I just called and Lowe's has the apple wood chucks so we will definitely try it out ... now just finding the recipe on Pinterest and then I have planned dinner for a few days
  14. He did!!! It was stuck in his throat for the rest of the day!!! I was always told that bugs have high protein counts...so it should be good !!!
  15. Thanks guys!!!We just bought a grill with a small smoker attached and Tim has been wanting SOOOOO BADDD to smoke something, and now it just seems as if the Fishing G_ds are telling us it's time.
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