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  1. Hey Tim, I'm in Tampa as well and just started fishing about a year ago. I've been doing kayak fishing and then started pier fishing to get my 7yr son involved, which he loves. Do you pier fish or out in a boat? I've been looking here for some good snook spots. Let me know what you hear..thanks!
  2. Hey Capt, I am just getting into fishing. Started kayak fishing here in Tampa. I've been doing more pier fishing so I can take my 7yr son, which he loves. A buddy just told me yesterday about fishing at the Rod and Reel pier in Anna Maria Island. I see you do mostly offshore, but any suggestions for fishing there this time of the year? I've seen a bunch of YouTube videos catching snook off that pier. I've been reading that the snook are typically in the flats this time year. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Hello all. I did some research after getting the make and model and realized this was not going to work for me. I have decided to invest properly...the first time...and get a 14 foot fishing kayak. thanks for all that commented.
  4. oakleaf...it's a sit on top. The seller said he would let me take it for a test ride. Some good suggestions. Hopefully I'll have the same situation as you and be able to use it. I was glad to hear that with the right tandem, it's certainly a possibility. Will keep you posted. Thanks
  5. oakleaf thanks for the feedback. You stated that you place the seat in the center...is this a certain seat designed for the center of a tandem? The guy selling had mentioned putting a seat back in the center, but that would mean riding on hard surface of the kayak and not the molded seats.
  6. Hello all. I am new to the sport of fishing/kayak fishing. A co-worker is selling his tandem kayak for $300...not sure what make or model. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get an inexpensive kayak and put most of money on new gear/tackle etc. A buddy suggested go for it and then upgrade later on. Has anyone experienced using a tandem as solo? Any pros/cons?? Thanks.
  7. That's a handy spreadsheet. I just posted a thread that I was new to kayak fishing and you happen to be the first to comment and now you have this handy spreadsheet. This should be helpful as I browse for a kayak!
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. Mike,I am located in South Tampa. I would like to do salt water, mainly, since there are quite a few places that I could easily put in at. But I would also like to fish some of the lakes. Since this a new sport for me, just need to look into the ease of maintaing gear for fishing salt and fresh water.
  9. Hello everyone,Was referred to this forum by a friend. I am not just new to TOF but to fishing in general. I have an interest in kayak fishing. I see there is a lot of good info and knowledge here. I'll start looking at the different topics. Any suggesions where to begin would be great.Thanks in advanceHector
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