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  1. 2016 Wilderness Tarpon 120. Used five times, washes & cleaned after each use. Two built in rod holders. Copperhead color. Paddle not included. $750 obo. Seven-2-seven-seven-four-8-six-eight-eight-4. Call/text for pics
  2. kayakrev

    Snook Bite Is On!

    I hit it early this morning in the Tampa area. After peddling/paddling for thirty minutes, I arrived at my first spot and started throwing a top water walking bait. Five minutes later, a giant wake followed it to the yak. Five minutes after that, another jumped two feet out of the water and landed on top of the lure. She looked to be @ least 36". I've been down this road before with snook, so I tied on a different walker. I finally hooked one at least as big as the 3 footer, only to have her pull loose. A few more waked it to the boat, and it is an awesome sight to look down at a giant snook a foot from your kayak with those, "I almost had it" giant eyes. Switched to a jig and over the next 30 minutes proceeded to put 8 in the boat, with the biggest at 25". But the big slobs had disappeared. I tried a few more spots and caught a couple of snooklets but nothing giant. All in all, a good day and back home at noon. Total was 10 snook for the day, which is my best ever after being here 2 years and never fishing saltwater before.
  3. A new OT costs around 1400 new. If you look around CL or other places, you will probably find a Hobie Outback for around that price, and may get a few extras thrown in too boot. Why the pedal instead of paddle? You can troll longer without tiring bc your leg muscles won't tire as easily. And you will be trolling...a lot. The drawback is the weight, 80 plus pounds. The OT is about the same. Hope this helps.
  4. 2008 LT 25 Olive Green Color 2007 Honda 4-stroke 20hp tiller with Power-Tec Stainless Steel Prop Raised Front Deck- Two Compartments (Storage and Plumbed Live Well with aerator) Raised Rear Deck- Two Compartments (Storage and Built-In Cooler) Center Storage Box- Two Compartments (Battery Compartment and Storage) Motorguide Great White 55 lb. Thrust Trolling Motor 27-Series Battery Winter Camo Hydro-Turf throughout (Keeps your feet comfortable and cool) 8-foot Stake Out Pole with Bracket Bilge Pump Fuel/Water Separator Three Gallon Fuel Tank (Room for larger tank if needed) Shark Eye front lights and Pole Rear light Galvanized Continental Trailer with Spare Custom Color Matched Boat Cover (Olive Green) Spare 4-blade Aluminum Prop; Fire Extinguisher Padded Folding Driver’s Seat Custom Cushion fits over Storage Box (removable) Bought last year from original owner who was meticulous about caring for boat (washed, motor flushed after each use) as am I. Always covered by him and garage kept by me. Located in St. Petersburg $6000 727-Seven-Four-Eight-6884 http://i.imgur.com/nGlogbM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HMsia62.jpg [imgur](http://i.imgur.com/KtEJimF.jpg)
  5. kayakrev

    Ramp Etiquette

    Kayakrev here. It looks like I touched some nerves and for that I apologize. Like many of you, I have a kayak but now fish out of a LT 25. I have hauled yaks over a hundred yards through mud, dirt sand, etc... I know what it is like. I also remember trying to get in or out of the way ASAP. I usually give kayakers some slack since they are so heavy and difficult to move by yourself. Shoot, I even offer to help and will give advice if asked (I have fished out of one for ten years). Prepping out of the way is important, even with a yak. Getting your stuff together while the boat is halfway down the ramp is unacceptable. Thanks for the tip on reporting the commercial fisher person to the FWC. Yes, it is clearly marked. Thanks for all the replies and good luck fishing.
  6. kayakrev

    Ramp Etiquette

    I knew this morning water would be pulling out of the mangroves and passes just after sunrise where I wanted to fish. I arrived at the small, one lane ramp I use only to find 1) a commercial mullet boat (Dodge 3500, blue) with his way toooo long trailer parked in one of the spaces when the sign at the entrance clearly states "No Commercial Vehicles & Trailers." This is not the first time he has done this, and 2) a guy preparing to launch his boat who goes back tos his truck to get stuff not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 times to get gear out of his truck while blocking the ramp. It took him ten minutes to launch. I finally launch, by myself, in less than three minutes. Fishing, btw, was as bad as the morning started. Three blow ups on spook including one which launched it four feet in the air, but no hook ups. I didn't say anything to the fisherman launching because I hope one day he will learn the ramp is not the place to get it together. But what about the commercial guy stealing one of the few parking spots. The ramp is in St. Pete. Sorry for the long post, just frustrated.
  7. kayakrev

    See the Snook, how to get them to bite?

    Yes, they saw me first. I then backed off and let them rest a while. Tried fast, slow, in between retrieves and nothing worked.
  8. Kayak fishing this weekend I came across different pods sod of snook cruising and soaking up the sun. Backed off and made long casts with DOA shrimp (nothing), small Mirrodine (nothing), LT sardine (nothing), Chug Bug (nothing). I know live shrimp might be best, but I am an artificial guy. Any suggestions or thoughts?