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  1. rip3618

    Help With Reds

    I agree with, oakleaf. I used to spook a lot of reds just by drifting. It didn't matter how quiet or stealthy I was, I would still spook them. Kayaks are great for skinny water and sneaking up on fish but they're still a boat and not a natural object to these fish. Any movement in a kayak can amplify through the water and the fish will also see you coming. Try focusing on fishing for them on the outgoing and pay attention to mullet! Find the mullet, find the reds. Personally, my go-to lures when fishing for reds is either a spoon or a paddle tail. Spoon for a search lure. Paddle tail for just about anything else, especially when trying to find reds in a school of mullet. Just FYI, I've been finding plenty of reds the last couple times I've gone out but they've been reluctant to bite live bait, let alone a lure. Be patient and don't get discouraged. Pretty soon the reds will be eating anything you throw at them! Good luck and keep us posted.
  2. Good decision, can't go wrong with an Old Town (and I'm a Native guy!). I am also considering a Propel drive kayak in the future but have the same concerns as you. My two sense for anyone else considering a Propel or Mirage drive...raise the prop or fins when fishing skinny and use a paddle like usual. Or, don't bring the system with you and paddle it. I think the benefits of being able to travel farther, faster and easier with a Propel or Mirage drive far outweigh the cons. Look forward to hearing about how you set up the Old Town! Good kayak.
  3. rip3618

    Fishing Coordinates Off Shore Ft Myers Fl

    Your question wasn't out of line. We prefer to encourage new or inexperienced anglers with doing the research, putting in the time and learning the fishy areas instead of providing info on specific locations. Fishing is a skillset that should be developed and by developing your skillset you'll become a more succesful angler. Hope this doesn't discourage you from being an active member and posting some photos and reports. Good luck!
  4. rip3618

    Winter Reds

    Ron, didn't you catch a nice snook up there last year or the year before?
  5. rip3618

    Winter Reds

    I'm using an 1/8 oz Mission Fishin jerk bait hook. I'll drive the hook a couple times for good measure but I've still lost a few. Sometimes we get the reds and sometimes the reds get us.
  6. rip3618

    Winter Reds

    Ha! Thanks for the advice, that's about as tech - savvy as I am anyway. Thanks for the comment. Over the last few years I find myself keeping less fish but that area never gets hit and we're constantly catching high numbers of quality fish. My truck is 2wd but I run terrains. The bugs were as big as the fish. We didn't stay the night, it's only an hour drive. But my buddy does have a cabin that we stayed at before. ZMans Paddlerz are money!
  7. rip3618

    Winter Reds

    Damn sideways photos! Can someone please fix those?
  8. rip3618

    Winter Reds

    It seems like there are fewer and fewer posts on the forums lately. And a handful of negative attention has been given to some of the posts. Here's getting back to the point of the forums and bragging rights! My buddies and I hit up our favorite winter creeks in Yankeetown Saturday. These are annual trips we only do a couple times a year and we've never seen another sole fishing these creeks. Don't blast me for keeping fish. Five of us caught our limit with at least 100 reds between all of us. This is a truly special back country area for us. It takes about 30 minutes driving through some nasty roads in the woods to get to the launch (my truck is a tad dirty). Then, we usually have to drag our kayaks / gear about an eighth mile until the water is deep enough to paddle. It's a long, muddy and wet trek just to start paddling but well worth it. The creeks are true back country and you can see how shallow they are in the photo of my empty kayak. I'm the dude in the white hat. Reds - over 100, about half were under slot and the rest were upper and over slot, largest being 32" Bait / lures - shrimp, ZMan 4" Paddlerz in Houdini and white grub tail jigs
  9. rip3618

    Rod Repair At Tarpon Fishing Outfitters

    Dude, I had to same problem. If Capt. Dave is reading this PLEASE look into you repair shop.
  10. rip3618

    Sick Rods

    Stop in at J & J Bait and Tackle at U.S. 19 and Grand Blvd. in Port Richey. You might catch him or talk to the owner. Capt. Mark is their rod and reel guy now.
  11. rip3618

    Micro Powerpole - 2015

    jbdba01, this was an awesome and honest review. Thank you. I just can't see myself using a Micro PP on a kayak. I'm the kind of guy that can't justify the cost when I can make a pin anchor or buy a Stick It Pin for $55. Just like I could never see myself using other electronics (aside from a gps for safety reasons). And don't get me started on how ridiculous I think a damn trolling motor on a kayak is! Why??? I digress...I really did enjoy your review and appreciate your insight. Thanks again.
  12. rip3618

    Crowder Rods

    I have no experience but a friend of mine has started using one paired with a Stradic and he's very happy.
  13. rip3618

    20151127 - Thanksgiving First...

    Awesome post! Best one I've read in a while. Thank you for sharing.
  14. rip3618


    This summer was live green backs but I'm an artificial guy. My go to lure is a 4" Zman Paddlerz in Houdini.
  15. rip3618


    Thanks, Barry.