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  1. Hello all With the Florida winter coming, and the bait leaving, how is it fishing with frozen white bait? Coming back from fishing I saw some white bait at the dock. I netted some (small ziplock bag) and put them in the freezer. Just wondering if they are worth the effort. Can I use them for Reds, trout, ...etc. and if so how would I hook them being that they are dead. Any info would be helpful Thanks
  2. ewheeler

    Steal This Boat!

    PM sent
  3. ewheeler

    Hump Day Bull Fight

    If anyone doing something like this on the west side (Tampa, South Shore) Florida I'd be very interested.
  4. ewheeler

    Fish id

    I'm going to say Trigger Fish.
  5. ewheeler

    WAWA Boat Fuel

    New WAWA on hwy 301s and Causeway Blvd now has Non-ethanol for you car and boat. The other place I Used to get it from cost $4.69 a gal. Like this much better. $3.99 Gal
  6. ewheeler

    Fishing Downtown Tampa

    As much as I like fishing. I would keep the boat on the trailer tomorrow. Small craft advisory's till mid afternoon. I had plans also, putting them on hold.
  7. ewheeler


    I have had several blow up on me.
  8. ewheeler

    From HELL to HEAVEN!!!!

    Thanks for the update
  9. ewheeler

    From HELL to HEAVEN!!!!

    That was a great read. Being a novice myself, what's a boat in the box. What was the problem with your boat? Thanks
  10. ewheeler

    Whats this thing called?

    It's a lane snapper
  11. ewheeler

    Bass Pro Shops?

    Yes they are building it.
  12. ewheeler

    What is a good bait for tilapias?

    This fish is in with the tilapia. What is it?
  13. ewheeler

    What is a good bait for tilapias?

    Shannon. Thanks for the info. When I shook that fish out of the net, it looked at me like it was pissed and crawled back into the water. I was like ok.
  14. ewheeler

    Braid cutters

    This is what I use. No problems so far cutting any braid.
  15. ewheeler

    What is a good bait for tilapias?

    I have a bunch in the pond behind my house. I was out practicing throwing my cast net Sunday and i got five of them. They were pretty big. I put them all back along with what looked like a giant algae Eater.