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  1. https://youtu.be/e8AGIfhweJo looking for people in key west or around key west that would like to fish for some tarpon I have all the bait we need to have a good evening of it looking for people to enjoy the ride with
  2. what do you guys wear to get out during the colder months of the kayaking seasons planning to get out today but want to stay warm and on the dryer side but keep mobility any help would be thankful
  3. I always have my mask and snorkel and fins with me as I know at some point in the day I am going to want to take a jump in to cool off and look around. but I feel much safer having everything tied down or on a float as if it does go over I don't want to have to chase it down and keep diving for it or losing it in the current or in waters deeper then I can free dive
  4. this is a bit closer then I was wanting to get I had to back paddle wanted to keep him in front of me
  5. trying to put up a little bit of the video I took hope this works this is a real short clip
  6. I went out kayak fishing on my stealth 14 for tarpon in key west hooked up and went on a 45 minute ride of my life then things got scary when mr. 14 ft hammer head decided to show up when I saw the dorsal fin of the shark chasing my tarpon I had to put full drag on and break him off but the shark got him shortly after the wind was pushing me towards all of this and the current was heading towards me lucky for me some guy saw how close we were and had to get in between us so I could get away before the man in the boat showed up if I put my paddle in the water the shark would turn and head straight for me he seemed to forget that he had a big tarpon floating on the water and was more interested in the kayak the man in the boat caught up to me down a ways and brought the tarpon to me so I could get a pic of it and that's when I found out that it was a 14 plus ft hammer head the guy a key west local said he had never seen a shark of that size in so close to shore said the head was all of 4 foot wide what is the largest shark you have encountered on your kayak
  7. I have landed 2 both by boat I just got my yak in march and landing a tarpon is tops on my list I so thought I had this one today after five or more nice jumps and some long runs I figured he was a good hook set but they can still find a way to throw those hooks
  8. the tarpon are in thick all around key west I have only hooked up on one and missed a second in the kayak and both times have been a blast one on a top water plug the excitement of seeing a large tarpon explode on my plug but did not have big enough hooks on it and today a nice 80 plus slow trolling a live blue crab fought for near 10 min before I forgot I needed to bow to the silver king I still got to see 5 or so nice jumps before he shook the hook cant wait to try my luck again on Tuesday
  9. I one time tried to go camping on one of the islands bugs were really bad all the dry wood we could find to burn was filled with scorpions and in the am they were in some of the tents I did not sleep that night so I do not think I would have been up for a fight with a big tarpon the next day it always sounds fun but I would be up for a get together off key west for some tarpon sometime cant wait for the worm hatch
  10. I live down here in key west just hope it close to mid town/new town I walk and pull my yak from my house to launch points just got my new yak less than a week ago and wishing this wind will break so I can get out and hook up on something don't care what right now
  11. just got my yak still looking for people who want to fish around key west
  12. it is all good and I to remember catching my first fish was a rainbow trout and I remember watching it take my live shiner and I was hooked I grew up in northern PA and me and my brother and a couple kids in the neighbor hood in the summer months would spend all morning watching fishing shows walkers cay chronicles and a few other shows and then head down to the lake or stream and fish all afternoon and talk about how one day we would catch a tarpon now me and my brother live in the keys and get to catch those tarpon we always dreamed about catching and now my dream has gotten bigger now I want fight a tarpon from a kayak
  13. thanks for the heads up on the hatch I am getting mine all plumbed and mostly was going to use for live bait. that's the reason I choose the stealth
  14. I am new to kayak fishing and looking for some people who fish key west or want to come and kayak fish key west i have everything needed on my kayak fishfinder/gps, vhf, need some people with kayaks who like to go and catch some fish with and looking to do it all one day I want to get out and fish for sailfish and mahi but being in key west everything seems so close
  15. I will be getting my fishing kayak 3-10-14 a Malibu Stealth-14 set up for some fishing I am looking for people in or around key west that kayak fish tarpon season is just around the corner
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