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  1. kodster

    Snook & Ar-15's

    HAHA no one wants to go to a gun fight with a fishing rod and a pair of pliers.. Tungston carbide snippers are no match for a 9mm. I'm with you pickgrin, I had a few confrontations with poachers and fortunately I was not alone and it did not escalade to violence. But I have FWC on speed dial and will be the first to report a poacher as all those who enjoy our sport should.
  2. kodster

    Snook & Ar-15's

    I'll vouch for the authenticity seeing as I was there and it gave my birthday a bit of an adrenaline rush lol. Sucks I didn't get a pic of my fish. He fell pray to one of my custom tied bucktails and gave quite a battle. Broke through my 25lb flouro with one last jerk.. All I can say is poacher beware the law is on your butts and watching closely. The officer was not joking when he said arrest were being made daily.
  3. kodster

    2/1/15 Jungle Snook

    The Jungle had many challenges, fortunately they paid out for Ron and I. It was a good time for sure!
  4. kodster

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Thats why I started tying these up. Nice snook man!
  5. kodster


    Only issues after dunking mine was I had to replace the roller bearing. Everything else seemed fine, but I ended up replacing all 9 bearings to boca ceramic orange sealed bearings. Now I have the confidence to use it while wade fishing without worrying about it getting rusted out. I thought it was smooth before.. Now its so smooth its unbelievable. I also upgraded the drag to carbon.
  6. kodster

    Skinny Water Hawgs

    Those are some serious PIGS dude. Well done!
  7. kodster

    One Mean Fly Machine! (And Report)

    The skiff is looking good bro!
  8. kodster

    What's The Deal With Monster 3X?

    Lmao. I know you have been puttin in work with that RB1 tho capt. nate..
  9. kodster

    What's The Deal With Monster 3X?

    As Ron stated, I'm a huge fan of the monster 3x. The Xswim has been my bread and butter. Its my go-to and has proven on more than one occassion to be certified fish food. I had one soft plastic on one jig head last me 3 months, fishing the same exact lure 5-7 days a week. It caught roughly 50-80 fish in that time period.(mind you most of these trips are off of a sea wall on my 30 minute lunch break) Snook, reds, trout, jacks, ladies, and my first few large mouth bass were caught on the same lure. I ended up snagging some structure and broke it off at the leader. I wish I had all my shots loaded on this computer or I would include them. Feel free to check my IG account as a testomonial. I've been a believer since Ron hooked me up with the prototypes before they were even open to the US market.
  10. kodster

    Opinion On Rods/reels For Kayak Fishing

    I'll second the Ballistic EX series reel. I do a lot of wade fishing and have dunked mine twice. It had no issues at all either time. I will be replacing my stolen 3000 with the 2500 as I found the 3000 was just as big as most 4k reels. It was still extremely light for its size.
  11. kodster

    Inshore 1/25

    Well done Capt. Nate! The smile says it all.
  12. kodster

    Rip - She Gone!

    I'm going to miss that thing.. My first micro on fly came courtesy of Ron and his Gheenoe.. RIP
  13. kodster

    Be On The Watch For Criminals

    Thats a great point Cody. I'm going to have to dig through the pathways and see if I can find anything or anyone camping in that area in the groves. The area I was in is considered a good area. I just figured someone drove by, noticed I was not near by and took advantage of the situation. I know we all work hard for what we have so it really pisses me off when scumbags steal our hard earned valuables. Just know if I ever see anyone breaking into vehicles they will pay dearly. Extra punishment for those breaking into a fisherman/ladies vehicle..
  14. kodster

    Be On The Watch For Criminals

    They got two partials. Hope it leads somewhere but I have not been contacted back by the detective yet. Hopefully they catch this full and put him away.
  15. This past weekend I became a victim of a vehicle break in. I was wade fishing in the upper St. Pete Bay area probably a mile away from my vehicle in search for some hungry laid up snook. When I got back to my Isuzu Rodeo after a 2 hour trip I found my driver side window was busted out and my car had been raided. They stole a hurley back pack full of inshore tackle, my star seagis 7' MH spinner, and my new Diawa Ballistic EX 3000. This all happened while my vehicle was parked on the right of way on a busy street in the middle of the day. Be safe out there and please report any criminal or suspicious activity. I hope none of you fall victim to these scum bags. If any of you guys come across anyone on the net trying to sell a combo that fits this description or anything like that please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.