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  1. Nice fish Laura! Congrats on the Personal Best!
  2. Power Pro 10 lb high vis yellow on my light tackle, Power Pro 40 lb moss green on my offshore setup
  3. Hey guys, and gals, I have a quick question about replacing generic hooks that come on the super spook jrs. I finally have decided to replace them as I lost probably my 10th snook due to the treble hooks bending out or breaking on the Spook Jr and also a few other topwater plugs I use. I have heard great things about the Owner treble hooks. Has anyone had experience with replacing these? Does it swim right still? Is their a certain size Owner hook that I should be using? Any advice would be appreciated! I would like to stick to Owner just because of the raves that I have heard on this site. Sick of losing fish!
  4. Curious if anyone on the forum has had experience with Power-poles newer Micro Anchor. Looking to scoop one for my Gheenoe but would love to hear some feedback on what people think of them before purchasing. Thanks in advanced!
  5. Thanks for all the help everyone! I will be checking out both Tampa Fishing Outfitters and Southeastern for sure. The content on this site is great! Thanks again everyone.
  6. I am looking for new "one stop shop" type fishing stores. Some shops near me just don't have the selection I am looking for or its just overpriced crap. I have heard great things about Southeastern Liquidators. Can anyone confirm that this is a good place? and also are there any others that I should look into. Thanks in advanced guys!
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