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  1. Well, my 5wt snapped two weeks ago, my 8 wt snapped this week and all I'm left with is a 12wt.....I'm not mad, too often I neglect the opprotunity to learn to put my 12wt to good use because action has been good. It's my time to spend a few days dedicated to serving my 12wt for once and expanding horizons
  2. flyingrooster


    Davis351 I would highly suggest talking to cody and Brad at bill jacksons before you do anything, once you took a lesson or two, and got some of the basics, I wouldn't mind further helping you along.
  3. I've been fly fishing for 8 years now, still prefer nothing over any of them, lol! Even in the wind. I on the other hand, tend to do things quite unorthodox, sometimes it's a blessing, other times a curse, lol
  4. I never use any mats or barrels or baskets. I never cared to use them, I tried them all for a few minutes and always end up just kicking them out of my way
  5. I need to get my first BD on fly, I never see any when I go
  6. flyingrooster


    Don't get discouraged, you pretty much have to learn fishing all over again. If you bring your spin, you will use your spin, if you use your spin, you aren't learning to fly fish, it takes dedication and allot of trial and error.
  7. Yes, I need a bilge, and it's in the works. Although, even with a bilge it does not justify the actions of the other captain to swamp me with his wake when he had 100 other options to not do so
  8. This is what happens when a big boat cuts off a little boat at WOT......lucky they didn't sink my stepson and I, completely rude and uncalled for and dangerous to cut off a small boat when there is more than enough room to pass behind them. Ended up with about 4" or more of water in my floor
  9. Got out with cody miller, slayed the mid to upper 20's" snook. Somewhere around 10 a piece cody had a huge 36"+ eat but so ok didn't stick.
  10. Not on fly ron, I am dissapointed....hahaha
  11. Trolling motor works excellent! Just have to tie the handle down to keep it from bouncing in a chop, birdsall mount is gonna be ordered but this works out just fine for now
  12. Phil he jumped twice and the third jump, he jumped right into the boat!!! Hahaha
  13. Fished with Alex last night, hit some dock lights nailed 4 snook and my first poon on fly, Alex nailed 4 snook and a slob 30+ epic night for sure!!!
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