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  1. Just work it like anywhere else. High tide = mangroves, Low tide = pot holes. Check your points and cuts. I'd also recommend wading boots just in case you need to get in the water.
  2. Years ago, I was on a Hubbard's extended trip. A diabetic wasn't paying attention, eating right, drinking heavily, and his friends were clueless. The guy didn't even bring his glucometer. He dropped, seized and slipped into a diabetic coma. The Coast Guard had to come get him for transport to shore. They saved his life. Basic rules: Pack your insulin in a cooler on top of the ice with a barrier to stop direct contact and take your meter (fresh batteries). Eat regularly, dose accordingly, make sure you have remedies on hand in case you should go hypoglycemic, and adhere to the 15 grams per 15 minutes rule. A used milk jug or liquid detergent bottle serves as a great sharps container to bring your used needles back to shore safely. It's also a good idea to make sure you have a trusted friend that understands what to do and how to do it correctly, just in case. And stay away from alcohol. Your sugars can run away quickly. If anything above doesn't make sense to you, you shouldn't be going out until it does. If you're uncontrolled, don't go out either. You can also enroll in diabetic education at Morton Plant in Clearwater. Consult your physician or pharmacist for official medical advice.
  3. It doesn't get much easier than the DOA deadly tandem (a.k.a. Love's lures) or mimics. Just play with your retrieve speed and pattern. Cobia, Snook, Reds, trout...they all hit. Chartreuse, pearl, or pink on bright days or sandy bottoms, Red, rootbeer, or olive when its overcast or in mucky water.
  4. As an aside, June is prime for poons out there. Take a threadfin and cut the tail fins off (fins, not the whole tail) and suspend it 6-10ft under a balloon while anchored with a quick release and float. Your son will have the time of his life.
  5. Here is a link to the inshore mitigation reefs off of Indian Rocks Beach: http://www.pinellascounty.org/reef/pdf/Reefbroch2.pdf Most of them are in 12 - 15ft of water. They hold mangrove snapper and lots of bait. You'd need a long period of constant East winds or no blow at all. With the current weather pattern it's been pretty churned up out there for a while now. I'm betting you'll be bouncing your mask off of the rubble before you ever see a fish. As for pole spears, they are all about the same. Just get a trident paralyzer. Any of the local dive shops should be able to hook you up fairly reasonably. I purchased mine at Mac's. It's a heavier model, but packs a huge punch. The Tarpon will be showing up soon as well and with them comes shark so don't drag a stringer. Good luck.
  6. If you will be doing mostly inshore, stick with a conventional SOT. I have no experience with OT's and I've never seen one offshore in a tournament. I really like the Jackson Kraken and have a feeling the Moken Stealth, to be released this year, will be an awesome platform. There's also the Stealth Pro Fisha 525, which is a surf-ski hybridized for fishing and incredibly fast. The downside is cost (near same as Hobie). Either way, short nearshore trips are completely doable in a paddle yak. You don't have to go far to get beach kings. Just make sure you don't have to worry about stability. I feel it's the most important aspect to consider. If you're going to venture offshore and plan on doing it more often, bite the bullet and go with the Hobie. I fish a Hobie Outback and have for years. It's stable enough to stand and throw a 10' cast net. It cruises at 3.5 kts and I've had it over 8 kts riding swells back in. The peddle drive isn't so much for trolling. You never really chug away trying to get a bite. You'll just tire out and your bait will be planing. Offshore is about getting to where you want to be at a nice, steady pace, and drifting. Peddle up, drift, rinse, repeat. Sometimes you'll hold position on structure and this where the Outback will out perform any paddle. You can fish, bait hooks, tie lines, or eat lunch without ever moving. You'll also have to deal with wind and current and legs last. Most of the people that need help offshore are paddling. They just aren't used to the marathon environment offshore kayaking presents. It's rare to see a Hobie go down or a peddler tire out.
  7. http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/forum/index.php/topic/27487-fishing-coordinates-off-shore-ft-myers-fl/?do=findComment&comment=217330
  8. Dear Fellow Anglers, Pam a.k.a ladyluck made history yesterday. She was the first person to land two, yes TWO sailfish in a kayak tournament. To top it off, they were landed within 36 minutes of each other. Unbelievable. Regards, The 4th place guy
  9. You can get as fancy as you want, but here's the basics: Put dead bait on hook, throw out, and wait. You don't need a giant rod, 300# mono, or 12/0 hooks and cable. Just target the second swash channel and you'll hook up.
  10. I'm pretty sure gill lifting that shark wasn't the most appropriate way you could have handled him. Just sayin
  11. Out there, all of the good fish are either closed or gone until the water warms back up. I take that back...Red Grouper.
  12. http://www.pinellascounty.org/reef/pdf/clearwater.pdf
  13. Videography is amazing. Editing of the show is ridiculous. The contrived reality is infuriating.
  14. I saw an interview with a guide for legal African Elephant hunts recently. He said the way to conserve the population was to hunt them. Therefore, no season or slot would be best...and gill nets, dynamite...lasers?
  15. The beach is great, but it silted the near shore hard bottom. You might have also noticed the pass is much shallower and the bar inside grew tremendously (I think this part was planned). Bottom line...it screwed the area for fishing. Mother nature will put the sand back where it's supposed to be though. I'm sure of that.
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