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  1. Pflueger Trion 1979 (8wt line salt water sinking; forgot brand) - 80 St croix imperial 9' 8wt - $130 (has carrying case) 7'3 Kris Greene custom rod, micro guides with EVA cork, Bushido "warrior rod blank" 8-15# 3/8 - 3/4oz. - 200 Diawa ballistic 2500 - $90 I won't separate the ballistic reel unless the rod sells first. Nothing is wrong with these rods or reels. I have two other Greene rods and ballistic reels that are 100% exactly the same, but I have no need for 3. I kinda like having two on my kayak.
  2. c.j.dono

    favorite tackle store?

    Ha you haven't been to TFO
  3. c.j.dono

    Are you kiddng me?

    Ouch! how did they remove it? Pull it through and cut the hook or carefully taking it out? I remember when I hooked myself with a snatch hook up north when I was 7 years old. Massive hook.I thought I was the only one who has the early morning #2 issue. I have Crohn's Disease, so it's tedious for me sometimes. I ended up bringing a jug to go in when I cant go in the water.
  4. c.j.dono

    Fillman's Bayou

    Wow, I missed that shortcut. You most likely have to go on a day when it isn't windy. I went out one day and the waves were 2-3ft with 17knot winds. No good. -.-
  5. c.j.dono

    Anyone going out in tampa area?

    I'm a full time college students, shadowing doctors, senator, etc, so I don't get to go out as much as I want as well. I have my kayak in Tampa. I am a crossed the street from USF. Because of summer, I have mostly tried fishing areas with a lot of water flow (west as possible) and avoiding the upper bay. If you want to fish, let me know. Always up to meet new people.
  6. c.j.dono

    Polarized Sunglasses

    Right there with Phil, but I bought my Costas used for about $130. I would say try everything out. If you NEED something now, get some cheap glasses that are polarized. Your eyes give you the gift of sight and you shouldn't skimp on them. If you go with costa, you can get poly or glass lenses. Glass allows you to see clearer and is less likely to scratch. Glasses are an investment for sure.
  7. c.j.dono

    Boater Dies

    Having alcohol out on the water is a horrible idea. Between impairing judgment and dehydration. Water/Gatorade is my go to liquid.
  8. I am struggling to find hooks that set pretty easy on the monster 3x shrimp. I missed an easy hit today and many in the past. The hook is too hard to set.
  9. c.j.dono

    Fish Carcasses

    One thing you should NOT do is leave them in a walmart bag in your bathroom and go out drinking that night. You will come home in the morning and wonder what happened. Oh, don't put them in your apartment hallway either. All of my third floor smelled for 3 days. I can be forgetful sometimes. haha.
  10. c.j.dono

    fishing is bad????

    What in the world? Good for him for enjoying what he likes to do. I would be damned if that passes.
  11. c.j.dono

    Bubba Blade

    What do you guys use to sharpen your blades?
  12. c.j.dono

    Fishing Log

    This is a very good idea. Note what tide, lure/bait, etc.
  13. c.j.dono

    Bubba Blade

    I have a bubba blade. I think the handle is much better than any other knife. The blade is like any blade, it must be sharp. I had a friend get ti professionally sharpened since it didn't come that sharp.
  14. The amount of 5'+ black tips I saw were insane.