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  1. Price reduced to $1500. Not upgrading,moving west.
  2. Penn Battle 3000 new 10lb braid. Just back from TFO. Cleaned and lubed. On 7ft6in tsunami backwater rod $75.00 obo Shimano Symetre 3000 20lb braid on 7 ft Ohero Ultra Gold $120 obo Okuma 4000 Avenger baitrunner new 30lb braid on 7ft rhino rod. $60 obo Cast net 600 series Ahi 8ft,1/4 in mesh, 1.35lb a foot. Hardly used. $70 obo
  3. W/55 lb motor and battery B&C motor mount w/3 rod holders Rudder Scotty rod holder 13Qt Engel cooler/bait well Anchor trolley/anchor and float Trailer $1800 obo
  4. I'd go but racked up my back Thurs. loading the yak. Going to look at a trailer today. Good luck.
  5. Couple of parks in Mass. had this ordinance. Gay cruising spots. Just saying. Used to mountain bike in them and at first I thought it was the the friendliest place in the world. Then I noticed it was all guys. Hey, for a man of the world, I can be pretty slow on the uptake. Wanna hear about the good looking bar girl in Sicily?
  6. It is a barge. But SUPER STABLE. Motor mount should be ready this weekend. Be interesting to see about throwing a net.
  7. Spent some time at B&C Power Yaks today. Proud owner of a Lure 11.5. Maiden voyage tomorrow A.M.
  8. Priced them today. WHOA!!!!!!!I live in my sunglasses down here but need to carry readers to tie knots, read etc. Now my distance vision is going. Going in for eye exam this week and gonna take the plunge. They strongly suggest the p's. They have 2 pair of g's that the glass has shattered after being dropped.
  9. SWEET!!! Trailer also? Just being noisy.
  10. Hey lady, used to fish for Blues off the beach in Maine. This was back when jet skis were coming out. Fishing partner would keep 1 rod rigged up with a 2 oz jig. Probably 3/0 treble. When they would start buzzing the beach he would start hucking it. Surprised he never kill one. Or at least got to reel one in
  11. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Barry, can not imagine casting a 7000 all day. My 4000 is heavy enough. Mostly use it for soaking bait. My main reels are a 2500 and a 3000 both under 7 oz. Maybe I need more exercise on the right arm beside 12oz curls. Thanks
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