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  1. ok so i sight fish reds a lottttt. I also just moved to bradenton and have been fishing this area too. I have some kayak experience, but mostly fish from boat. So the disadvantage to yak is that you're sitting low. Is your kayak stable enough to stand in? I had a big tuna, and predator 13 when i had kayaks. I was easily able to stand in those, and i mostly did so while using the paddle or stick anchor to pole myself in the shallows instead of paddle. This made it quiter, and less "water movement" from the push of a paddle on water. Standing allows you to see more too obviously. It takes time on the water to know what you're looking for. They aren't exactly easy to spot. Do you have a quality pair of shades? I use costa 580g green mirror and swear by them. Even then, it take a certain skill to spot more fish. You'll get use to that. A lot of what i look for is also not just the fish. look for water movement. You will get lucky sometimes and see them tailing. Right now I've been killing the flats just fishing grass flats and they'll be on the edge of potholes. Work with the current too. make it easier/quiter on yourself by mostly just floating with the current in your favor. I am a huge zman fan if I'm not using fly. Those on a mission fishing 1/16 or 1/8oz weedless jig head is a killer combo that I have gotten a lot of reds and snook to eat. Im sure you know this, but don't make the lure land on the fishes head when you do see them. That'll spook them. Cast a little past them and it gives you room to work the lure whichever way you want to get the presentation in front of their nose without the landing of the lure spooking the fish. Not directly past them though where the line is reeling over their back. Sight casting with a spook jr might be hard lol. this is where fly fishing is so great for sight casting since the presentation is so light and won't spook the fish as easily. But the spook is tride and true for just fan casting around, etc. i never have good luck with topwater past early morning. So try out a paddle tail with a light jig head. Use a few ft of 20lb fluoro leader, and 10-15lb braid.
  2. day off of dental school went out for a short time. back at the ramp before 11 due to rain, but still had fun. https://youtu.be/6GpBAtQuWIg
  3. thanks! yes they are up there in my top fish to eat.
  4. Little video I made shooting hogfish one day in the keys this past weekend. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/fPtAszUQKIE
  5. Thanks! the green back one was my 2nd fly ever, the top image is maybe my 5th ever. Its a great hobby to get into, and there really isn't a much better feeling than catching a fish on a fly you made yourself. But my flies are nothing compared to ron's on here.
  6. Cool thanks! definitely looking to do more backwater canal running. I kind of want to just stay on an island out there somewhere. Im only looking to fish reds, snook, tarpon. Awesome info, i appreciate that
  7. loved my jackson when i had it. I was just fishing north of there last week. so that boyou gets fished pretty heavy, but it can be good. Ive been loading up on reds north of 64 on grass flats. they've been sitting in potholes. Snook have been in the little creek areas. Definitely check the area out on google earth and spend lots of time out on the water.
  8. Finally getting a little time off dental school to do a fishing trip. Im trying to plan a camping trip down in the everglades. I was wanting to know if anyone can point me in the right direction. Where is a good cleared out beach island or something to camp out on near some good fishing? Where should i put in? Ill be bringing the banshee extreme and a few 5 gallon gas tanks with me. It will probably be just my gf, and maybe one buddy with me. Id be open to meeting up with any of you who had time to come down. Planned on fishing a lot, drinking some beers and fires at night. You can PM me to keep it on the downlow if you want. I'm not looking for honey holes or anything like that. I can google earth and do research on my own. Just want a decent island or beach area to stay on instead of going in completely blind and making the gf mad haha. And any advice will help! Going to be doing mostly fly fishing. Also, i just got into fly tying. Ive had good luck with the brown/white color combo on redfish around here in bradenton so far. Any advice on other flies i should try to tie for down there? Id love to get into some juvi tarpon (still never caught one on fly).
  9. Yeah just ordered the ulterra, and might be going with the simrad go7 xse when it comes out March 7 so I can use Florida marine tracks. Shop prices for install seem kind of rediculous to me being its literally 4 holes for the tm mount and it's already wired up to the bow. I might just do it myself, but will have to do it outside somewhere since I don't have anywhere to work on it. But if anyone wants to help out and make a few bucks and maybe a fishing trip let me know! Would definitely be awesome having someone there who has done one. I'm also going to be doing a maintenance kit on my motor, so plugs impeller zincs and oil.
  10. Does anyone know of a place relatively local to bradenton/sarasota that may give discounted installation if i buy a trolling motor, and fish finder off them? It may be wishful thinking, but if i drop the couple grand on the new ulterra, plus a new humminbird, i figure id be able to get a better price than normal hourly labor on an install. It is pretty simple to install i know, but i really don't have the place to work on my boat since i keep it at someones house. Or if anyone on here is local and wouldn't mind helping out for some cash let me know! I was quoted $400 to just install the TM on the phone... that seemed really high since its just one plug in which is already on the bow, and mounting a new quick release plate...
  11. What can I expect to pay for a humminbird helix 7 install on my banshee? While I'm there, what can i expect to pay for general motor maintenance (oil, impeller, whatever else) on my yami 60 four stroke? I know this will vary, but just trying to get an idea on what I'm looking at. I know i can install the fish finder myself, but i get a little nervous drilling new holes in my hull lol. and after wiring in my power pole with wireless remotes the other day I'm about sick of running wires through the boat haha. Thanks
  12. yep thats pretty much what I'm thinking now. Seems any board made for fishing is over 1k, and thats even used price. Im going to keep looking though.
  13. yall know of anywhere closer to bradenton to try some out? I'm in lakewood ranch area, so bradenton or sarasota would be ideal. Yeah trying one out is probably the best idea.
  14. Ill be on the lookout! I kind of cant believe how expensive paddle boards are lol but maybe ill come across a decent deal. Thanks!
  15. yeah let me know man! thanks
  16. Id like to stay with the surfboard material boards since they are half the weight. That will probably be my backup choice though. Ive found a lot of used boards for decent prices but idk which are good for fishing
  17. Im looking into getting a paddle board to fly fish from when I don't have time to take out the boat. Ive been on one paddle board that wasn't very wide before and it was pretty unstable, so I know not all are really meant for fishing. I want to be able to have my 35qt yeti on it to sit on too. Anyone know of some boards i should look for that won't break the bank? I been finding a lot on craigslist but don't know what is good or stable.
  18. Ok, 320 for everything. Ton of mounts, 3 batteries, chest mount, float, handlebar mount, many more, as card, camera case, gopro, couple backs, etc.
  19. for 350 ill throw in everything like the things i wanted to keep for when i have money to buy another one myself. I have 2 extra batteries, a 3 battery charger, little camera case, chest mount, extending pole mount, and a bunch of little other mounts like a handlebar clamp mount and stuff. thats on top of the float and stuff i was already throwing in.
  20. yeah no problem. what accessories does it come with? Im throwing in more accessories.
  21. no one? I thought it was a pretty decent deal that'd sell quick. I paid $427 with tax at sports authority, another 30ish for the sd card, and i can't remember for the extra stuff I'm throwing in.
  22. Comes with sd card which you usually have to buy separately, a couple mounts, charging cable, etc. I still even have the box
  23. Unfortunately in need of cash and have to sell the Gopro. I'll eventually buy another, heck id actually buy this one back in a few months lol. But anyways it's the newest one with the touchscreen display. Can be set up to turn on with phone and see what the camera sees with phone too. For you guys I'll throw in a few extras that I wanted to keep such as a float mount and stuff. $320, Lakewood ranch area. Don't really want to ship unless you make it worth it lol. Thanks!
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