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  1. A few buddies and I sliming up my new banshee. I also broke my fly rod off a dock snook that I didn't get on video... so now no fly rod but check out the video, let me know what ya think. And watch in 1080! https://youtu.be/jB53u5ZCYDU
  2. Siiiick! When are u gonna start tying flies as a side job? I know first hand you tie some sweet flies
  3. You should explore some skinny water man, just get some mission fishin weed less jig heads and you won't have an issue. Nothing better than sight casting reds!!! If you decide that you want to try one day and that skinny draft may be important you can pick up a pathfinder 17t or 15t for that price. Make sure u get a year 2000 or newer because they had stringer issues before. It's a tunnel hull that'll get you skinny, but it is also pretty flat bottom and will beat u up in big chop. I've seen Mitzi skiff 15s go for 8k asking price, those are nice and you may be able to talk them into the 7k budget. I know you said no to gheenoes, but I suggest you take a test ride in an lt25. My buddy had a side console one with decks, live well, poling platform, trolling motor, power pole. Great boat that got skinny and was very stable. No issues walking around and very easy to trailer and launch if you are new to boats. You can go on custom gheenoe forum and ask for a local test ride. Someone won't mind taking you. All those will get you skinny, which I highly suggest you try out more as it's addicting chasing tailing reds. If you still don't care to, you won't have an issue finding a small bay boat as south shore already proved. Just check craigslist and boat forums like the hull truth and Florida sportsman and micro skiff.
  4. Old town will fix that for free. whether u want to or the buyer. just throwing that out there. it was a known issue
  5. Thanks guys. Good info! Hopefully I'll be posting back after a hook up
  6. Thanks jb for all the good info. I posted in all things fishy unless it got moved. I'll be spin fishing for tarpon since my only fly setup is 8wt. Shoot man if I could afford a guide down there I'd get myself a used powerpole instead. Does anyone know when the tarpon start moving more north? I'm in spring hill and could be out there all day anyday for the next couple weeks. Instead of making a trip to spend a day on the water. Unless i went to boca which I'll probably do soon
  7. I'm actually moving to Bradenton in July! Wouldn't mind riding down there. I have a place on little gasparilla island too (one island north of boca grande which is crazy for tarpon). I may have to make a fishing trip down the coast soon. ive only tarpon fished once though so I wanna get someone who knows what's up. It's pretty easy in the pass from what we did, but definitely need a full timer on the wheel when it's busy.
  8. I've caught 2 rat reds on fly so far, but have only even tried fly fishing maybe 3 times. Those Reds were caught on zman paddlerz. And mission fishin 1/8th oz weedless jig heads that I absolutely love. Lost my last one and had to go to traditional weedless weighted hook :'(.
  9. So this has been my first break in 4 years, and will probably be my last little summer break for the next 8 years (dental school starts in july, then i go active duty army once I'm done with dental school). Im trying to get as much fishing in as possible haha. 1st trip in the banshee got 2 overslot reds, a slot red, a handful of rat reds, and some slot trout. LOVE this boat. Then took the offshore boat out so some trailer work could get done, managed to shoot some cobia, and hogfish. The cobia were insane. HUGE schools, not spooked by anything. Now I want to try to land a tarpon! Anyone know any places and want to go after them? I can bring the banshee down if you know the water well enough that I won't be hitting random rocks since I haven't insured it yet. I also want to do some fly fishing for reds. None of my buddies fly fish, so its hard to be the only one who wants to especially when I am still new to it and not that great. I always just try to stick with what I'm good at so they can catch reds and have a good time. I took some videos, but want to try to land a tarpon or catch some reds on fly to get more footage before making a video.
  10. ok so in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation..... i called the dmv and they said it'd be fine if i have him write an itemized bill of sale. So we can separate the hull, motor, trailer, accessories. then ill be paying much less for taxes on the hull and trailer. Freaking sweet because now I'm looking at around 300 verses like 900 to register the trailer and boat.
  11. So if I get him to write up an itemized bill of sale and mail it to me will I be good?
  12. yeah i know the trailer needs to be registered. i just meant that he included the trailer price on the title of the boat, and that I'm just talking about registering the hull right now. the taxes will be insane if i pay the price he wrote on the title.
  13. this sucks! its written on the title and signed already. do you think i could have him mail me a paper bill of sale with a price breakdown of everything showing the hull as being cheaper? Then they'll take that price instead of the title price?
  14. So the guy i bought my banshee from wrote the price of everything on the title (hull, motor, trailer, yeti, push pole, etc.) as one price. When i go register it, can i break the price down on a piece of paper and tell them what I really paid for just the hull since the hull is all that needs to be registered (trailer later)? I just don't want to pay taxes on the huge price of everything when all that needs to be paid for is the hull. Im worried all they can go by is what is written on the title for it, and not what i tell them.
  15. in the end, its a cooler.... id bet it holds ice similarly long as all the major brands right now (yeti/engel). but thats a great point phil! yeti started this whole movement of durable long lasting coolers. All the yeti style coolers are pretty expensive too. But one yeti will out last multiple $100 coolers from before this movement. One con on the yeti i noticed on my dads 65 is that if the ice is at a certain level, it'll suction so bad that you can't open it. you have to unscrew the drain a little to let some pressure out. But that goes to show how sealed the sucker is. ANNND of course everyone knows what a yeti is, so leaving it in the bed of the truck while you run into the store isn't a great idea (i have a lockable roll n lock though.
  16. My yeti came with my boat too, and i LOVE it. I also bought my dad the yeti 65 and he loves that thing too. In my case, a yeti is similarly priced as a casting platform. And I use my yeti as a casting platform, except it also makes more room on the boat by no needed extra cooler taking up space... theres a reason everyone compares coolers to the yeti... and why everyone compares sunglasses to costa... Yeti made the design that everyone else is imitating. Id like to see in your test how that thing handles your weight and stability and if it slides around on a boat or leaves marks.
  17. Sick! Is there a little 580g on the top left of the left lens (when looking at them from the front)?
  18. what color do u have? i have the green mirror which is like an amber lens i think. works great in low light. its funny ill have them on in my truck when its getting dark and forget i have them on. they work great if its raining bad too you can see much better through the windshield.
  19. thats good to hear that you've used the site before with no problems. give it a shot and let us know! killer deal if they are legit lenses. I LOVE my costa 580g's. best purchase I've ever made. I recommend any boater to buy a pair of costas, not only for sight fishing (which is the best part), but also for safety in general. Especially up here in the nature coast. way too many rocks that can go unseen with crap sunglasses.
  20. I'm always sketched out when i see quality sunglasses sold for so cheap. costa is similar to yeti, you rarely find major discounts on them. So to find them that cheap I'd say they are knockoffs or have crap lenses in costa frames
  21. almost... gf got mad that i don't show her the attention that the new boat got yesterday and today lol. but yes i did sit on the seat listening to the radio for a couple house last night. and maybe spent a few too many hours giving her a rub down this morning
  22. thanks guys i love it. can't use it though for 2 weeks because of all the final i have coming up before i graduate... sucks. so if anyone wants to donate a power pole ill happily take it off your hands lol. she already has a bracket and everything.
  23. picked up this gem yesterday. moving down to bradenton mid july for dental school, any locals down there on here?
  24. As someone new to gopro editing and such, it is very time consuming and difficult to make good clips. I also can't imagine trying to do a gopro video talking the whole time, and I personally wouldn't do it anyway because the mic sucks with a waterproof case on, so you'd have to use the open back case making it vulnerable to getting soaked and ruined. go pros are ~ $400 now, no way id be on a kayak without a waterproof back unless i was getting paid for the videos. voice over is an option, but idk i guess in my opinion it'd make the video suck for his viewing. I feel you can learn a ton just from watching. maybe he can just put in the youtube description the tide, water temp, lure, etc. everything else you can pick up from watching. last thing i hate is posting a video and people call out the spot or want to know where it is and someone else calls it out (sometimes even the general area because maybe it isn't hard to see the landmarks and find the spot). we put a lot of time into finding our own "go to" spots, and its cool if you know where it is, but don't let all the internet know too. -this is just my personal opinion to take into consideration when commenting on videos people share. andrew may be willing to give up spots, but pm him or something other than calling it out if you know where it is.
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