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  1. I didn't really want to make a video from just one day, and i knew i was shaky on a lot of the footy. but it was the only day he's outfished me, so his shitting part made it in the video as a consequence of me having to make the video during an exam week lol. Idk where it was.... the ocean..... if i was just giving a typed report id be more specific, but don't want to give away his spots. I already put a video of him shitting haha
  2. Finally got a day to go out. Here's a little video of some reds we caught.
  3. SOLD!! sorry i don't remember what it weighed. wasn't too much. couldn't even tell it was behind the titan.
  4. I relied on it, made a mark on low tide that ran a few miles. Ran it about 14 times, never saw any rocks, then one day on low tide the track went right over 2 huge rocks. There's no way I would have missed these. Track had to of changed pretty bad.
  5. Still for sale. And the flooring is marine vinyl, not crappy carpet.
  6. You saying you have a $300 rod is the same to me as you justifying an $800 rod I guess. I have a $120 redington combo and have a hard time imagining spending $300 on a rod and be that much better. But I am sure it is from what everyone says. I guess the only way to find out is to try it yourself instead of reading online reviews. It's like the sunglasses world, I believe my $300 costas are worth every penny, but other people have berkleys and barely notice much of a difference...
  7. Love alt j, but I actually edited it to a different song that was perfect. I edited it to change scenes with the beat and everything, but when I uploaded it, it was copyrighted by youtube. Some artists don't let u use their music at all. Thankfully alt j is cool and will let you use them on YouTube.
  8. Boat rules man. Shotgun a beer on 1st slot or overslot of the day. They are a great lure. I've had luck with almost any of the brownish colors like new penny, root beer, pinfish. There were more reds caught those days too, the video just either sucked, or I forgot to turn the camera on.
  9. Video of my last two trips redfishing in the nature coast area. Best part, my buddy forgot his costas and had to wear my gf's sunglasses that were in my truck. Watch in 1080p! http://youtu.be/zVYnOLWqJL0
  10. Thanks! She goes 45+- depending on the load. I'll cut even a little more off the price for anyone interested on here. Need it gone soon. If someone is interested in this and the gheenoe I'll hook it up too!
  11. If someone wants both ill hook it up! throw in some extra goodies and such. having both is a perfect setup, but like i said i won't be able to afford the payments to store both boats at the apartments we will be moving to.
  12. I want to sell this boat before putting the gheenoe up so that I have something to use in the meantime. but its a 2011 13' with a 2012 tohatsu 9.8hp 4 stroke. adjustable jack plate, removable poling/sitting platform, trolling motor, push pole holder, nav lights, and trailer.
  13. thank you! both are 2005. The previous owner had it on a lake and the sun got the best of the motor decals. I just got into dental school in bradenton, so I'm selling this, then the gheenoe after this sells to put towards a flats boat. Would love to keep both, but can't afford to keep two boats at the apartment we will be getting.
  14. ***SOLD Selling my Fisher all welded aluminum hull pro hawk 180. 18' boat with a mercury 90hp motor. has a fish finder, foot control trolling motor, folding tongue trailer, livewell, removable ski bar, bluetooth radio, nav lights, and more. Will throw in some stuff such as an anchor and motor rinse muff.
  15. Lol perfect, that's what I need to learn to cast in! Jk, but pretty bummed on the weather this weekend.
  16. Well called today and they said they don't know if they are going to do lessons due to weather.
  17. Haha sorry about that. Didn't even realize it until after I posted.
  18. Just realized my topic read quickly sounds dirty haha, sorry. Idk how to change it now
  19. Going to finally make the trip down to bill jacksons for lessons Saturday. Only problem I see is a 60% rain chance. Will they cancel lessons, or just wait it out? Would hate to make the trip then it get cancelled. Also, my buddy and I were going to stop by bar fly after for a beer and lunch. Any good? The food looks awesome on yelp
  20. Yeah I'm lucky she loves to fish. But she only likes to use live bait. It's been hard getting her into artis, and frustrating. Poling her around all day to get a few good opportunities messed up by a bad cast, but you have to hide that frustration and just be happy youre out there. I Want to get her into fly fishing. Get her to go to lessons with me and stuff.
  21. Ended up picking a great condition motor up today for $60. Thanks guys
  22. I worked at a restaurant in weeki wachee, and their menu labeled "grouper" was actually swai from like malaysia or some crap. Also had oysters that came in buckets pre shucked. Another local place has "grouper sandwiches" that are also actually swai. So Im sure what they are labeling as redfish on their menu isnt actually redfish
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